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Top 10 Best Selling Perfumes 2017


While humans have long used the scents found in nature to augment their natural aromas, the Egyptians were the first civilization credited with creating and using perfumes. In religious and ceremonial contexts, strong odors were preferred, such as myrrh, camphor, amber. However, elites were known to wear cosmetics and perfumes to signify their social standing. Today, both women and men make use of scents, many of which are derived from purely natural sources. They may elect to use a single, signature perfume or use several in various social contexts from casual to formal. Here are our selections for the top selling perfumes.

1. Lovely


Designed by Sarah Jessica Parker, this perfume brings a firm body with a light finish. While it offers crisp notes favored by those who typically use perfumes with a citrus or green body, the light fruit-floral finish is intriguing. Designed for the mature woman, it is both elegant and playful in nature, sophisticated without being overwhelming. While it may present a single facet on a scent strip, it harmonizes with individual chemistry, with a truly signature expression for every woman.

2. Happy


In 1997, Clinique introduced this scent for daytime adventure or business wear. With a concentration of no more than 8 percent, it’s a lighter product more closely related to a body spray or spritzer. However, the citrusy, floral aromas are designed to be long lasting. Essentially, it will go wherever you do, a subtle whisper of scent that enrobes you, but won’t overpower those nearby. It’s a perfect scent to spritz on wrists and throat before dashing to work or out for the afternoon.

3. Ed Hardy for Women


Designed within the renowned House of Elizabeth Arden, this vivacious scent is a perfume for women who crave all things at the leading edge of the fashion wave. The initial impression is a juicy, organic explosion of fruity scents. Strawberry, mango, and deep pink grapefruit take center stage, but yield gracefully to the heart note of black freesia, as delicate, strong, and mysterious as any woman. The base note, which lingers when the other elements have faded, is crafted from scents of amber and roses.

4. Still Jennifer Lopez


Crafted by the accomplished dancer and actress, Jennifer Lopez, this eau de parfum was unveiled in 2003. It is ideal for an evening out on the town, evoking the ephemeral delicacy of a bouquet of white blossoms. It is extraordinarily light in character, offering only the subtlest of fragrances. However, while it’s certainly gracious enough for box seats at the opera, it wears well in the hot confines of the club’s dance floor.


5. Black Opium


Leaving behind the heavily spiced body of its sister fragrance, Opium, this eau de parfum from Yves Saint Laurent will captivate all who catch its scent. The opening notes savor strongly of coffee and vanilla, but give way to sweet, floral body notes with piquant hints of patchouli. It makes use of the human propensity to associate scent with attraction. The warm comfort of coffee and vanilla notes lure the attention of a surrounding crowd, yielding to sweet, light scents more associated with bucolic surroundings.


6. Glow


In 2002, Jennifer Lopez unveiled one of the most popular and youthful scents of that decade. A sparkling eau de toilette ideal for younger women, this scent is perfect for daytime wear. Scent notes of amber and vanilla flirt with fruit and flowers in an intoxicating dance that will enhance the youthful glow of the wearer. Ideally feminine, the soft scent isn’t overtly sweet. Rather, it calls to mind aspects of all that is fresh, natural, and clean.

7. D&G Light Blue


This captivating fragrance was the 2001 offering of the well known House of Dolce and Gabbana. It’s a heady blend of musk and rose, apples and jasmine, but is suitably light for daytime use. White rose and jasmine blooms succeed the top notes of juicy apples. However, this summery perfume is saved from being overly sweet by the dry, throaty base notes of musk.

8. Be Delicious


Donna Karan’s renowned house of fashion introduced this scent ideal for daytime wear. There’s nothing shy about this delectable concoction. Notes of juicy apple and citrus are mingled with a delectable floral bouquet that won’t desert wearers halfway through their day. However, while it’s an assertive fragrance that wears well regardless of the day’s activity, it isn’t overbearing. No heavy musk notes mar the clear brilliance of this scent.

9. Heat


True to form, Beyoncé offers a long lasting scent that is evocative and feminine. The perfume wears well, with a scent that won’t desert the wearer halfway through the evening. However, its warmth is recommended for evening pursuits. It combines the mouthwatering scent of vanilla macaroons with the delicious warmth of berries, sweet honeysuckle trumpets, and juicy peaches. Magnolia blooms are evoked, with their ethereal lemony fragrance notes, but the scent finishes well with rich notes of amber, musk, and neroli.

10. Flower Bomb


Viktor and Rolf offer a women’s perfume of astounding floral sweetness. Just as the name suggests, this scent is a fireworks display of beautiful floral notes. Millefleurs and sweet freesia beguile the senses, but are soon joined by rose, jasmine, and osmanthus. In place of the traditional musk base note, this perfume is supported by the dry, aromatic influence of patchouli, which finishes with a rich and lingering olfactory tone. This is an ideal fragrance for daytime or evening wear, depending upon preference.

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