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Top 10 Best Indoor Kerosene Heater


Energy prices are steadily on the rise, even as temperatures plummet. Extreme winter weather encourages all but the hardiest individuals to stay indoors and pursue sedentary activities. Given the price of heating homes and workspaces, many may want an alternative. As such, kerosene heaters fill this need, providing clean, safe warmth without relying on natural gas or electricity. Zone heating is a practice in which you can choose to warm only the rooms of your home that you actively use, cutting your energy costs further. To help keep those living and working spaces toasty, we’ve compiled a list of our ten favorite kerosene heaters, which provide safe and efficient warmth.

1. Dura Heat Indoor Kerosene Heater

This generous but relatively compact heater from Dura Heat offers 360 degrees of warmth. Its efficient design allows you to heat your garage, workshop, or covered seating area for up to twelve hours with 23,800 BTUs. That means that no matter how expansive the prospective space, you’ll ensure a snug environment without the need for electrical outlets. For individuals who prefer not to rely on central heating or who enjoy rustic winter vacations, this model will ensure a snug interior. Proper ventilation is essential with any kerosene heater, but even with a window ajar, you’ll stay warm all winter.

2. Sengoku KeroHeat Convection

For those who need to add a little warmth to an ample space, Sengoku offers its compact kerosene heater with a 1.9-gallon tank. It provides the continuous warmth of up to 23,000 BTUs for as long as 12 hours, and will efficiently heat a space of 1000 square feet. While individuals in more temperate climates seldom worry about how to stay warm if a winter storm causes an extended power outage, those who live in northern areas know an emergency plan is essential. While adequate ventilation practices should be observed, this small but mighty heater can keep you snug even in the most adverse winter weather.

3. Sengoku HeatMate

Whether you want to zone heat your home without relying on additional electricity or need a quick and portable heater to move with you as you complete tasks in your garage and gardening shed, Sengoku has the ideal solution. The portable model has a 1.2-gallon fuel capacity and provides 10,000 BTUs of heat for up to 14 hours. Because they’re focused on safety and affordable convenience, the HeatMate model comes with a retractable stabilizing foot, automatic safety and tip-over shut off features and automatic lighting at the press of a button.

4. Dyna-Glo Indoor Radiant Heater

As energy costs continue to climb and winter temperatures plummet, spot-heating is becoming increasingly popular. The practice of only heating the lived-in rooms of your home can be far more efficient than turning up the central heating if you live in a large house or one that may have settled over the decades. With a built-in safety switch in the event that the unit is overturned and a one-touch ignition switch, you can heat up to 500 square feet with ease.

5. Dyna-Glo Indoor All Around Unit

If you require a bit more heating capacity, this heater provides 360-degree dispersal of 23,000 BTUs for up to 12 hours. That means it heats spaces up to 1000 square feet, with safety shut-off features and easy to use controls. Zone heating only the areas of your home in use can help save money on monthly energy bills during this frigid winter.

6. Dyna-Glo 10,500 BTU Convection Heater

For those in need of a smaller unit that provides adequate heat for spaces of up to 500 square feet, this model offers the convenience of compact heaters with the comfort of 360-degree dispersal. It’s designed to be one-touch safe, with a shut-off mechanism and a feature that will snuff the flame in the event of destabilization. So you can zone heat your home in security with less cost this winter.

7. Omni-Radiant from Sengoku

Small but mighty, this model provides all-around heat for spaces of up to 380 square feet. Heat naturally rises, so why not let it work its magic by using a heater with an open top? While it’s enclosed with a steel safety grill, this feature provides quick, efficient heat for your living spaces while saving on the central heating bill. Enjoy up to 14 hours of comfort with this compact and fuel-efficient heater.

8. Dura Heat DH1051

It uses only 1.1 gallons of kerosene to provide a steady radiance of 10,500 BTUs for up to 15 hours. Plus, its grill-protected open top offers natural heat flow to heat the living areas of your home or garage. Because it’s small and lightweight, you can move it with ease and keep areas in a more modest home toasty without worrying about safety. The automatic shutoff features ensure that nothing will go awry in case of a mishap in the close quarters of a winter house.

9. Kero World Indoor Portable Convection Unit

Those seeking to heat a space of up to 1000 square feet will find the heater they’re looking for in this model from Kero World. With an open-top steel grill, this unit provides a global source of heat. A matchless ignition feature allows you to start the fire with ease and enjoy 23,000 BTUs for up to 12 hours.

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10. Sengoku KeroHeat CV-23K

While this heater is ideal for indoor use during the deep cold of winter, it will also keep you warm in less enclosed spaces. Protected with a steel grill, the open top of the heater allows dispersal of 23,500 BTUs for up to 12 hours. You can use it in your covered outdoor seating area, the garden shed, a workshop, or your garage to keep the cold at bay.