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Top 10 Best Kid’s Scissors 2017


Parents and educators know all about the dangers associated with kids using regular or standard scissors. Those scissors are better suited for larger hands and can lead to cuts or other injuries when kids use a pair. You may also worry about your kids picking up germs from others in their classes when they use and share scissors. When compiling a list of the top 10 best scissors for kids of 2015, we looked at pairs from major manufacturers. These scissors are perfect for smaller hands, reduce the risk of injuries and may help prevent the spread of germs among kids too.

1. Crayola My First Crayola Safety Scissors

Kids Scissors

You already know the name Crayola for the crayons and other school supplies the company makes, but you should also know the company for its My First Line. Crayola designs these products specifically for young children. The safety scissors the company makes are perfect for kids three years old or older and come with three pairs inside each package. Each pair cuts in a different way like straight or wavy and feature a design that cuts paper and not skin.

2. Westcott School Left and Right Handed Kids Scissors

Kids Scissors

Westcott makes scissors for kids who primarily use their right or left hands, which helps them feel more comfortable when working on school assignments. Each pair measure five inches long and come in vibrant colors like pink and green that appeal to kids. The company molds the handles to specifically fit the hands of younger kids. Parents and educators will also like that these scissors feature stainless steel blades that won’t rust and come in packages with up to 12 pairs inside.

3. Westcott All Purpose Value Scissors

Kids Scissors

Once your children reach an older age, you might look for longer scissors like this pair from Westcott, which has eight inch blades. The molded plastic handles feature a smaller loop on one side and a longer oval loop on the opposite handle, which helps kids keep their hands in place as they carefully cut through different paper materials. These scissors are strong enough for adult use and lightweight enough for kids.

4. Westcott Pointed Kids Plastic Handles with Anti-microbial Protection

Kids Scissors

Westcott understands that parents and teachers worry about the spread of germs, which is why the company designed these scissors, which come with anti-microbial protection. The plastic handles have an anti-microbial coating that keeps germs from sticking to the handles and prevents kids from bringing germs home with them. Those handles also have comfort grips to make their little hands feel more comfortable. The five inch blades cut through paper easily without cutting into skin.

5. Westcott Soft Handle Kids Scissors with Anti-microbial Protection

Kids Scissors

Westcott also makes scissors for kids with anti-microbial protection that come in packs of 12, which are perfect for the classroom. The set comes with handles in four different colors, and you get three sets of scissors in each of those colors, which include pink, blue, green and orange. Anti-microbial protection added to the handles prevent stains from forming and block odors caused by germs too. Each pair also features rust-resistant blades and a simple design that right and left handed kids can use.

6. School Smart Loop Scissors

Kids Scissors

Some kids have problems using scissors because of coordination problems, but these scissors from School Smart are perfect for kids with coordination problems and mobility issues. A simple loop of plastic wraps around the end of the blades and lets kids squeeze the loop to cut through paper. The unique design allows the blades to open when the child stops allowing pressure, which makes it easier for them to cut without using their entire hand.

7. Adaptive Loop Scissors for Easy Cutting from Cues4Clues

Kids Scissors

Cues4Clues created this pair of scissors for people with mobility and coordination issues that keep them from using traditional scissors. Rounded edges on the end of each blade prevent accidents and injuries, but those blades are sharp enough to cut through thicker pieces of paper. The looped plastic handles keep the blades open when not in use and allow users to apply just a small amount of pressure to close the blades for cutting.

8. Westcott Preschool Training Scissors

Kids Scissors

While some scissors are great for older kids, these scissors from Westcott are perfect for kids in preschool. Those children are still growing and developing, and they may need extra help when it comes to learning skills in school. The scissors have safety blades that only cut paper and will never cut skin. Its spring assisted design provides kids with help learning how to use a pair of scissors, and the handles have anti-microbial protection.

9. Westcott Blunt Kids Plastic Handles with Anti-microbial Protection

Kids Scissors

Blunt scissors are great for kids because the blades are sharp enough to cut through paper, but won’t lead to accidentally cuts. Westcott created these scissors for parents and educators to use in the classroom and at home. The molded plastic handles have a finger rest that increases the comfort kids have when working on arts and crafts projects, and Westcott added anti-microbial protection to those handles to prevent germs from spreading.

10. School Smart Kids Scissors

Kids Scissors

School Smart Kids understands that some kinds primarily use their left hands, which is why it designed these left handed scissors. This lets kids hold the scissors in their left hand without struggling in the way they would with other designs. The stainless steel blades are the perfect sharpness for cutting paper and not the skin, and the molded plastic handles have softer comfort grips inside to keep their little hands comfortable and safe.