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10 Great Ideas For The Beginner Coin Collector 2017


Coin collecting is a fun hobby that people of all ages enjoy. Unlike other hobbies that require a lot of fancy equipment that you pay for upfront, coin collecting only requires a few coins. New collectors can go through the coins they get every day and pick up coins from local banks and credit unions before they start buying from or trading with other collectors. Good gifts for beginning collectors include books and organizational tools for their collections. Whether shopping for a birthday, holiday or special occasion, look over a list of the top 10 ideas for coin collectors.

1. State Quarter Map – Us State Quarter Collection


Kids and adults joined the world of coin collecting after the release of state quarters, and this State Quarter Map is great for those who want to build a full collection of those quarters. This map includes spots for storing all 50 state quarters as well as the quarters designed for Washington DC and American territories. It also colors each state and territory and includes a color chart that shows which color corresponds to which year of release.

2. Coin Flip Assortment – Cardboard 2×2 Holders


Any coin collector needs holders for storing and organizing the coins in their collections, and this set comes with 25 cardboard holders in six different designs for use with the most popular coin denominations. The thin sheets of cardboard keep those coins from rubbing against each other to prevent damage. Each one also has a crystal clear window for easy viewing of the coin tucked inside. These holders are easy to use because you just insert a coin, fold over the flap and tape or staple shut.

3. Penny Passport


The Penny Passport is great for any collector who likes picking up those elongated or stretched pennies available at amusement parks and other tourist attractions. It has a tri-fold design that folds down flat for easily slipping inside a purse or a suitcase before heading on vacation. The inside features more than 40 dedicated slots for holding elongated pennies as well as up to eight of the larger quarters that some attractions let you make.

4. BCW Vinyl 20 Pocket Pages With Thumb Cut 10 Ct. Pack


BCW makes these vinyl pocket pages for the coin collectors who use albums to store their coins. Each pack comes with 10 vinyl sheets that can hold up to 20 coins on each page. The larger design of each slot is suitable for larger coins like quarters and dollar coins. Strong welds on the edges keep the pockets from splitting or breaking for frequent use too. Thumb slots on each page make sliding cons in and out easy also.

5. BCW 2×2 Coin Snap Holder Large Dollar (38.1mm) Bundle of 25


These coin snaps from BCW have wider slots inside that can accommodate the larger dollar coins that many collectors buy. Each box comes with 25 plastic holders that easily pull apart and snap together to keep those coins safe. Made from a type of archival plastic that will not damage the coins, these snap holders help new collectors protect their investments.

6. E*Z*EST Coin Cleaner 5oz. Jar


Those who hunt for coins in the wild will like this coin cleaner because it lets them remove tarnish and debris from each coin they find. This helps them more easily identify any damage to the coin and check for the year and other markings. A simple dab of this cleaner can remove everything from tarnish to fingerprints. It’s suitable for use on all American and foreign coins, including those that feature silver or copper.

7. Archival Quality Safe Coin Flips – 100 Pack with Inserts


Keep coins safe in any collection with this pack of archival coin flips. The archival plastic is strong enough to store those coins for years and ensures that the coins look just as great when removed later. Rounded corners let you easily flip through the flips, and the flips come separated and ready for use. Each bag comes with 100 flips as well as inserts for storing different coin types.

8. Coin and Currency Collecting Starter Bundle with Blue Album


Help any new coin collector get started in the hobby with this collecting starter bundle. It comes with a standard album that collectors can fill with vinyl pages for storing their favorite coins, but the album can also accommodate the pages used for displaying paper currency. The set also comes with 15 plastic pages that can hold up to 20 coins each for a total of 300 coins and 150 coin flip holders that fit all types of coins.

9. Coin Collecting for Kids


Coin Collecting for Kids is a fun gift idea for kids that introduces them to the world of coin collecting. It features thicker pages and ample spots inside for kids to store and organize some of the coins they find. There is even a few pages inside that go over the state quarter craze and encourages kids to find each of the quarters released between 1999 and 2008. The book includes tips on collecting too.

10. A Guide Book of United States Coins 2017: The Official Red Book, Spiralbound Edition


Though first released more than 70 years ago, this book is available in an updated format and remains a popular addition to any collector’s library. It comes packed with tips on how to find and collect coins as well as information on the rarity of certain coins and what makes some coins more valuable. This book even goes all the way back to the early days of coins minted in American and includes information on more recent coins.