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Top 10 Best Cameras for Kids 2019


Thanks to smartphones that come with a camera built inside, you may think that you have no use for a digital camera. You may not feel confident about letting your kids run around with an expensive phone though. All it takes is one slip for your child’s phone to hit the ground and shatter. Depending on the type of phone you bought, your child might lose all of his or her treasured photos and videos. A better alternative for kids to a smartphone is a digital camera. You can easily find the right model with a look at the list of the top 10 best cameras for kids for 2019.

1. VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera

A great camera for clumsy kids is this model from VTech, which has a rugged case that protects the camera from falls and drops. It also has large handles on each end with rubber grips that help kids hold onto the camera. A 2.4” color screen helps your child line up a shot and see everything in the scene before pressing a button to capture a shot. You can add an optional memory card to give your child more storage space.

2. omzer Kids Camera

With two built-in cameras, this model for kids makes it easy for them to take shots of their family and friends and to take selfie shots that include them in the photos. As an 8.0 megapixel camera, it provides clear images that kids love and allows them to capture everything they see in realistic colors. This is also a great camera for kids because it functions as a camcorder that lets them take short videos.

3. DROGRACE Kids Camera

If you spend a lot of time at the beach or in the water, you should consider this camera for your child. The waterproof case that surrounds the camera ensures that kids can take hundreds of photos without any liquid damaging the camera. It also has built-in frames that let children add fun frames to the shots they take. Other top features include a rechargeable battery, 4X zoom, seven modes for taking videos and an image sensor.

4. Prograce Dual Selfie Camera

Kids love taking selfies because they want to capture photos of them with their best friends. This camera has a dual design that lets kids take as many selfies as they want. It also captures videos and has a recorder that will pick up noises as they shoot those videos. The five built-in functions let kids play games on the camera and view everything they shot. It also features large handles that are suitable for the smallest of hands.

5. Ourlife Kids’ Waterproof Camera

Top 10 Best Cameras for Kids

Thanks to a waterproof case, this camera lets kids take hundreds of photos as they play in the rain or the water. It has six built-in frames that let kids customize their photos with funny scenes and seven shooting modes, including an x-ray mode and one that shoots entirely in red. Kids like that they can take photos with one press of a button and that they can adjust the settings and delete content in seconds too.

6.  iBosi Cheng WiFi Kids’ Camera

Designed to look like a hand-held video game console, this camera has large handles for your child’s small hands and a fun design that incorporates some bold colors. The large buttons on the back make it easy for kids to switch between modes and to take a photo or video. You can install an app that uses WiFi to connect your phone to the camera, which lets you check on the content your child shot before sharing that content to the web.

7.  Campark Kids’ Camera

Kids who love the color pink will get a kick out of this camera, which features a background and decorations in different shades of pink. The handles on the camera extend down from the base to help kids get the grip that they need. Both the camera and the handles feature a silicone shell that protects the camera during drops. This camera also features a 2.0” color screen, playback setting and microphone that captures audio.

8.  ShinePick Kids’ Digital Camera

Any child who loves building with toy bricks will like this camera, which has a brick design on the top. It is small in size and lightweight to let kids take photos and videos without feeling weighed down. Many children like the built-in filters and other features that let them add decorative accents to their images. One thing some kids like is that this camera looks like those that their parents use, including buttons that let them switch between modes and filters.

9. KKlove Kids’ Digital Camera

Another waterproof camera designed for kids is this model, which has a case that is resistant to both water and the shocks that occur when your child drops it. That case is perfect for kids who like playing in the water because it’s waterproof down to 100 feet. Capable of shooting videos at different speeds, this 5.0-megapixel camera can also capture audio. It can record for up to 90 minutes before the rechargeable battery runs out.

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10. Smyidel Waterproof Mini Camera

Though many cameras for kids are quite large, this camera has a mini design that kids can slip into their pockets or backpacks. It is waterproof at a depth of down to three feet below the surface of the water and takes full 12.0-megapixel photos. A large 2.0” screen helps kids see everything that is in front of them before they take a picture. It also has large buttons that let kids check out their footage.