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10 Gift Ideas to Bring Security and Peace of Mind 2017


There is nothing worse than coming home to find that someone robbed you. This can happen while you’re away for the day at work, as you run a few errands or when you leave for vacation. Many companies now make products that help you monitor your home and keep your family safe while you’re away and even as you sleep at night. These products are suitable for your own home but make great gift ideas too. Treat a loved one or close friend to one of the 10 gift ideas that will bring security and peace of mind to them and their homes in 2017.

1. Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual-Function Security Bar


Robbers and thieves often break into homes via sliding doors because they can easily get those doors to move, but this Master Lock Dual-Function Security Bar offers more protection for those doors. This bar adjusts to a length of up to 42-inches and can fit most standard sliding and patio doors as well as hinged doors. It has a pivoting base that touches the floor and locks in place when someone tries to slide the door.

2. Blink Home Security Camera System


With this Blink Home Security Camera System, you can protect your family and your home. This system connects to your smartphone to keep you updated about potential problems. Each time it detects motion in the surrounding area, it takes a photo and immediately sends that photo to your phone. The camera runs on just two AA batteries and can keep you safe during power outages. With its live stream option, you can view your home in real time.

3. Chamberlain CWPIR Weatherproof Outdoor/Driveway Wireless Motion Alarm and Alert System Add-On Sensor


Designed for use with a Chamberlain base system, this sensor is great for using outside. It installs easily near any driveway, patio or lawn and comes with a weatherproof cover that protects the sensor from snow, rain and other weather conditions. The sensor offers 120-degree coverage and detects motions and actions from up to 30 feet away. It can send notifications to a Chamberlain sensor placed up to .5 miles away too.

4. Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor


Those concerned with what happens while they’re at home and away will appreciate the SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor from Samsung. This sensor installs onto any type of door and can even work on a garage door. It monitors for different things, including vibrations and its own location, to identify when someone opens a door. The sensor will then send out an alert that lets you know when someone tries to break in or when you left your own door open.

5. Chamberlain NTD2 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Intercom


Use this Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Intercom with any Chamberlain intercom system to keep track of people arriving at the front door. This intercom has a simple design that includes a push button that lets you talk through the system and reach someone outside. Using this system lets you identify that person before you unlock or open the door. The system uses standard batteries and has a weatherproof design that will work in all climates.

6. Motorola MBP26 Wireless 2.4 GHz Video Baby Monitor


New parents will love this Motorola Wireless 2.4 GHz Video Baby Monitor that lets them monitor their child via a video screen. The 2.4-inch color video screen even has a night vision setting that helps watch the baby at night without turning on the lights. An included parent unit features indicators that monitor for both actions and sounds, and this unit lets parents adjust the angle of the camera unit back in the baby’s room too.

7. Vimtag VT-361 Super HD WiFi Video Monitoring Surveillance Security Camera


With this Video Monitoring Surveillance Security Camera, users can now monitor their homes while on vacation and while at work during the day. It comes with a live stream option that they can access via a computer, tablet or smartphone to see in real time what happens when they aren’t there. A motion detection feature takes photos at the first sign of motion and sends a copy of that image to the user.

8. GE Personal Security Door Stop Alarm


With this GE Personal Security Door Stop Alarm, users will know instantly when someone tries to open the door. Suitable for use on both front and back doors as well as patio doors, it looks like a standard door stop but has a built-in alarm feature. As soon as it detects pressure, which indicates someone is opening the door, it emits a loud 120 dB alarm that no one can miss, given them time to call for help.

9. HA-434RTL Wireless Home Garage Driveway Business Office Motion Alert and Alarm Security Indoor Outdoor Infrared Detector System Kit


Let loved ones keep their homes safe and monitor the great outdoors with this infrared detector system kit. It works with a monitor that goes inside the home and can connect to that monitor from up to 800 feet away. The main alarm sensor, which installs outside, can monitor for the presence of people and motions from 40 feet away. Uses can choose between a standard beeping alert or a higher frequency alarm.

10. Go Control Essential Z-Wave Home Security Suite


With this Essential Z-Wave Home Security Suite from Go Control, users can now monitor all areas of their homes and keep their families safe. This system monitors for activities and sends alerts back to the base or primary monitor to keep users informed of everything that happens. It comes with both a motion detection alert and two sensors that install on most windows. Those sensors alert users of vibrations, temperature changes and air pressure changes that occur when the window moves or opens.