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Top 10 Best Cycling Underwear for Women

By TVR Staff
February 2020
This article reviews the top 10 best cycling underwear for women available online.
If you’ve ever spent any time in a bike seat, you know that the pressure can leave you feeling sore. That’s where cycling underwear comes in — it’s made with built-in padding to keep you more comfortable on the bike seat. Since it’s tight and designed to fit like normal underwear, you can wear your normal workout clothes on top. As opposed to traditional bike shorts, this creates a sleeker look that transitions easily from the gym to the street. Whether you’re heading out on a bike ride or heading to spin class, the right pair of cycling underwear can improve the experience.

1. Eco-daily Cycling Shorts

Eco-daily Cycling Shorts Underwear for Women
Lightweight and made from breathable material, these Eco-daily cycling shorts keep you cool and dry as you ride. The polyester-spandex material stretches comfortably and rebounds nicely to ensure a snug, chafe-free fit. Inside, a generous 3D pad sits between you and the bike seat, protecting you from aches and pains. We love the grippers on the inside of the legs; they prevent the material from rolling up as you ride.

2. Baleaf Women’s Cycling Underwear

Baleaf Women's Cycling Underwear
Do you like classic briefs? This pair of Baleaf cycling underwear is a great fit. With its high-cut legs, it gives you complete freedom of movement while you’re on the bike. The material is made from a blend of polyamide and spandex, so it offers four-way stretch for complete comfort. The best part? The padding is designed to follow the contours of your body; that means that it protects you without shifting. Plus, with the flat-lock seams, you don’t need to worry about chafing.

3. Sportneer Bike Shorts for Women

Sportneer Bike Shorts Cycling Underwear for Women
Enjoy a long ride in complete comfort with these Sportneer bike shorts. They’re constructed with 3D padding that offers excellent saddle coverage on spin bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes. The contouring is designed to provide extra protection where you need it most, reducing the risk of saddle sores and discomfort. All of the materials are breathable to help move sweat away from your body as you ride. Wear these shorts alone for a home workout, or slip them under tights or bike shorts when you’re on a ride.

4. Nooyme Women’s Bike Underwear

Nooyme Cycling Underwear for Women
It’s easy to wear your existing workout clothes when you have these Nooyme bike underwear in your closet. They feature a classic boy-short cut, so they offer ample coverage at the tops of your thighs to reduce chafing. The lightweight padding is ideal for spin class or quick bike workouts; it’s specifically shaped to prevent hip pain. Elastic on the waistband and leg openings keeps this pair safely in place for comfort.

5. Beroy Women’s Quick Dry Cycling Underwear

Beroy Women Quick Dry Cycling Underwear
Sporty and colorful, this pair of cycling underwear from beroy is a cute addition to your closet. Pink and blue stripes run around the top edge for a fun look. The simple cut features a low-profile design that’s comfortable under shorts or leggings. Do you work out in hot weather? You’ll love the quick-dry fabric; it evaporates moisture quickly to prevent the material from rubbing.

6. Baleaf Women’s 3-inch Cycling Underwear

Baleaf Women's 3-inch Cycling Underwear
With their 3-inch legs, these underwear from Baleaf are a versatile addition to your workout wardrobe. Wear them as standalone workout shorts when you’re indoors or taking a ride on a hot day. Since they’re made from snug-fitting polyester-spandex fabric, you can also slip them under looser-fitting shorts or even leggings. The material is super-stretchy to allow flexible movement. Inside, the 3D chamois pad is designed specifically to protect the female anatomy.

7. Baleaf Women’s Cycling Underwear Shorts

Baleaf Women's Cycling Underwear Shorts
Made from nylon-spandex material, this pair of cycling underwear from Baleaf fits like a glove. The seams are flatlock-finished, so they sit neatly against your skin and don’t chafe as you pedal. Do you tend to sweat during a bike ride? The shorts wick moisture away from your skin to prevent discomfort. We love the 3D gel pad, which provides just the right amount of cushioning. Wear these shorts under any type of clothing for comfort and a street-friendly look.

8. Baleaf 3D Bike Underwear

Baleaf 3D Cycling Underwear for Women
If you need to go from a bike ride to the office or another public place, consider this pair of 3D bike underwear from Baleaf. It features a low-profile cut and a snug fit to reduce bulk and give you the confidence to go anywhere. The minimalist padding fits your anatomy and mimics the shape of your bike seat, providing exactly the right amount of cushioning.

9. Dayoung Cycling 3D Padded Underwear

Dayoung Cycling 3D Padded Underwear
Are you planning long training rides? Check out these affordable underwear from Dayoung. They’re constructed with 3D foam and gel padding — these materials work together to create an ultra-soft surface. The classic-cut legs don’t ride up, and the comfortable waistband lies flat against your stomach for a sleek look.

10. Dayoung Women’s Cycling 3D Padded Underwear

Dayoung Womens Cycling Underwear
Add a bit of color to your workout clothing collection with these cycling underwear from Dayoung. They’re made with a fun, vibrant print that makes it more fun to get dressed for a ride. The low-cut legs provide plenty of skin coverage, and the low-slung waist won’t show over the top of your bike shorts or leggings. Made from lightweight material, this pair of underwear dries quickly to prevent rubbing during a tough ride.

With the right pair of cycling underwear, you can head out to run errands or grab coffee after your workout with confidence. The trick? Finding a pair that fits neatly under your existing athletic clothing.