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Top 10 Best Selling Rooftop Bike Racks 2017


Biking is a great way to get in shape, burn some calories and reduce your carbon footprint. Every time you drive your car, you release toxins in the air that can do significant damage to the environment. That is why many people now bike to work, bike around town and even take their bikes with them on vacation. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you can find a roof rack that lets you transport your bike on the top of your car or SUV. Our list of the top selling rooftop bike racks of 2016-2017 show you which ones other cyclists loved.

1. TMSĀ® 2 X Aluminum Upright CAR Rooftop Folding Bicycle Rack


This set actually comes with two rooftop bike racks that let you take an extra bike with you for a friend or loved one to use. Each rack weighs just eight pounds and won’t weigh damage your roof, and each rack measures 53-inches long too, which is long enough for most standard bicycles. The racks are easy to use because you simply slide your bike onto the rack and secure it in place before taking off.

2. Yakima Raptor Aero Rooftop Bike Rack


Unlike other racks that make you take off your front wheel or make other changes to your bike, this Yakima rack works with a complete bike. It supports bikes that have a front fender attached and bikes that have a more traditional diamond frame, and it works with the crossbars that you can buy from the same manufacturer too. Yakima includes a warranty that lasts as long as the rooftop rack does.

3. Yakima ForkLift Fork Mount Rooftop Bike Rack


Also from Yakima is this rooftop carrier that works with a wide range of vehicles. You can use it with crossbars and locks from Yakima for additional protection and security too. The rack fits right on the top of your roof and installs in seconds. You don’t even need any special tools to install it. A sliding wheel tray on the very front of the rack adjusts to fit the front wheel of your bike, and it can support bicycles from the leading manufacturers.

4. Yakima Viper Fork Mount Rooftop Bicycle Rack


Like other rooftop bike racks from Yakima, you can install this one in minutes after taking it out of the box, but you can also remove it from your roof just as easily. It has a skewer design that lets you slide and adjust the rack to accommodate wheels and bikes of different sizes. It also works with different braking systems, including mini brakes, and fits crossbars with round or square designs for added convenience.

5. TMS T-BIKERACK-RC0012 Aluminum Upright Car Roof Top Mounted Bike Bicycle Rack Carrier


Keep your bike safe and secure on your car with this rooftop rack made from lightweight aluminum. A simple channel measuring over two-inches wide runs through the center of this rack. You can push your front wheel right into that channel before before securing your bike in place with clamps. This bike rack also adjusts to fit different types and styles of bikes and to work with different crossbars.

6. Yakima HighRoller Rooftop Bike Rack


With this Yakima bike rack on your roof, you can cruise down the open road without feeling like your bike is dragging you down or that it might fall off the roof. It has a unique V-shape in the very front that essentially locks around your front wheel to keep a tight hold on the bike. This rack also comes with components that wrap around your front post and back wheel for additional security.

7. Swagman Upright Roof Rack


This bike rack from Swagman Bicycle Carriers makes transporting your bike easier than ever. Made from both plastic and steel, the rack has a smaller and lightweight design than its competitors. While it can only support one bike, you can easily attach several racks to your roof when traveling with more bikes. It works with different bikes and comes with straps that help you tie down your bike to the roof of your car.

8. Thule 594XT Sidearm Rooftop Upright Bike Carrier


This rooftop bike rack from Thule lets you carry your bike upright on the top of your car. Unlike other racks that connect to your frame or fork, this one uses just your front wheel, which puts less strain and pressure on your frame. It also comes with a double-wall aluminum tray that is resistant to rust and will hold up well to the environmental conditions you face on your journeys.

9. Rola 59404 Dart 1-Bike Rooftop Rack Bike Carrier with Fork Style Mount


Rola rack uses a fork mount on this rooftop rack that secures your bike to the roof and lets you rest assured that your bike will remain in place for hours, but it also uses a strap around your wheel for an extra layer of protection. You’ll also love that it adjusts to fit bikes with forks of 50 inches long and that it comes with included bolts that make installing and uninstalling the rack a breeze.

10. 2X Hd Universal Bike Bicycle Carrier Rack Roof Mount


This universal roof rack is one of the only top sellers of recent years that will work with most bikes and most vehicles. You can use this on your car, van or SUV, and since you can install and uninstall it so easy, you can even switch it back and forth between vehicles. Made from a lightweight type of aluminum, the rack gives you the protection you need without weighing down your car, and this set comes with two matching racks.

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