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Top 10 Best Selling Xbox 360 Games 2017


Ever since their humble beginnings several decades ago, video games have changed the world. With a market valued at hundreds of millions of dollars each year and growing, this form of electronic entertainment is here to stay. From Atari, to Genesis and Nintendo and everything between, the systems have been many, each with its own flare and unique offerings.

Today, we take a look at Microsoft’s second addition to the mix of modern video game systems – the Xbox 360. With its revolutionary graphics and game lineup, this system was an immediate must-have as soon as it came on scene. The only question left: which games to get? To aid you in this all-important quest, we highlight the best-selling games for the Xbox 260 console.

1. Red Dead Redemption


For those interested in realistic simulations of the Wild West, Rockstar Games hit one out of the park with this one. Red Dead Redemption sees players playing the role of John Marston a gunslinger of the time looking to prove a name for himself and resolve some past business matters. In this open-world adventure, players can wander about the frontier land and do just about anything a cowboy might during the time.

2. Minecraft


There has been a particular craze about the gaming world lately. Minecraft is the name of this recent phenomenon in which players build, craft, and completely take charge of their interactive world. Master your skills in building erection, bridgebuilding, and even underground tunneling. Play alone or with friends and see what the craze is all about. You are the supreme engineer and architect of this world.

3. Madden 2017


The Madden lineup of life-like football games has continued to draw a tremendous following year after year. Madden 2017, this latest addition to the line is certainly no different. Experience managing today’s real NFL teams and players, playing football games as the players and coaches, and enjoying some of the best graphics and environmental realism possible. This one runs single and multiplayer action and even updates player stats and info via an active Internet connection to the Xbox 360.

4. FIFA 2017


FIFA 2017 is the latest offering to all of the soccer world out there. Play as and manage any current FIFA team or player. Master trick shots, penalty kicks, and the basics of possession and aggression with your favorite, real-life player. Like the Madden line, FIFA provides up-to-the-minute player stats and game information to players via internet connection. Never feel like you are playing with yesterday’s players, teams, and stadiums again.

5. Grand Theft Auto 5


Grand Theft Auto is another long-running and much celebrated video game series. In this one, players get to run the streets and participate in virtually whatever business they like, good or bad. Be lawful and good or master the seedy side of the streets. The choice is yours in this massive, highly interactive, multiplayer world of innercity living.

6. Just Dance 2016


Microsoft Kinect is a cool accessory that plugs up to the Xbox console and senses movement and motion coming from players. Just Dance 2016 is an example of a game that utilizes this technology brilliantly. Here, as the name suggests, it’s all about dancing your behind off. Players can dance and track cardio and calorie consumption or challenge other players all over the world to dance-off competitions. Either way, remaining seated is not an option.

7. Call of Duty Black Ops


The time is now and the mission is grave. Save the world from destruction by foreign, paramilitary forces or go down trying. In this best-selling first person shooter, you will use all of your skills to outgun, outwit, and outmuscle the opposition forces. This addition to the Call of Duty lineup even allows players a chance to fight zombie hoards instead of the all-familiar military masses.

8. Lego Dimensions


Lego world has suffered an incredible event in which some of its characters have been teleported to another dimension. Your job is to help get everyone back to where they belong in this interdimensional adventure. Start out by running the game and following its directives on building the Lego portal setup. From here, and with the included Lego kit, build the mystical portal and proceed to intervene in the adventure via the physical Lego set as well as your Xbox console that is now interacting with the Legos also.

9. Lego Jurassic World


In “Jurassic World,” the movie, there were plenty of edge-of-your-seat scenes that put dinosaurs very close and personal. This best-seller puts Lego fans in the driver’s seat of the movie, allowing them to recreate and play out scenes therein via a fantastic world of virtual Legos and life. Escape the Lego T-Rex just in time to save the rest of the group and conquer the island. It’s a jungle out there.

10. NBA 2K16


NBA 2K16 is one of today’s hottest sports games. Players come alive as the best NBA players and coaches of the 2016 season. With an exclusive list of DJ’s, game features, and realism, basketball was never so fun in the video games until now. Dominate the opposition in a variety of game modes and single and multiplayer arenas. Just don’t be caught with the lowest score when the buzzer sounds.

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