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Top 10 Best Cycling Computers 2017


Shopping for a cycling computer can be more difficult than you ever imagined. Do you stick with one of the more popular name brands? Do you need a computer that can also monitor your heart rate and other vital signs? It doesn’t help that manufacturers have a tendency to release models that look similar in terms of design. No matter how often you hit the road or the trail, you can find the right computer for you. We created a list of the top 10 cycling computers for 2015 that are suitable for both beginning cyclists and long term riders.

1. Cateye Velo 7 Cycling Computer 2015

Cycle Computer Cyclists often want computers that come with an ease of use because they don’t want to take their eyes off the trail or their hands off their bikes. This Cateye Velo cycling computer is perfect for those types of riders. The larger screen lets you clearly keep an eye on all the information that you need, and you can cycle between settings with just a push of a button. The computer has four different features and seven functions.

2. CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer CC-RD300W

Cycle ComputerCateye also made the list with its Strada Wireless model, which comes with two batteries and uses a wireless signal to keep you updated on the time and with other information. This model mounts directly onto your bike and comes with sensors you can mount to your bike too. Use the buttons on the front to keep track of how far you rode, your top speed, your current speed and other details relating to your ride.

3. Blusmart® Outdoor Sport Waterproof LCD Computer Odometer Speed Meter
Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS

Cycle ComputerA bright LCD screen and a waterproof casing on this model makes it popular with frequent cyclists. Use the computer to keep track of the number of miles or kilometers that you rode. You can switch back and forth between those two settings when you take the batteries out. This computer is so easy to use that you can practically place it on your bike, touch one button and start using it right away.

4. Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS

Cycle ComputerKeep track of your speed, distance rode and even the elevations you climbed with this cycling computer from Garmin. A built-in altimeter lets you see the size of the hills you climbed, but you can also use the computer to see how far you rode and your top speed. As a lightweight cycling computer, this one won’t add any weight to your bike, and its battery lasts for up to 18 hours.

5. MeasuPro Wireless Bicycle Computer, Speedometer, Odometer, Calorie Tracker, and Heart Rate Monitor

Cycle ComputersMeasuPro developed its latest cycling computer for those who care about their health. This impressive little computer keeps track of your heart rate and can tell you how many calories you burned during your ride. A water resistant case covers the computer and keeps it safe when you ride in rainy or snowy conditions. With a back lit LCD screen, this computer is also great for using on rides late at night or early in the morning.

6. CatEye Padrone – Men’s

Cycle ComputerThose who want to keep a better eye on this statistics will love this cycling computer from Cateye. With one of the largest display screens on the market today, this computer helps you keep track of all the details that matter to you. An easy to use odometer lets you program the computer to record your mileage, and the computer features a simple and easy to use design that beginners and experts will love.

7. Cateye Velo 9 Cycling Computer

Cycle ComputerAlso from Cateye is this simple and basic cycling computer, which comes in a protective black case. A single button at the bottom of the computer lets you turn it on and off or cycle through each setting to record your mileage, time or other statistics. You can also use this computer to keep track of the calories you burned, the average or maximum speed you achieved, the time you spent on the bike or even your carbon offset.

8. CatEye Urban Wireless Bicycle Computer CC-VT220W

Cycle ComputerThis Cateye Urban Wireless cycling computer is perfect for those who spend more time in the city than the country. Not only can this little device keep track of your average speed, but it can also give you information regarding your carbon offset, calories burned, distance traveled or amount of time spent on the bike. The computer even comes with an automatic shut down feature that turns itself off to save your battery.

9. Cateye Strada 410 Digital Wireless Computer

Cycle Computer Also from Cateye is this digital wireless cycling computer that uses wireless connections to keep track of your progress. It connects and updates so quickly that you’ll always know exactly how far you traveled on your trip and the speeds you reached. This cycling computer also features sensor detection, which lets you use it on every bike you own. The device with automatically detect the bike and update your information, making it easy to use all your bikes.

10. Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS

Cycle ComputerThis Garmin device walks the line between a GPS system and a cycling computer. Not only does it tell you about your distance and speed, but it can also inform you of your elevation and current location. Optional features that you can turn on and off include a heart rate monitor and a calorie counter. The computer also connects back to the Garmin network to let you share details about your rides with other cyclists.

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