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Top 10 Best Cheap Snowmobile Jackets for Women


When it comes to riding snowmobiles, it’s important to have warm, protective clothing that can stand up to the elements. Women should wear snowmobile gear with brightly colored or black markings for increased visibility. Snowmobile jackets should provide waterproof pockets, collars and sleeve cuffs to keep out moisture and keep in body warmth. The top 10 best snowmobile jackets for women are some of the most popular and well-constructed products available. Riding through the snow can be cozy and comfortable with one of these excellent jackets from top snow gear makers.

1. Polaris Women’s 3-in-1 Throttle Insulated Snowmobile Jacket with Liner – Purple

The Polaris 3-in-1 Throttle Insulated Snowmobile Jacket is designed to trap in body heat while keeping out snow, ice and wind. It comes with three layers to make it easy to adjust body temperature when the weather warms up. The reflective exterior shell raises the visibility of the wearer for maximum safety during snowstorms. This Polaris snowmobile jacket is weatherproof and contains several inner pockets designed to keep sensitive belongings safe from moisture.

2. Mossi, 90-310-16, Women’s Impulse Snowmobile Jacket – Fuchsia

Staying warm and dry on a snowmobile is easy with this nice-looking snowmobile jacket from Mossi. It has weatherproof lining over the zipper and cuffs to keep out flurries of snow and spray from the snowmobile. The fitted collar of the jacket is shaped to ensure maximum protection from the elements while riding on a snowmobile. It has an appealing design with an embroidered insignia and fuchsia accents on the body, sleeves and collar. Mossi designed this jacket to fit comfortably on a wide range of body types.

3. Joe Rocket Rocket Crew Women’s Black/White Snowmobile Jacket

For a great waterproof and wind-resistant snowmobile jacket, this stylish choice from Joe Rocket is a fantastic idea. It has a form-fitted shell and multi-layered collar and sleeve coverings to keep out the elements and keep in the warmth. The black and white accents make it highly visible in wintry conditions, and the extra pockets provide a safe location for sensitive items, such as documents, money and cell phones.

4. Mossi, 90-310S-14, Women’s Impulse Snowmobile Jacket – Blue Static

Mossi created another eye-catching snowmobile jack with this colorful women’s Impulse jacket. It provides high visibility and stylish design with all of the functionality needed on a snowmobile ride. With a fitted, enclosed collar and cuffs, it perfectly keeps out the wet slush and freezing snow while retaining the body’s natural warmth. The outer shell of this Mossi Impulse jacket is weatherproof and wind-resistant, so snowmobile riders can relax and enjoy their ride through the snow.

5. Castle X Bolt G4 Women’s Snowmobile Jacket – Hot Pink

This insulated snowmobile jacket from Castle X provides the layering and protection women need for tough rides through the snow. It has a colorful nylon shell that keeps inner clothing warm and dry while increasing visibility in inclement conditions. The outer shell is both waterproof and breathable as it is coated with Durable Water Repellent material. The Castle X jacket is designed to provide maximum flexibility and comfort.

6. Arctic Cat Women’s Snowmobile Jacket Camo Purple

The Arctic Cat snowmobile jacket is one of the most comfortable and insulated products on the market. It comes in a purple camouflage style that looks nice and increases visibility amid snow flurries and spray from a snowmobile. The Arctic Cat jacket is layered and insulated with premium materials designed to maximize warmth and eliminate moisture from snow and sleet. The collar and cuffs are fitted to provide comfort and protection on long snowmobile rides.

7. Castle X Racewear Launch Kryptek G3 Women’s Snowmobile Jacket Kryptek Yeti

When it comes to snowmobile racing, an ordinary jacket may not provide enough protection. That’s why Castle X created this Kryptek Yeti jacket with extra insulation and aerodynamic fitting for high-performance snowmobile riding. This racing jacket is designed for efficiency and comfort. It has bright teal accents for increased visibility and style. The cuffs and collar are enclosed to provide optimal warmth and protection from the elements.

8. HJC Ladies Storm Snowboard, Snowmobile & Ski Jacket Pink/Black

The HJC Storm jacket for ladies is the perfect protection from the elements for snowboarding, snowmobile riding and skiing. It comes in a striking pink and black design with an embroidered insignia and piping on the sleeves and body. The interior and exterior pockets of the HJC Storm jacket are protected by waterproof zippers to ensure safety for sensitive documents and electronics.

9. Klim Waverly Women’s Ski Snowmobile Jacket – Black

Insulated with 100-gram 3M Thinsulate, this attractive Waverly snowmobile jacket from Klim is warm and comfortable in any conditions. It has a nice-looking padded pattern on the front and a form-fitted shape designed especially for female snowmobile riders. The subtle print style is very pleasing to the eye. The Waverly snowmobile jacket is a great addition to the winter wardrobe of any woman who lives in a snowy climate.

10. Castle X Launch SE-G4 Women’s Snowmobile Jacket – Black/White

The Launch SE-G4 jacket from Castle X is designed for maximum warmth and range of motion. The body of the shell is insulated with 150 grams of 3M Thinsulate while the sleeves have 100 grams of insulation. Inside the jacket, a 60-gram 3M Thinsulate removable liner adds an extra layer of warmth for cold days in the snow. The outer shell is made from waterproof and wind-resistant Ven-Tex fabric. It’s breathable and laminated for excellent winter performance.

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Snowmobile rides can be icy and freezing, but the right jacket can provide excellent protection and warmth. The top 10 best snowmobile jackets are perfect for women who ride snowmobiles occasionally or on a daily basis.