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Top 10 Best Selling Game Consoles 2017


If you mention the term “video game” today, even those who don’t personally engage in them will know quite a bit about the proposed subject and be able to recite a surprising amount of information about it. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo – we’ve heard many of their names and played many of their games. As we quickly approach 2017, we are met with today’s ever-increasing accomplishments and astonishing products in modern video gaming. Representing the best of this movement and all the glory of its current state, these are the top 10 best selling game consoles.

1. Amazon Fire TV


Amazon Fire TV began as an innovative, new way to broadcast movies and TV shows to a television from the internet. This is made possible via a card that plugs into the television in conjunction with its coupled remote control for user interface. Expanding on this concept, Amazon has now brought us Fire TV Gaming Edition. With this simple upgrade to Fire TV basic service, the subscriber is provided with a game controller, storage device, and two complimentary games. Additional games can then be purchased via the console’s main screens.

2. Microsoft Xbox One


The Xbox One is Microsoft’s newest in a formidable line of Xbox consoles over the years. One comes complete with Ultra-HD BluRay player, streaming video services, a long line of games to be played, and more. Three memory options provide users ample space: 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. Several different, complimentary games also come bundled with the system depending on which edition is being purchased. The Xbox One is a true, definitive, gamer’s system.

3. Sony Playstation 4


Sony’s Playstation line of video game consoles has lovingly endeared the tests of time and consumer fandom. As with its predecessors in their times, the latest edition, Playstation 4 does not leave much left for the yearning. This top choice in today’s video game market features stream and surf internet functions, cutting-edge, HD graphics, online gaming network, and many choices in today’s hottest games. It’s hard to get bored when it comes to owning a Sony Playstation 4.

4. Nintendo 3DS


A leader in mobile video gaming, the Nintendo 3DS has rightly earned a huge following since its original release. Not just displaying in two-dimensions like most video games, the 3DS uses a controllable, three-dimensional display. This display does not require 3D glasses and can be turned off as desired. Aside from Nintendo’s excellent line of games for the system, the 3DS also features plentiful internal software and games of great entertainment value. These include sound and video recording and editing capabilities, fun widgets, internet browsing, and even a fascinating game that transforms a Nintendo playing card on a flat surface into a new, interactive, 3D reality.

5. Sony Playstation Vita


Not to be outdone by competition on any front, Sony has brought the portable video gaming crowd the Playstation Vita. The Vita, with its great graphics and line-up of games, features high speed streaming and online gaming, a multitude of clever, built-in apps, and even mobile television. Users often review the Vita as a favorite for overall performance and comfort of holding in the hand for long periods of time. The Vita console also comes in two different bundle options at time of purchase.

6. Alienware Steam Machine


Steam is a popular online source for video games. Originally, Steam was for PC gaming and downloads only. Today however, it has evolved in an actual physical console system. The Steam Machine by Alienware is the official, physical console for the Steam network of games. Users of this new offering in gaming are only limited by the boundaries of Steam’s massive gaming library. The console itself boats some formidable specs including five USB ports, 1TB of hard drive storage, and the newest Intel Quadcore technology in processing. Additionally, units can be purchased with either 4GB or 8GB of built-in RAM.

7. Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro Set


Although produced before the Xbox One, the Xbox 360 Pro Set offers all of the necessities and entertainment value much attributed to the Xbox line: the latest in cutting-edge graphics and games, the online revenue, DVD player, and more. This edition however, comes complete with a headset as well as unique tower design, setting it apart from other Xbox console designs. Another great perk of this system is the ability for those to play with non-HD televisions by the use of the console’s selective video outputs.

8. Android 4.2 Gaming Console Tablet


As its name implies, this console is a sort of innovative hybrid, mixing tablet, video game console, media player, and mobile communication device all into one. Users delight at the ability to easily play a wide range of video and audio media, audio-out to other devices, download seemingly limitless volumes of games, surf the web, and more. Some of the technical specs driving the Android 4.2 Gaming Console Tablet to greatness include its 5” screen, 8GB hard drive, 48-hour battery life, and a 1.2 GHz processor.

9. Nintendo Wii


Although the Nintendo Wii has been out a little longer than some of the other newcomers on our list, it still hasn’t lost its magic as being a top seller in the video game world. The winning combination of physical movement along with intriguing games is this console’s claim to fame. Players use controllers that sense a wide array of motions to play a whole new line of visionary games. Depending on the edition purchased, accessories vary. The Wii also offers cross-compatibility, playing games from Nintendo’s previous Gamecube system.

10. MiiPC All-In-One Android Powered Family Device


Like a few of the other entrants on our list, the MiiPC is a sort of hybrid, all-in-one device, effectively operating as a video game console, cloud-based media center, personal computer, and more. The video gaming portion of the MiiPC specifically works on the premise of downloading from a large library of games. The games can then be managed within the console and via the flashdrive memory slot. As an additional perk for parents, parental controls are also easily accessed and applied from anywhere online, via cloud access.

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