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Top 10 Inspirational Quote T-shirts


Pull motivation from your closet every day with t-shirts that are fit for all lifestyles and personalities. When it comes to positive phrases that help lift you up, there are so many to choose from. However, the following is a list of the top 10 motivational and inspirational quote t-shirts that feature words to help keep you going, regardless of where you are in your life. These shirts also make excellent gifts for nearly anyone as most people can relate to these quotes in one way or another. Let your friends and family know that it’s okay to feel worn down, but as long as you power through, good things will come and these shirts can be a pleasant reminder every time they put them on.

1. Motivational Quote T-Shirt : Success is the Best Revenge

This 100% ringspun cotton t-shirt has a cool, vintage feel and features a creative, inspiring saying in high-grade plasticol ink that is sure to motivate. It is a lightweight, classic fit, complete with a bottom hem and double-needle sleeve. Whether you’re a man or a woman looking for an encouraging t-shirt with some edge, this one fits the bill.

2. Motivational Life Quote T-shirt for Your Daily Inspiration

If you’re searching for a retro, vintage or cool inspirational life quote t-shirt to make you feel better about your life, look no further. These wise words are printed in a unique typography that sets this shirt apart from the rest. Whether you’re in need of a gift for that special someone or you’re looking to add a chic shirt to your collection, this lightweight, classic fit tee comes in a color for every personality and style.

3. Walt Whitman Good Fortune Inspiration Quote T-Shirt

Available in a number of colors and materials for men, women and youth, this t-shirt features an inspirational quote from Walt Whitman as well as an image of the man himself to encourage you and others to remain optimistic. It is a classic fit tee that makes for a fantastic gift for English literature majors, students, Walt Whitman enthusiasts or anyone who simply enjoys reading great literature.

4. Winston Churchill Inspiration Quote T-Shirt

What could be better than walking around with the face of “The British Bulldog” himself on you? This inspirational t-shirt features not only an image of Sir Churchill but also one of his most well-known quotes. It is available in several colors for both men and women and is made of 100% cotton for a lightweight, classic fit.

5. Your Wings Already Exist – Motivational Quote T-Shirt

Looking for a birthday or Christmas gift? In need of something special to give to that graduate in your life? This motivational t-shirt features one of the best quotes for preparing for college or other life experiences. It is available in several colors for women, youth and men and is made of several different materials depending on the color you choose.

6. Be Bold Be Brave Be You Inspiration Quote Shirt

This simple t-shirt says it all. Featuring several fun colors and unique fonts, the inspirational quote applies to people who are searching for themselves or struggling with one or more difficulties life is throwing their way. This makes a great gift for someone who is doubting themselves or their self-worth to let him or her know that all that matters is to be yourself. This slim fit shirt is made of various materials and blends depending on the color you select, but all styles feature the same lettering styles and colors.

7. Don’t Wish For It Motivational Quote T-Shirt Inspiration Tee

This shirt features the saying: “Don’t wish for it. Work for it.” It is available for men, women and youth in a number of muted and heathered colors. It is a lightweight, classic fit that suits nearly any personality type and style. This particular inspirational quote makes for a perfect gift for coaches, personal trainers and anyone else who helps others to succeed on a daily basis.

8. Motivational Life Quote T-Shirt for Future Inspiration

It goes without saying that many people focus more on the future than the present, and in doing so, they often miss out on the wonderful things that are happening to them now. This shirt is a great reminder to work hard and chase your dream. It features distressed typography in several different fonts to add an extra visual element to the design. This shirt is a lightweight, classic fit and is available for men, women and kids in several basic colors.

9. Motivation T-Shirt Inspiration Quote Faith Bigger Than Fear

Available in several colors for men, women and kids of all ages, this lightweight inspirational t-shirt makes a great gift for a religious friend or family member who may be facing a huge obstacle in his or her life. When nothing else works, pray to God and allow Him to guide you over the hurdles in your way. This shirt comes in a classic fit, so for a larger fit, order up one size.

10. Beautiful Hand-Drawn Buddha Quote T-Shirt

This gorgeous t-shirt features a hand-drawn Buddha statue as well as an inspirational quote that reminds us that the past and present are not important; only the present matters. Too often, we get caught up in what happened or what could happen that we forget to enjoy what we’re experiencing in our lives now. Whether you’re searching for a perfect gift or you’re simply in need of an added reminder to worry less about the past and future, this shirt is sure to inspire you.