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Top 10 Best Cycling Pants for Men


By TVR Staff

January 2020

This article reviews the top 10 best cycling pants for men available online.

Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or you pedal for recreation, cycling tights are a great way to upgrade your ride. Tights fit snugly, so they reduce wind resistance and drag as you ride — that means that you can go faster with less effort. They also keep you warm, which is a must when you’re traveling at high speeds on windy or cold days. As a bonus, many cycling pants are made with padding on your seat; this cushioning protects you from the hard bike seat, reducing your risk of muscle aches and saddle sores. By choosing pants that are made for men, you know that you’re getting padding that’s designed specifically for your anatomy.

1. Baleaf Men’s Thermal Cycling Tights

Baleaf Men's Thermal Cycling Tights
If you train during the winter, these men’s tights from Baleaf are a must-have. They’re made with a fleece lining, so your legs stay comfortable when you’re working out in cold weather. The shell is crafted from polyester-spandex, so it stretches easily as you pedal. Plus, since the material is wicking, you don’t have to worry about sweat buildup on the road. We like the piping, which gives you a sporty look and reflects the light for greater visibility.

2. Sponeed Men’s Bicycle Pants

Sponeed Men's Cycling Pants
Bold and colorful, these bicycle pants from Sponeed are a great choice for men who aren’t afraid to stand out. Each leg is accented with bright, sporty stripes, so you’re more visible to drivers and other bikers. Tucked inside, a four-dimensional gel pad sits between you and your bike seat, keeping you comfortable on long trips. The wide waistband fits comfortably and prevents rolling as you ride.

3. Souke Sports Men’s Bicycle Pants

Souke Sports Men's Cycling Pants
Are you looking for full-length protection? With their ankle-length design, these men’s tights from Souke Sports have you covered. They’re constructed from a 14-panel design that’s engineered to fit around the contours of your lower body without friction. The stretchy fabric offers gentle muscle support, and the four-way stretch gives you the freedom to move. We like the flatlock seams, which prevent chafing during a tough workout.

4. RockBros Winter Cycling Pants

RockBros Winter Cycling Pants
When you’re riding at high speeds in cold weather, the constant flow of cold air can make it tough to stay warm. That’s where these RockBros cycling pants come in — they’re made with a fleece liner for insulation and coated with a film that keeps wind and water away from your skin. These pants feature a design that’s fitted but not tight, so warm air has the chance to circulate inside for extra comfort.

5. Rion Men’s Cycling Pants

Rion Men's Cycling Pants
Look like a serious athlete in these men’s cycling pants from Rion. With their contoured shape and multi-panel construction, these pants fit around the natural curves of your muscles for maximum support and comfort. Built-in air channels help sweat dry quickly, so you stay comfortable and fresh during intense sessions. The tight fit makes you more aerodynamic, and the wide elastic band prevents bunching. On the inside of the hem, grippers keep the legs from rolling up as you ride.

6. Baleaf Men’s Bike Pants

Baleaf Men's Cycling Pants
Do you like bike pants with a looser fit? This style from Baleaf is a great option. They feature legs that are roomy enough to give you gentle coverage, but not so loose that they interfere with biking. That means that you can transition from the bike to the coffee shop with confidence. The windproof shell blocks cold air; inside, a fleece lining pampers your legs and keeps you cozy.

7. Santic Men’s Cycling Pants

Santic Men's Cycling Pants
For athletes who do a variety of winter sports, these men’s pants from Santic are a versatile choice. They’re made without built-in padding — wear them over your padded bike shorts for biking, or wear them alone for running or hiking. The flexible material moves easily with you, and the ergonomic design maximizes your range of motion. Slip your phone into the handy zip pocket, and rely on the warm, windproof fabric to protect you from the elements.

8. XGC Men’s Long Cycling Pants

XGC Men's Long Cycling Pants
Get serious about cycling with these XGC pants. The sculpted design hugs the contours of your muscles, and the compression fit offers the support you need on long bike trips. Between the legs, a padded section protects you from the hard surface of the bike seat. Plus, since the cushioning is breathable, you don’t have to worry about sweat buildup, odors, or chafing. Riding in low light? Reflective dots help bikers, pedestrians, and drivers see you clearly.

9. TSLA Men’s Thermal Cycling Tights

TSLA Men's Thermal Cycling Pants
If you already have padded shorts, these TSLA bike pants are a great way to layer up for winter. They’re made from stretchy fabric that slips easily over your chamois and enables you to pedal with ease. A fleece lining provides protection from the cold, so you can stay comfortable and flexible during windy or snowy rides. A stay-put waistband keeps the pants in place, and reflective elements help drivers and pedestrians see you clearly.

10. Bpbtti Men’s Cycling Pants

Bpbtti Men's Cycling Pants
Versatile and affordable, these bpbtti cycling pants are ideal for new riders or experienced cyclists who want to expand their riding wardrobe. The six-panel construction ensures a snug fit, and the polyester/spandex material offers ample compression. With the built-in 3D pad, you can reduce the chances of saddle soreness — a must during training season.

With the right pair of cyclling tights, training sessions are more comfortable. Whether you’re doing a bike tour or preparing for a triathlon, a great pair of padded tights can leave you feeling fresher.