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Top 10 Best Nintendo Wii U Games of 2015


The Nintendo Wii U offers perhaps the best electronic games on the market for young children. Kids can explore new worlds with familiar characters, practice hand-eye coordination and learn new analytic and strategic skills. The best Wii U games are not necessarily just for the kids, though. The best games are challenging enough to engage the entire family, yet simple enough for the young ones to comprehend and compete.

So how do you know which games will provide your family with the best entertainment? One way is to spend hours poring over item descriptions and reviews, but who has time for that! We offer our assistance to help you get the most Wii U game bang for your buck. Through our extensive research, we have developed the following list of the 10 best Nintendo Wii U games of 2015.

1. Super Mario Maker


817mJl8ozIL._SL1500_Our top rated Wii U game for 2015 is Super Mario Maker. Challenge yourself with nearly an infinite number of levels created by the Nintendo company and hundreds of players from around the world. You can use the GamePad controller to create your own levels, too. Blend traps and enemies to create unexpected twists and turns. Add a Big Mushroom power-up by tapping the 30th Anniversary amiibo on the controller. Your only limit is your imagination with this game.

2. LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack


The LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack provides the foundation for the Dimensions game, including characters from several brands and media. Characters from The LEGO Movie, DC Comics and Lord of the Rings can team up for exciting adventures and ultimately, to defeat the dastardly Lord Vortech. Build gadgets and vehicles in the LEGO Gateway, and then drop them into the game. You can purchase expansion packs to add characters and brands, too. LEGO Dimensions supports one or two players; the second player can drop in and out of the game.

3. Yoshi’s Woolly World


One of the most highly rated Wii U games on Amazon, Yoshi’s Woolly World is an adorable land of well-designed moving platforms, lava, ice and more. Select Co-op Mode at the beginning of a game to play with two players. You can also save a one-player game to invite a second player. Yoshi’s Woolly World is a great first game for newbies. The game can be played in Mellow Mode for young children, though kids under six may need some assistance at some points during play.

4. Super Smash Bros.


Customers who purchased Super Smash Bros. claim that this game is the best in the series so far, with better fighting scenarios, graphics and game play. Level up or train with Amiibo figures to hone your skills, or insert Amiibo characters as players if you’re a few short for 8 Player Smash. Play Super Smash Bros. as a multi-player online game as long as you have broadband Internet access, or play up to eight players locally from the same console.

5. Mario Kart 8


Defy gravity as you race upside down and along twisting walls in Mario Kart 8. When you crash into other drivers while defying gravity, you gain speed boosts. Record video clips of your best game play, and then share with your friends on Miiverse or Mario Kart TV. Challenge racers from across the globe if you have broadband Internet access. Customers say this game is by far the best in the Mario Kart series to date.

6. Splatoon


Spraying ink to vanquish your enemies is the object of the game with Nintendo’s Splatoon. Transform into a squid creature to gain super speed, hide or scale walls. Solve ink puzzles and destroy the enemy octopi in single or multi-player mode. The higher you rank, the more gear and weapons you can score. Play multi-player online turf wars if you have broadband access.

7. Xenoblade Chronicles X


Anticipation for Xenoblade Chronicles X runs high as this game’s expected release date is December 4, 2015. Already listed as one of the best sellers on Amazon, this stand-alone adventure is primed to be the overall favorite Wii U game of the year. Players wear skell suits and fight for survival while they explore an unknown planet. Players can customize their arsenal and develop original strategies to defeat foes and dominate the game.

8. Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Pack


Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Pack includes the Disney, Marvel and Pixar characters and worlds, as with earlier editions, but 3.0 introduces the Star Wars cast and story lines.The Infinity 3.0 edition ships with the core game pack, two Star Wars figures, one Twilight of the Republic piece and one web code card. The 3.0 starter pack unlocks the Toy Box and story-driven Play Set modes.

9. Mario Party 10


Play as Bowser the bad guy with the new Bowser Party mode in Mario Party 10. Let off steam or mess with your opponents’ games as Bowser. Use Free Play mode to play mini-games solo or with other players. New modes present new challenges and new ways to shine as you explore Mario Party 10. The game works with both the Wii Motion Plus and the standard Wii remote.

10. LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes


81luyM3MpML._SL1500_This game with a unique approach allows the player to unlock over one hundred Marvel super heros. Play characters like Captain America, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man, Galactus and many more. Stories follow a lighthearted, fun LEGO story line, only with added coolness of combat action and the characters’ super hero talents.

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