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Top 10 Best Gifts for History Buffs 2018


History lovers are a unique sort of friend or family member, but they can be remarkably difficult to shop for when it comes to celebratory gifts or holiday presents. Any occasion, no matter how mundane, is always accompanied by information. At times, this might be trivia facts, but it can often prove surprising, entertaining, and useful. In order to keep them happy, special occasions should be marked with gifts they’ll truly enjoy and which indicate a deep understanding of their love for all things historical. The list below includes 2018’s top 10 presents for history buffs.

1. Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln

Doris Kearns Goodwin delves into the history behind Lincoln’s rise from political obscurity to the highest seat of power in the land. Through exhaustive research, she paints a portrait of the humble prairie lawyer and single-term congressman as the underdog in a contest with three nationally-known titans of the political scene and tells a story of triumph. This, she sets in a rich context of the social climate of the 1850s and 1860s, an era in which the debate over slavery and states’ rights became increasingly strident and divisive.

2. A Cup of History

This high-gloss ceramic mug holds 11 ounces of a history buff’s favorite hot beverage while delivering a simple truism – “I’d find you more interesting if you were dead.” With a distinguished font, printed in bold black on a white ground as pristine as a page from a favorite tome, it makes a statement beyond words. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or anytime throughout the day, this cup will delight and satisfy the true history lover in anyone’s life.

3. National Geographic’s Visual World History

Any dedicated historian knows that different media are essential to a full understanding of their favorite subjects. This gorgeous hardback tome from the society of explorers offers just such an experience with detailed illustrations and photography, ranging from the construction of Egyptian pyramids to modern global events. Included at the bottom of each page is a timeline, which highlights the most important events, developments, and individuals of the period explored above.

4. Name Chase Card Game

For those nights when another round of Trivial Pursuit just won’t do, entertain friends and family with a different game. This educational and fun guessing game comes with 132 game cards and invites players to solve more than 500 puzzles by using clues to guess the name of a figure from history. While it’s perfect for any resident history lover, it also provides plenty of interest for individuals who aren’t as well-versed in the subject.

5. Make T-Shirt History

Available in a range of history-buff-approved shades, this t-shirt is all about facts. “That’s what I do,” The bold white lettering proclaims, “I read history, and I know things.” Now, whenever a history lover is approached in the wild and asked how they’re so knowledgeable or why they have such a broad understanding of the spectrum of human endeavors, they need only indicate their shirt. The double stitching and easy care instructions ensure that this shirt will be a favorite for many years to come.

6. Untold Histories in Easily Referenced Form

In the care and feeding of any resident history lover, nuggets of unusual knowledge are often reserved as a special treat. This book contains 100 stories behind the history of significant events, utilizing a Bottom-Up approach that doesn’t privilege royalty or the vast impacts of enormous armies. Instead, it takes a look at the oft-unremarked instances of happenstance, a wrong turn or a forgetful moment that changed the fate of nations or the world forever.

7. Deal or Duel with Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton’s financial acumen is legendary, and while it may have saved the fledgling AOC, he made sure it also enriched his life. History buffs everywhere will flock to play this new card game—a test of skill and savvy that pits the American legend against the wits of the founding fathers and mothers. Both entertaining and educational, the game comes with a players’ mat, face card roster scroll, $3,500 in Colonial Cash, and cards to move the game along.

8. Those Who Love the Smell of Presidential Slogans in the Morning

The national political scene surrounding the race for the presidency has long been littered with catchy phrases and pithy saying, some better than others. Enchant any history buff who enjoys exploring this aspect of the American Story with this 12-ounce mug. It’s veritably packed with fascinating and historically valuable snippets of Americana, ranging from the campaigns of Tyler to Clinton—like a broadside from the 19th century.

9. The Aromatic Context of History

History becomes more vivid when paired with sensory experiences such as food or beverage, music or attire. This tea sampler brings the Boston Tea Party to the table in the most civilized manner possible. With six different leaf blends, Solstice Teas invites any history buff back in time. Each sample is one that was dumped into Boston Harbor by the Sons of Liberty on that fateful day. While they were the favorites of tea drinkers in the 18th century, they are equally as genial to the today’s palate.

10. The Perfect 365-Day Boxed Calendar

The History Channel has solved the dilemma of what to buy that history buff in one’s life. This boxed calendar will make the inevitable passage of time as fascinating as the study of the past by blending the two. Each day offers a famous person, a significant event, or an intriguing fact with which to enchant any history lover. Plus, no matter what the year, each edition is updated with fresh content and plenty of fascinating information.