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Top 10 Best Sleep Noise Machines 2018


Many people find that they cannot fall asleep at night without some type of noise. Though some people use a fan that they run at a low setting, you can use a sleep machine to fall asleep quickly every night. These machines produce the sound that you need but won’t change the temperature in the room. Sometimes called white noise machines, each one produces sounds that will help you stay asleep throughout the night without disrupting your partner or spouse. The top 10 best sleep machines for 2018 now come with other features that can help you drift off in less time.

1. Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine

Designed for those who love using a fan but hate the cold air produced by those devices, this noise machine lets you hear the sound of wind rushing by your hand without leaving you feeling chilly. It has multiple customization features that help you create the sound, speed and power that you want. You control both the volume of the sound produced as well as the tone. This sleep machine comes in a light brown case that will fit with the style of any room.

2. Picteck White Noise Machine

One of the only sleep machines that you can use with earbuds or headphones is this one from Picteck. You can let it run all night as you sleep or set up the timer and have the machine shut itself off after 30 to 60 minutes. It runs on either batteries or AC power and comes with more than 20 sounds. You can fall asleep the sounds of nature or a busy street in a big city.

3. SonTech White Noise Sound Machine

SonTech gives you 10 different sounds to choose from with this white noise sound machine, which is easy enough for anyone to use at night. Each of those noises corresponds to a different button located on the front of the machine. You just press the one that you want to use before getting in bed. It comes with an auto timer feature that shuts the machine off after 15 to 60 minutes, but you can also let the machine run all night long.

4. LectroFan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine

This small sleep machine proves that good things do come in small packages. It’s small enough that it fits in the palm of your hand, which makes it a great choice for travelers. You can use an ocean sound, select one of four white noise options that also produce vibrations or choose one of the five fan settings. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 16 hours and can turn the machine into a microphone and give you six hours of continuous use.

5. Marpac Rohm White Noise Sound Machine

Not only does the Rohm produce the soothing sounds that will help you fall asleep, but it also cancels out any background noises in the room and the sounds around your home. The Rohm features three sound settings that include an ocean sound, a white noise option and a brighter white noise setting. This is a portable sleep machine that you can take with you, and it has a hanger on top for setting up in any room.

6. Dreamegg Portable Sound Machine

With a USB port, this sound machine works with your cell phone and any other device that you want to use. As a portable model, you can take it with you on vacation and use it for naps at home. You can set the volume to the exact level that works for your sleep and use the timer setting to save on its battery life.

7. AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine

Enjoy the soothing sounds that help you sleep all night long with this sleep machine, which has a timer that lets those noises run for up to seven full hours. It comes with 30 volume levels that are suitable for lighter and heavier sleepers and 20 different sounds. Those sounds range from lighter ambient noises to fan settings that you can use at a higher or lower volume.

8. Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine

No matter what sounds you like listening to as you drift off, this sound machine can help. It features settings that recreate the sounds of a rain storm right outside your window, waves crashing against the shore and even a trickling stream. You can also select a white noise or a fan setting. Large buttons and knobs help you easily reach and adjust each setting. It also features a USB charger that lets you charge your phone while you sleep.

9. SZTROKIA White Noise Machine

Choose from 10 different sound settings with this machine to find the perfect noise for you. It will recreate the sound of a fan without making your room feel too cool, but it also comes with nature settings and sounds that will make you feel like you’re right on the water. This noise machine comes with a timer that will shut itself off after 60 minutes or less to save on your battery.

10. HoMedics SoundSpa Mini Portable Sound Machine

With this sound machine, you can fall asleep easily and comfortably at home and while on vacation. Its portable design allows you to take the sounds that help you sleep with you anywhere you go. You can choose a classic white noise sound or choose a nature sound like rainfall or ocean waves. It comes with four built-in sounds you can use. Thanks to the auto timer, you can set the machine to shut itself off after 15 to 45 minutes too.