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Top 10 Best Card Games 2017


Card games are a staple for adult parties and family game night. In this age of smartphones and smart TVs, group card play is nearly a lost art, but family classics like Uno offer hours of game play that are fun for even the youngest family member. Some of the newer card games on the market can make you laugh and hone your skills of perception and reasoning at the same time. Adult-themed games like Never Have I Ever are guaranteed to liven up party night with your friends. Rediscover how fun card games can be by trying a few options from our list of the 10 best card games of 2017. Card games never go out of style.

1. Cards Against Humanity


51RD-Lha01L._SX522_Cards Against Humanity is the Number One bestselling card game on Amazon. This game is an adult oriented party experience like none you have ever endured before. A round consists of one player selecting a black card and asking the group a question from it. The other members of the group answer the question with one of their funniest white cards. The cards contain mature albeit hilarious content so this game is not advised for families with children.

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2. Exploding Kittens: A Card Game About Kittens and Explosions and Sometimes Goats


81Kb7Wv8fSL._SX522_Exploding Kittens is a game for two to five players and appropriate for all ages. You can combine decks for up to nine players. The object of the game, similar to Russian Roulette, is for each player to draw a card until one unlucky player draws an exploding kitty. Exploding Kittens was developed from the most highly funded game Kickstarter campaign in the history of the platform. Illustrations on the cards were created by The Oatmeal, and two of the project principles are former Xbox developers.This game is currently one of the most popular card games sweeping the nation. Exploding Kittens is the perfect addition to any family game night.

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3. 5 Second Rule – Just Spit It Out!


The object of the game in 5 Second Rule – Just Spit It Out! is to name three items in a specified category in five seconds or less. For example, one card may ask the player to name three dog breeds. Though most people can name three breeds without any problem, naming them under pressure adds a whole new dimension. Players must think fast to come up with answers to the questions, with the added pressure of the other players staring intently at them. 5 Second Rule is a great game for quick-thinking players 10 years and older.

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4. Blurble Volume 1 – The Fast Paced Game for Quick Witted People


51qBr4zQyVL._SX425_Blurble is the fast-paced card game where players blurt out the correct answer to score. Flip a card over, and then be the first to blurt out a word that starts with the same letter as the picture on the card. This game is great for all ages. Small children can learn the alphabet while playing along with the family. No reading is required so everyone can sit in.

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5. Uno Card Game


61reBy0XCUL._SY450_Uno is a color coded game that is a must-have for family game night. The object of the Uno card game is to get rid of all of the cards in your hand before the other players. You score points by shedding your cards and the first team or player to get to 500 points wins the game. Though the game instructions advise parents that Uno can be enjoyed by children ages seven and above, many reviewers report that their kids as young as four can play the game.

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6. Spot It


71knInYLcSL._SX425_Spot It is a game where the players must spot the object that two cards have in common. The first player to spot it wins the hand. Two to eight players can play the game, and you can play five different ways. For young children, Spot It stimulates development of visual perception and language skills, but Spot It is fun for the whole family.

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7. Apples to Apples Junior – The Game of Crazy Combinations


Apples to Apples Junior is the junior version of the popular card game Apples to Apples. This game is recommended for children age nine and older. Players make hilarious comparisons between cards for hours of fun while developing language and reasoning skills. Players must defend their comparisons to the game judge who decides which comparison is the winner.

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8. Set: The Family Game of Visual Perception


Set is the award-winning game that challenges players’ visual perceptions. Technically, Set is a board game with cards, but the game board can be any table. Set is an excellent travel game and a family favorite for any game night. This game is appropriate for players age six and above.

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9. Never Have I Ever: The Game of Poor Life Decisions


41pCw0HMLoLAdult-themed Never Have I Ever is the popular card game Ellen DeGeneres has been known to play with guests on her show. This adult party card game allows you to relive some of your most embarrassing, funny and memorable moments to score points and win. “No Judgement” is the only rule of the game.

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10. Sushi Go! – The Pick and Pass Card Game


The object of the game in Sushi Go! is to grab cards as they pass by to make the best sushi dish combinations. Gather a full plate of sashimi or grab the most maki rolls to score. Triple your points by dipping your nigiri in wasabi. The player with the most points at the end of the game is crowned Sushi Master. The manufacturer recommends this game for ages eight and above.

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