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Top 10 Best Unicycles


By TVR Staff
August 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best unicycles available online.

Riding a unicycle is a great way to develop your strength and balance while also looking pretty cool. A unicycle is a single-wheeled product used for recreation as well as performing stunts. Whether you are a novice rider or a professional, it is imperative to select a high-quality unicycle on which you can practice and showcase those awe-inspiring freestyle tricks! Although unicycles can be used (carefully) indoors, most people prefer to use them to stay active outside, thus increasing the overall quality of their health. Below are our picks for the top 10 best unicycles.

1. Fun 20-Inch Wheel Unicycle With Alloy Rim

Fun 20-Inch Wheel Best Unicycle

The Fun unicycle is ideal for both the regular rider as well as the first-time unicyclist. Riders can choose from three sizes for the Kenda tire, including 16-inch, 20-inch, and 24-inch wheels, as well as multiple colors: chrome, red, black, blue, and yellow. The product features cartridge bearings that allow for smooth peddling, and the quick-release seat is one of the most comfortable on the market. Beginners may find comfort in the plastic “handle” that can be held while riding.

2. Fantasycart 20-Inch Unicycle

Fantasycart 20-Inch Best Unicycle

The 20-inch unicycle by Fantasycart is a sturdy, well-built product that features a slick blue- and chrome-colored design as well as a fully skidproof tire and a high-power, double-wall aluminum fork. The nylon seat is adjustable up to a height of about 30 inches, fitting most adults and adolescents who weigh less than 165 pounds. Ideal for beginners, this product will stand up to years of use. A stand is not included.

3. AW 20-Inch Unicycle

AW 20-Inch Best Unicycle

Although the AW unicycle only comes in one size with a 20-inch wheel, riders have their option of selecting one of four colors: silver, red, green, and a very snazzy yellow-green combination design. This product can hold up to 143 pounds, fitting riders ranging from 57 inches to 69 inches in height. The outer tire is a skidproof mountain tire, while the inner tire features leakage protection. The unicycle is designed according to somatology and movement, making it an ideal choice for professionals and novices alike.

4. Sun 20-Inch Classic Black Unicycle

Sun 20-Inch Classic Black Best Unicycle

The Sun 20-inch unicycle is available in a modern, classic black color and features a quick-release seat clamp for on-the-fly adjustments. The saddle itself boasts built-in scuff guards to protect the seat during those shaky, unstable moments new riders are bound to have, and it is capable of holding up to 200 to 250 pounds. Tough, durable, and built to last, the Sun 20-inch unicycle is one of the most user-friendly products available.

5. Hoppley 16-Inch Unicycle

Hoppley 16-Inch Best Unicycle

It is never too early to get your kids out riding! With the smaller 16-inch Hoppley unicycle, your little ones can do so with confidence. Featuring a blue saddle, a welded rectangular mounting bracket, and 16-inch chrome rim, this product is an excellent option for the beginner. Keep in mind that this cycle is made up of a single-walled steel rim; it is not designed for hopping tricks or advanced riding.

6. Sun 24-Inch Classic Chrome/Black Unicycle

Sun 24-Inch Classic Chrome/Black Best Unicycle

The Sun Classic unicycle features a durable, simple design that is ideal for beginners but offers fun for everyone. Comprised of nylon platform pedals, alloy rim and UCP steel spokes, steel cranks, and a high-tensile steel unicrown frame, the 24-inch model is available in an eyecatching chrome-black color scheme. The quick-release seat post clamp and the built-in scuff guards add a level of functionality that is hard to find among today’s cycles.

7. Nimbus II 20-Inch Unicycle

Nimbus II 20-Inch Best Unicycle

If you are looking for a unicycle that is durable and versatile for many types of riding, you can’t go wrong with the Nimbus II 20-inch unicycle. Recognized among the best unicycles for beginners and advanced riders, this tough product is built to last, featuring a double-walled rim as well as an ISIS hub and cranks. Weighing in at roughly 11 pounds, this model features black pedals, a saddle with a front-lift handle, and a unique white tire that is sure to catch the attention of any observer.

8. Club 20-Inch Freestyle Unicycle

Club 20-Inch Freestyle Best Unicycle

Designed in an eye-catching periwinkle blue, the Club 20-Inch Freestyle unicycle also features a black club saddle with a multicolored pattern on top. This model is one of the most popular unicycles for beginners and intermediate riders, and with good reason. Club unicycles are recognized as the ultimate multi-talented ride since they are ideal for the capable commuter, the exercise buff, the beginner, and the novice freestyler. However, the Club 20-inch Freestyle is not meant for advanced freestyle or jumping.

9. Club 20-Inch Two-Wheeler Unicycle

Club 20-Inch Two-Wheeler Best Unicycle

Looking to take your riding to the next level? Look no further than the Club 20-Inch Two-Wheeler Unicycle, designed for inseams between 27.5 inches and 33 inches. Difficult to learn but very impressive once conquered, the rider must pedal the top wheel that then powers the lower wheel. In other words, to go forward, you must pedal backward. This Club unicycle is fantastic for any rider looking to spice up an event, parade, or performing act. If you are searching for a unicycle that challenges your normal riding intuition, then this is the product for you.

10. Fun 20-Inch Wheel Super-Tall Unicycle

Fun 20-Inch Wheel Super-Tall Best Unicycle

The Fun 20-inch super-tall chrome unicycle certainly lives up to its name! For those looking for a sky-high experience, this product is a true attention-getter. Featuring cartridge bearings, a Kenda tire, and an alloy rim, this product puts riders 56 to 63 inches above the ground! Although this model is easy to use and fully adjustable, it may take some time to learn how to get on and off. Expect a few spills in the process!

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