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Top 10 Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers 2018


For many people, yoga is more of a way of life than just another form of exercise. Yoga brings together the mind, body and spirit. Proponents of yoga find that it helps improve their posture, teaches them how to deal with stress and even helps them with their balance and mood. When a yoga enthusiast you know has a birthday coming up or you need to get that individual a gift for any reason, you’ll find a number of great options. The top 10 best gifts for yoga lovers for 2018 include clothing they can wear when practicing yoga and other fun things.

1. JOVIVI 7 Chakras Gemstone Bracelet

Yoga lovers believe that humans have different chakras across their bodies and that each chakra corresponds to a different mood and sense of being. This bracelet set allows the yoga enthusiast in your life to focus on each of those chakras at the same time. Each bracelet features seven beads in different colors that go along with one chakra. The bracelets use metal alloy and an elastic string that expands to fit the wrist of any wearer.

2. Yoga Ohm Stud Earrings

Men and women with pierced ears will get a kick out of these earrings, which feature the ohm symbol that yoga lovers chant while practicing in the center. Made from sterling silver, the earrings do not use any nickel or lead and are safe for those with sensitive skin and those with allergies. The stud backing is long enough to fit through the ear without the backs rubbing against the wearer’s ears, and each one comes with a soft backing that fits on the end of the stud.

3. Thunder Unisex Skin Shoes

Yoga lovers will like that they can wear these non slip skin shoes while in the studio and around town. Designed to fit just as comfortably as a pair of socks would, the bottom features a non slip grip that adds some traction. This keeps wearers from slipping and sliding when walking across any type of floor or ground covering. Each pair rolls up tightly for storing in a gym bag or purse, and you can choose different colors for different gifts.

4. Non-Slip Yoga Socks

Treat the yoga enthusiast in your life to this set of non slip socks. Each package comes with five pairs that have textured bottoms that provide extra grip when walking through the studio. As toe socks, the pairs have individual compartments on the end for each toe that make wearers feel like they’re barefoot. The socks are great for those who like practicing yoga on vacation and those who practice in shared areas like on the beach.

5. Yoga Ohm Ring

Similar to the sterling silver ohm earrings, this ring uses sterling silver and features the ohm symbol right in the center. You can give this ring as a gift to anyone who loves practicing yoga but doesn’t have pierced ears. It has a unisex design that makes it suitable for both men and women. The ring comes in a soft black velvet bag that keeps the ring safe from dust and fits inside an included gift box.

6. BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat

Many yoga enthusiasts use a mat for added support and comfort when working out. This mat is great for those who practice at home and in gyms or studios. Made from a type of high density foam, it adds extra comfort to a workout and bounces back to its original shape. It comes with a non slip surface on each side and a strap for rolling the mat up and carrying it. This mat comes in different colors too.

7. High Waist Yoga Pants

Most yoga pants lack any pockets, but this pair comes with a pocket on the side that is large enough for holding a cell phone or some extra cash. Along the top is a tummy control panel that pulls the stomach back to make the wearer look thinner. The pants have reinforced stitching along the gusset to keep the crotch from wearing out, and this pair uses a material that moves and stretches in four different directions.

8. REEHUT Yoga Block

Some yoga lovers use modified movements that put less stress on their bodies. They can use a yoga block like this one to make certain movements more or less advanced. The block uses non-toxic materials and has a non slip surface that repeals sweat and moisture. You can purchase a single block or a set of two yoga blocks and select from various colors.

9. Yoga is My Therapy Journal

Those who view yoga as a journey or a path that they must follow will appreciate this journal, which lets them record and keep track of their experiences. Both the front and the back of the journal uses a bold teal color, but the front also features the phrase, “Yoga is My Therapy” across the front with adorable images of drawn characters doing yoga poses below the phrase. This journal comes in a smaller size that won’t take up much space in a gym bag and loads of blank pages inside.

10. I Love Yoga Notebook

Another option for yoga lovers who also love to write is this notebook. It features “I Love Yoga” in teal across the front and images of women doing yoga poses below. The bright color of the lettering really pops against the softer shade of the journal’s background. Inside the book are 100 quotes relating to yoga. Yoga lovers and enthusiasts can read through those quotes and get the inspiration they need to finish a session.