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Top 10 Best Cycling Sunglasses for Men

By TVR Staff
February 2020
This article reviews the top 10 best cycling sunglasses for men available online.

When you’re cycling, a great pair of sunglasses is a must. They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays; more importantly, they reduce glare, so you can see clearly and stay safe as you ride. As you consider different styles, consider which pairs will fit with your helmet and your personal preferences. Comfort is crucial — the sunglasses you choose should reduce wind resistance, fit easily with your helmet shape, and feel lightweight enough to reduce pressure on your nose. As a secondary factor, look to styles that match your existing riding helmet and jerseys.

1. X-Tiger Polarized Sports Sunglasses

X-Tiger Polarized Cycling Sunglasses for Men
Constructed from lightweight materials, these sunglasses from X-Tiger keep you comfortable on long rides. The large lenses offer ample face coverage, protecting your eyes and skin from debris and insects as you ride. Each one is polarized to ensure UVA and UVB protection; that way, you can see without straining your eyes. Do you train frequently? The stress-resistant frames can handle regular use.

2. Gieadun Sports Sunglasses

Gieadun Mens Cycling Sunglasses
Look cool and sporty when you slip on these Gieadun sunglasses. They’re made with geometric lenses that add a futuristic twist to your riding kit. Each pair comes with multiple lenses, each UV-protected to keep your eyes safe. Install the yellow lenses when you’re riding in low light or at night, or use the colored lenses in bright sunlight. There’s even a clear lens for use when you’re driving. These glasses come with wipes and a bag for easy storage.

3. BangLong Polarized Sports Sunglasses

BangLong Polarized Mens Cycling Sunglasses
With their wraparound frames, these sunglasses from BangLong fit close to your head for comfort. The lenses wrap well past the outside edges of your eyes, ensuring a wider field of view — a must when you’re biking on a busy path or near a road. These glasses come with five different lenses, so it’s a breeze to find the right option for any type of weather conditions. Rely on the bendable frames to rest gently against your skin for a gentle, pressure-free fit.

4. Hubo Sports Cycling Glasses

Hubo Sports Mens Cycling Sunglasses
Tuck these Hubo Sports sunglasses under your helmet with ease; they feature a slim wraparound frame for a snug fit. The contoured lenses reduce weight and increase light blocking and UV protection; that way, you don’t need to worry about glare when the sun is shining in your eyes. With frames that are made from TR90, these glasses are ultra-tough and lightweight.

5. Cool Change Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

Cool Change Polarized Mens Cycling Sunglasses
Do you ride in an area with lots of insects or blowing dust? These Cool Change sunglasses offer the protection you need. The secret is the oversized lens, which shields a wide area around your eyes. Adjust the nose clip to create the perfect fit, and trust the hydrophilic silicon temples to reduce friction and prevent slipping during intense workouts.

6. Sensheln Cycling Bike Glasses

Sensheln Mens Cycling Sunglasses
Increase visibility during daytime bike rides with these cycling glasses from Sensheln. They come with four different lenses, each coated with UV400 protection to keep the sun’s rays off of your eyes. This also helps give you a true-color view of the world. Simply snap the lens of your choice into the ultra-light frame, and you’re ready to go. These glasses also come with a handy pair of cycling gloves for a more comfortable, blister-free ride.

7. Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Torege Mens Cycling Sunglasses
See the road clearly with the help of these Torege sports sunglasses. Made with a nine-filter lens and a full diamond coating, they offer maximum UV protection. You’ll also get a super-contrast coating that makes it easier to see objects and people in your path even in the brightest light. Fabricated from lightweight, ultra-tough materials, these glasses are designed to take a beating — a great choice for everyday riding or rough trail workouts. Each pair comes with a cleaning cloth and a replaceable nose pad to extend its lifetime.

8. Comaxsun Sports Sunglasses

Comaxsun Polarized Mens Cycling Sunglasses
Do you like a low-profile pair of sunglasses? This style from Comaxsun is a great fit. It features a narrow shape that doesn’t dig into your skin or get in the way of your movement. The lenses block 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays, and the stress-resistant frames resist breaking when the glasses are in storage. Use the adjustable nose pads to adjust to suit your unique face shape and ensure a comfortable fit.

9. XAegis Polarized Sunglasses for Men

XAegis Polarized Cycling Sunglasses
Sleek and stylish, these XAegis sunglasses transition effortlessly from the road to the street. The secret is the black frame, which looks cool with jeans or a bike jersey. The lightweight frame features a minimalist design to reduce weight, and the curved lenses wrap around the sides of your face to reduce glare in your peripheral vision. Between rides, use the zip-close carrying case to protect the glasses from scratches and cracks.

10. Snowledge Cycling Glasses for Men

Snowledge Mens Cycling Sunglasses
Protect your eyes during all of your activities with these cycling glasses from Snowledge. The curving frame mimics the contours of your face, ensuring a snug and pressure-free fit as you bike, run, or play sports. Four included lenses enable you to transform the glasses to accommodate different lighting conditions; each one is UV protected for peace of mind. Each lens features tiny holes that enable free air circulation — this reduces condensation and fogging when you’re working hard.When you’re biking outdoors, a great pair of sunglasses can boost comfort and safety. Cycling-specific glasses increase aerodynamics and help block the sunlight, so you can see clearly and focus on the workout.