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Top 10 Best Bath Tissues


There is almost nothing worse than sitting down in the bathroom and finding that the toilet paper roll is empty. One thing that you may dislike even more is when someone in your house buys the wrong type of bath tissue. That tissue may rip and tear every time you use it or even lead to your toilet clogging. This often happens when you use a cheaper tissue that you use more of every day. The top 10 best bath tissue choices include some top brands, and all those tissue choices feel soft against your skin and are just as strong as you need.

1. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Bath Tissue

Bath Tissue

Quilted Northern is a top choice for many bathroom tissue shoppers, and one of the company’s top products is the Ultra Plush bathroom tissue. This product actually features three soft and strong layers of material. The company also uses a patented quilting method that keeps those layers together and ensures that your hands or fingers will never break through. Every roll in the package is the equivalent of two rolls from other manufacturers, and you get 48 rolls in each set.

2. Angel Soft 48 Double Rolls Bath Tissue

Bath Tissue

You might remember the name Angel Soft for the adorable little cherub that the company uses in all its advertising campaigns. Once you use an Angel Soft bathroom tissue roll, you’ll remember the company for the high quality tissue that it uses in every roll. You can even use the tissue for blowing your nose and removing your makeup.

3. Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care Toilet Paper

Bath Tissue

Cottonelle knows that you probably want to spend less money on bathroom tissue and more money on other things, which is why the company makes an economy plus pack of bathroom tissue. The economy plus pack comes with 32 rolls of tissue paper, which gives you enough to get through a month or longer. Its patented clean ripple design ensures that you use fewer pieces every time you wipe and that you feel cleaner too.

4. Scott 1000 35532 Bath Tissue

Bath Tissue

Scott 1000 makes it easy for you to keep enough bathroom tissue on hand for your whole family and all your guests. Each roll that comes in this 27 count package has an impressive 1000 sheets of tissue. Scott also guarantees that its tissue paper is safe for all types of septic systems, which can give you better peace of mind. Feel confident every time you flush the tissues down your drains.

5. Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths Fresh Care Refill

Bath Tissue

Are you tired of traditional bathroom tissue that feels scratchy against your skin? Cottonelle now has you covered with its line of flushable cleaning wipes. These wipes have the same clean ripple surface that its toilet paper does, which ensures that you feel clean after using the bathroom. The wipes are free from alcohol but have a moist design that leaves you feeling even cleaner, and you can flush the wipes like you would toilet paper.

6. Quilted Northern Ultra Soft and Strong Bath Tissue

Bath Tissue

Quilted Northern appears on the list for a second time with its Ultra Soft and Strong line of toilet tissue. This is great for those who hate the way thinner or cheaper toilet paper has a tendency to break and rip. Each roll has nearly 200 sheets that feature two layers of soft tissue. The patented quilted design of the unscented tissues are great for those with allergies and can handle even the toughest of jobs without breaking or ripping.

7. Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

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It’s almost impossible to think of Charmin without thinking about the adorable bears it uses in its advertisements, and those bears are right there on the package of its Ultra Soft line of toilet tissue. This bathroom tissue is softer than almost any other product that you used in the past, and Charmin claims it absorbs 75% more than the other leading brands to help you feel cleaner and more comfortable.

8. Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

Bath Tissue

Charmin also earns a spot on the list of the top bathroom tissue for its Ultra Strong line. Its Ultra Strong bathroom tissue now comes in a mega roll size that lasts for up to four times as long as an ordinary roll will. You’ll also love how strong the paper is when exposed to water and other liquids. Not only will it handle all your bathroom jobs, but it leaves you feeling fresh too.

9. Scott Tissue Naturals Moist Cleansing Cloths Refill Bags and Tub

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Scott Tissue wants you to feel cleaner for longer, which is why it introduced the Naturals line of cleaning cloths. These cloths have a textured surface that whisks waste away from your body and a soft and moist design that leaves you feeling cleaner than ever. This Scott set comes with a container that keeps the wipes moist and several refill bags too. All the wipes in this set are safe for use in your bathroom and are flushable also.

10. Cottonelle Clean Care Big Roll Toilet Paper

Bath Tissue

Cottonelle now makes a line of bathroom tissue called Clean Care, which has hundreds of sheets of tissue on every roll but will still fit most holders. The 12 rolls that come included in every package are great for use in all bathrooms in your home, your family and any guests you invite over too. The softly textured design of the bathroom tissue ensures that you stay clean.