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Top 10 Best Beats Headphones 2017


Dr. Dre ranks as one of the all time greatest rappers, but he appealed to an entire new generation of fans after releasing a line of headphones known as Beats by Dr. Dre. Sometimes referred to solely as Beats, these headphones are the world’s leading choice among music lovers and music players. Though initially quite expensive, the price dropped in recent years, leading to more people buying the hottest designs. Whether you want something you can use when listening to music at home, while playing video games or playing music, you’ll want to look at the top 10 best Beats headphones.

1. iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk From Monster


Taking a page from Apple’s playbook, the iBeats headphones are smaller headphones that work with most Apple devices. The bold black headphones feature the Beats logo in a bright red color that matches back to the wired connection you plug into your device. Sound isolating buds on each earpiece help filter out some of the outside noises you hear to let you focus solely on your music, making these a good option for wearing while out and about.

2. Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Solo Headphones with ControlTalk from Monster

Beats Headphones

Designed to mimic the professional headphones used in studios, these headphones from Beat are great for watching television, playing video games or listening to music in the comfort of your own home. The tri-fold design lets you fold the headphones down into a compact shape for traveling or carrying with you in the included case, and a ControlTalk lets you make phone calls and perform other actions on your iPhone right from the buttons on the headphones.

3. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo White On-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk

Beats Headphones

The white design of these headphones has a sleek and modern look that many people love, and that design works well with the bright red color of the Beats logo. Cushioning on the earpieces keep your ears feeling completely comfortable, even after hours of use, and these headphones are both more lightweight and smaller than other designs to fit more comfortably over smaller ears and smaller heads.

4. Beats by Dr. Dre Lady Gaga Heartbeats In-Ear Headphones

Beats Headphones

One look at the funky and unique design of these headphones will make you picture Lady Gaga herself wearing a pair. The small ear buds fit comfortably in your ears and feature an unusual diamond pattern in black on each end. Wired cables fit easily in most music players and electronic devices, and the set comes with its own pouch that help you keep an eye on your headphones and reduce the risk of losing your pair.

5. Diddybeats by Dr. Dre Pink In-Ear Headphone from Monster

Beats Headphones

Beats worked with a number of professional musicians over the years on different designs, and P. Diddy himself endorsed this pair of headphones, which feature his name. The headphones come in a soft shade of pink that works nicely with the silver accent pieces. Featuring push button controls on the ends, you can plug this pair right into any device and have control over sound, skipping songs and other features right at your fingertips.

6. Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Red Sox Over Ear Headphone from Monster

Beats Headphones

Get the powerful sound that you need when listening to tunes with these professional looking headphones from Beats. The over the ear design keeps the headphones from slipping off your head and sliding down your face, and the soft cushioning protects your ears. New technology used in the design helps isolate and block external noises too. You can use these headphones while riding on a crowded city bus or with other people in the room without those noises getting in the way of your music.

7. Diddybeats by Dr. Dre Blk In-Ear Headphones from Monster

Beats Headphones

Designed for use with iPhones and other Apple devices, these Beats headphones let you answer calls and use your device without taking off your headphones. The manufacturer used a combination of polished aluminum and other components made to look like leather to create a rich and bold look. Push button controls let you adjust the volume, while the cables feature a tangle-free design.

8. Beats Solo2 Wired On-Ear Headphones – Black

Beats Headphones

Feel comfortable while listening to music at home with these headphones from Beats, which feature a wired design that you can plug right into your stereo, music player, phone or even gaming console. Use that wired cable to switch between songs, turn up the volume and completely control your music. Available in several colors, these headphones have a flexible design that lets you adjust and move the headphones around your ears and heads for a better fit.

9. Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone – Black

Beats Headphones

Take your music on the go without missing a beat with the Powerbeats 2 headphones. The unique design lets you hook up your headphones to into Bluetooth enabled device and hear the music from up to 30 feet away. Great for workouts, the headphones will last for up to six hours on a single charge, and you can charge the battery in just 15 minutes for lasting power.

10. Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphones

Beats headphones

On-ear headphones like this won’t slip or slide, letting you listen to music and play games for hours without lifting a single finger. A compact carrying case comes with each set of headphones, which come in several colors, and you can quickly fold the headphones to fit inside that case. Cushioning around the earpieces and a lightweight design only adds to that comfort. These headphones offer powerful sound in a small package.

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