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Purchases big and small require careful decision-making by the average consumer, and that has never been easier than it is in the Internet age. Thanks in large part to the proliferation of consumer reviews and product rankings, most shoppers now find that they can easily find opinions on various brands, new products, and essential items, allowing them to make the best possible decision as they spend their money and seek to improve their quality of life.


As with all things on the Internet, however, product reviews require careful scrutiny in order to ensure their accuracy and legitimacy. With careful perusal of reviews, as well as careful shopping, consumers will find it easy to get the best deal on the best product for their needs. So, what should shoppers look for as they research products and move toward a decision?




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The Real Review: Learn How to Spot a Fake

ValueThe biggest problem facing discerning online shoppers is that some product reviews are strategically written and placed as marketing material for major brands. These “fake” reviews often praise a given product in glowing terms, without pointing out even a small fault in its design, uses, and performance. These reviews are often easy to spot for a few reasons. First and foremost, they’re often posted by accounts that lack any personal details: the reviewer typically lacks a picture, or even a name, and leaves the reviewer guessing about their background.

Fake reviews often sound very generic and, in some cases, multiple fake reviews may sound almost exactly the same in their wording and tone. This is an indication that the review was written by a marketing agency. Sometimes, many reviews are written by the same person. These reviews are almost always 5-star reviews designed to boost the product’s ranking and standings among shoppers, which is another dead giveaway that their content should be viewed with at least a healthy dose of skepticism. By filtering out these fake reviews, which are focused more on marketing copy than telling the truth about a product, shoppers can take their first step toward choosing a legitimately good product.

The Good Review: Experiences, Pictures, and More

Now that the fake reviews are filtered out, it’s time to weed through the remaining product reviews to find the best and most accurate ones available. This process is actually pretty easy. Good reviews focus on telling shoppers about real situations where the product was used, they describe its performance in those situations, and they list clear pros and cons regarding its functionality. A good review will also include at least a few pictures of the product’s packaging, its appearance when it’s first removed from that packaging, and pictures of the product “in action” as it gets the job done. If there are any downsides or consumer complaints, these should be photographed and uploaded as part of the review as well.

Look for a review that talks about more than the product’s aesthetics, shipping time, or packaging quality. A good review focuses on how well the product actually performs, whether it lives up to the hype and to consumer expectations, and whether or not the product was durable enough to last through periods of very intense, demanding use. This may result in a longer review, but it’s still a review worth reading when determining whether or not a given product is worth the up-front investment.

Measurement in Reviews: How to Evaluate a Product

Measuring a product’s value and performance varies based on the type of product. For a set of noise-canceling earbuds, for example, consumers will want to see measurements of sound quality, noise cancelation, portability, Bluetooth connection (if included), and more. For a vacuum cleaner, its performance on various surfaces should be measured and graphically displayed. Other, more universal measurements, like price, quality, and value, should also be included. By focusing on both general measurements and category-specific ones, good reviews will give consumers a snapshot of the product’s strengths and weaknesses that can be used to make a decision very quickly.

Shopping Simplified: Reviews and Rankings

Before Internet reviews became a part of the shopping process, finding the best product and the best value often required extensive research, word-of-mouth product reviews, and a fair amount of gambling at the time of purchase. We think that’s just too complex, and that it’s a bit too much work in order to find the best quality and value on the market. That’s why our website has focused on becoming the leading destination for product reviews. Our high-quality reviews are designed to simplify shopping by focusing on key elements of decision-making: Is the product a good value? Is it durable? Does it make life better? What is the honest opinion of this product?

Our product reviews are designed to be more trustworthy than those posted on other websites, because they exclude marketing content that only promotes a product, rather than describes its overall quality. That means honest reviews from real customers take center stage. As a result, customers in the market for things like sewing machines, cordless drills, and even men’s slippers, will find reviews that discuss the real-world quality, appearance, utility, and value of these products. By focusing these key elements of what makes a successful, or unsuccessful product, our reviewers make the buying process easier and less stressful.

Our reviews focus on key measurements of a product that determine its long-term role in customers’ lives. Quality and value are central, as is appearance and a product’s usefulness. With so many sites selling so many variations of consumer products, it can be hard to cut through the marketing copy, read through product specifications, and purchase something that will actually make life better. Luckily, our reviewers have already done the hard work: they’ve paid the price, received the product, tested it out, and determined whether the features match the hype. If it does, the product will clearly have a high rating from our honest reviewers. If it leaves something to be desired, the product will instead run into difficulties in the reviews. Shoppers will be able to see exactly where the product falls short, and they’ll have the option of choosing a different, better-ranked product, instead.

While reviews are an important indicator of overall quality and value, they often can’t help consumers break a “tie” between some of the leading brands on the market, especially when they have earned nearly identical, favorable reviews. A close race requires expert analysis, a relative comparison, and consumer input in order for shoppers to pick the best product on the market. Therefore, finding the best product among many competitors often requires a second kind of research: product rankings. For shoppers who are considering several leading brands in a single product category, rankings can help clarify relative quality among similar products from competing manufacturers. Products are compared based on what makes them unique, why consumers may want to choose one product over another, and how price plays into the purchasing decision. The key to breaking a tie is to consider both reviews and product rankings, where products in a single category compete on a head-to-head basis.

A product ranking must be done as honestly and expertly as a consumer review, however, and this is one area where our website excels. We specialize in the creation and curation of excellent product lists and product reviews. The methodology used within our rankings is designed to take into account subjective indicators of product quality as well as user opinions and experiences. This keeps the rankings honest and fluid; the rankings of each product may change over time as their specifications are modified, user opinions change, or different experiences are added into the mix.

All told, our product rankings should serve as a useful addition to our product reviews. Thanks to their ongoing updates, these rankings are also in line with the latest product models in a broad variety of categories, ranging from battery jump starters to doll houses, vacuum cleaners to cordless drills.

So, what does all of this mean when taken together? Today’s shoppers are smarter than ever, and they’ve got access to more data than any generation of consumers in human history. The Internet is an excellent tool for the committed bargain hunter, the researched shopper, and the value hunter. Our website is designed to meet these three types of shoppers with expert analysis, consumer opinion, and honest content that leaves the marketing copy behind.

Thanks to our honest reviews and our excellent product rankings across virtually all major product categories, shoppers can skip the noise and buzz of promoted content and focus only on what’s real: actual user experiences, real user photos of the product in action, and real rankings that subjectively assess product specifications, features, and other aspects of real-world ownership. These qualities, taken together, make our review website the premier destination for shoppers who consider themselves committed, informed, and determined to buy only the best. If you’re ready to contribute to this excellent body of knowledge regarding some of today’s top brands and individual products, we encourage you to submit your own suggestions for product reviews and rankings in today’s crowded, Internet-centric marketplace.