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Top 10 Best Selling Drones 2017


In the not-too-distant past, drones were merely the stuff of imagination and aspiration, child’s play, and science fiction movies. In the last few years however, they have gone from a celebrated, new invention to a highly evolved industry of advancement in flight. Today’s drones are not just the toys of backyard enthusiasts. They have become quite valuable tools in countless commercial applications as well. Whether used for home or business, leisure or serious work, here are the top 10 best-selling drones.

1. Syma X5C Quadcopter


The Syma X5C model drone quickly became a hit with consumers shortly after release. Its formidable array of specs include an HD camera with 24GB removable memory card, 7-minute flight times with shortened charge times, an industry-leading wind-resistant design, the ability to perform 360-degree flips, and more. It also features a 6-axis gyro system, superior in providing the ultimate stability in flight. The X5C measures approximately 30cm x 30cm x 8cm.

2. Cheerson CX-10 Mini Quadcopter


The CX-10 Mini is an exciting offering in the drone industry due to its size and reliability. Smaller than its own hand-held control, the CX-10 Mini is a pocket-sized drone. Its simple controls and design make it a very reliable option. The hand-throw is also a popular feature in which the drone is able to self-stabilize after being thrown into the air by hand. Also a pinnacle of convenience, this drone is stored and charged by being attached to its own controller.

3. Syma X5SW-FPV Explorers Quadcopter


There’s little wonder as to why the Syma X5SW-FPV is one of today’s hottest drones available. Its overall, high-end design is capable of one-click, 360-degree rolls, live camera feeds during flight, phone-based control, and automatic head-tail stabilization. The drone’s head-tail stabilization system is a huge draw, specifically for beginners, removing common maneuvering difficulties experienced by beginner drone pilots.

4. Hubsan X4


Hubsan’s X4 model drone has garnered a sizable following in its relatively brief time on the market. This is because of its intuitive design and features such as an ultra-durable, lightweight body, easy-to-use, 4-way, flip controls, highly stable flight, and built-in video recording capabilities. The X4 can also be flown indoors and even in the dark. It comes in two stylish color schemes: red and black or green and black.

5. USA Toyz UDI 818A


USA Toyz’ UDI 818A provides best-selling features to today’s drone consumer market. Stability is in no shortage with its superior, six-axis gyro system. Its high quality, HD camera system records the most vivid of details in every flight through pictures and video alike. Its headless mode takes the hurdles out of learning for the novice drone pilot. As if all of its impressive specs aren’t enough, the drone’s maker, USA Toyz throws in an extra battery with every drone. With this, users are able to fly back-to-back flights without the hassle and expense of the outside purchase of another battery.

6. Akaso X5C Quadcopter


The X5C is yet another deserving entrant in our list of today’s best-selling drones. High quality materials comprise this model’s blades, blade guards, and body, so crashes don’t translate to automatic doom. The X5C also boasts a great, wind-resistant design and interference-free controls. The drone’s onboard HD camera also records unbeatable video and stillshots while users get to experience a more stable experience behind the controls. One more perk sees users the ability of performing more cool stunts and tricks than possible in most other drones.

7. Qcopter


Measuring 15” x 15” x 4”, this eight-ounce, relatively lightweight personal drone doesn’t require a terribly high amount of energy in order to fly. With all the extra energy to burn, the designers of the Qcopter incorporated an LED light system into the body of the drone. This gives users an exciting, vibrant, and unique quality to their drone. While in flight, the drone is capable of HD-quality pictures. As a final bonus to owning the Qcopter, the maker also decided to give buyers an additional free battery for double the flight time and double the fun.

8. Holy Stone F181 Quadcopter


With its formidable, militaristic look, the F181 sets the tone at first glance. A further look at its features helps one to see its deeper reasons for popularity. An intuitive physical control interface makes stable and fluid movements easy for anyone. Each of the two included batteries are quickly charged in only 80 minutes and provide seven to nine minutes of flight each. Additionally, this particular drone comes complete with its own security system, ensuring buyers never to lose a good drone again.

9. Wonder Chopper Stunt Drone


Wonder Chopper’s stunt drone is a pinnacle in the specific area of stunt drones. To start with, its rugged design, from materials to physical features is meant to specifically withstand the burdens of stunt flight – lots of crashes. Beneath the drone’s rugged body lies a true stunt copter; a power plant designed for easy rolls, seamless flips and fades, dives, drops, and all sorts of other agility-based sky-play. Outside of these great attributes, the Stunt Drone comes with an incredibly beneficial, secondary battery, to keep you in the air twice as long.

10. Holy Stone HS110W


The second Holy Stone model to achieve our list, the HS110W is a much more optics and video recording-concerned drone. Interfacing with any Android cellular device, the HS110W streams incredibly clear, livestream, 720P video and images. Such a high quality livestream is only provided by the finite best in the drone world. Other great features include simple hand controls, the altitude hold option, a sensor mode tied to controlling device’s location and movements, and the return home function.

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