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Top 10 Products That Work With Amazon Echo 2017


You can create the perfect automated home with help from the Amazon Echo. Each of the products on this list integrate with Amazon’s voice detection and control systems to let you instantly adjust the temperature, unlock your door or turn on the lights. Control every aspect of your home whether you’re there or not with remote smart phone applications. You’ll even cut down on your bills with thermometers and lamps that can detect when you’re not home and turn themselves off. These 10 great products that work with Amazon’s Echo will help you create a comfortable, efficient and automated smart home.

1. Haiku Home L Series Smart Ceiling Fan


This Wi-Fi compatible fan is easily controllable with Alexa. You can activate with a simple voice command or manage your settings from the Haiku Home app on your phone. With LED lighting, it’s going to last 30 times longer than a traditional overhead light. Plus, each fan is tested in Haiku’s factory to ensure quiet, durable performance for years to come.

2. Philips Hue White A19 Starter Kit


Upgrade your household lights with this wireless start kit from Philips. You can program a set schedule for when the lights are on and off, access your system from your smart phone and dim the lights to the best setting. These LED lights are rated to 800 lumens for powerful brightness and long-lasting performance. You can also use Alexa to turn on the lights or dim them.

3. Insteon 2244-234 Starter Kit


Customize your bedside nightstand with these Alexa-controllable smart lamps. Program each lamp to turn on at a specific time and specific setting to make your daily routine hands-free. You can combine Insteon’s included hub with other products like outdoor lights, motion sensors and water leak detectors.

4. Ecobee3 Thermostat with Sensor


Stop fiddling with your thermostat. Instead, use this Ecobee smart product to automate your home’s temperature level. It analyzes weather, home occupancy and your preferences to create the perfect environment in every room in your house. If a room is empty, the Ecobee3 stops sending heating or cooling to that location, cutting your energy bills. You can also manually adjust the temperature with an app or Alexa voice control.

5. Nest Learning Thermostat


This best-selling programmable thermostat has so many options for making your life easier. As the third iteration of the Nest Learning Thermostat, this version has been upgraded with beautiful design features, including a sleek, large-print display. When you enter a room, it will light up to show you the temperature. The Nest has been shown to reduce your utility bills by at least 10%, so you’re saving money in the long run by adding one to your home.

6. Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Get the party started with this portable, voice-controlled speaker. Alexa can start your favorite songs, turn on Pandora, Amazon Music or Spotify and tell you the latest news or weather updates. You get great Dolby sound with 360-degree playback, and this speaker can play up to 9 hours of continuous music.

7. WeMo Insight Switch Smart Plug


You can control any wired device with this smart plug from WeMo. Use any Android or iOS phone to turn appliances on or off, monitor energy usage, schedule on and off times or detect when certain devices are being used. This lets you monitor electricity use from anywhere and create the perfect automatic home for your arrival every evening.

8. August Smart Lock


Stop worrying about losing your keys with the August Smart Lock. This device installs on your front door and can be opened or locked from your phone. You can create unique codes for every guest or household member so you can monitor who’s in or out of your home. If you have contractors scheduled, you can open up the door when they arrive instead of leaving it unlocked or hiding a physical key.

9. Blink Home Security Camera System


These automated cameras turn on whenever they detect motion in your home or yard. They’ll send you an alert and start recording video into the cloud so you know what’s happening. You can also turn them on and start monitoring with your iOS or Android phone. There are no contracts or services fee; you simply need a reliable wireless connection to use these.

10. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller


Take care of your lawn the right way with this smart sprinkler system controller. It can be installed in less than 30 minutes and continually monitors the weather in your area to determine if it’s necessary to water your lawn. It’s got EPA WaterSense certification and may be eligible for a full rebate in certain areas. You will see a drastic decrease in your water bills without a drop in lawn beauty once you’ve installed this Rachio controller.