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Top 10 Best Prices on King Mattresses Online


By TVR Staff
April 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best prices on king mattresses online.

A king mattress gives you more space to spread out than you ever had before. These mattresses come in both hard and soft designs that give you more or less support depending on your needs. You’ll have enough space for your spouse or partner as well as your kids or pets without feeling trapped on one side of the bed. Though some people spend lots of money on new mattresses, you can easily find one that fits your budget. You can get a good product for your bedroom or guestroom from a list of the 10 best prices on king mattresses online.

1. Classic Brands Cool Gel King Memory Foam Mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam King Mattresses Online

If your body temperature runs hot at night, you’ll the Cool Gel layer on the top of this mattress. That layer helps you stay cool because it brings down your body temperature and regulates that temperature as you sleep. Beneath that gel layer is a layer of memory foam. This mattress is medium to firm and comes with a knit cover that completely covers the top and sides. You also get two memory foam pillows to use with the mattress.

2. Linenspa 8-inch Memory Foam King Mattress

 Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid King Mattresses Online

Why choose between a spring and a foam mattress when this one combines both features? The springs inside prevent the mattress from bouncing and ensures that you can move on the bed without disrupting your spouse. On top of those springs is the memory foam that cradles and cushions your body. That foam will move with you and return to its original shape to make the mattress last for years.

3. Olee Sleep 10-inch Gel Infused King Mattress

Olee Sleep 10-inch Gel Infused King Mattress Online

Made from a combination of spandex and polyester, this mattress feels as cool when you get up in the morning as it does when you crawl in at night. It stays cool because of the gel infused layer on the top. That layer works with the high-density foam below to create a stable mattress that supports and cushions your body. Once you remove the mattress from the included box, it will reach its full shape in only 72 hours.

4. Zinus 12-inch King Green Tea Mattress

Zinus 12-inch Green Tea King Mattress Online

One of the most unique king mattresses on the market is this Zinus model, which is 12-inches thick. The unique feature of the mattress is the green tea that Zinus added, which prevents the spread of bacteria and stops odors from adhering to it. You’ll find a 3.5-inch layer of base foam with an equal layer of high-density foam on top and then layers of both memory and comfort foam.

5. Olee Sleep 13-inch Galaxy Hybrid King Mattress

Olee Sleep 13-inch Galaxy Hybrid King Mattress Online

If you like the features of the other Olee Sleep mattress but prefer one that is thicker, you might like this 13-inch mattress. The five layers of materials inside include the pocket springs that keep the mattress from bouncing and otherwise moving when your family gets in or out of bed and memory foam that increases the overall comfort of the mattress. That memory foam features a gel infusion that helps regulate body temperature.

6. Molblly 10-inch Memory Foam King Mattress

Molblly 10 Inch Memory Foam King Mattress Online

At 10-inches thick, this is one of the thickest and most affordable king mattresses. The foam used in its construction is free of toxins and hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for anyone who has allergies. It has a base layer that consists of four inches of high-density foam and another four inches of comfort foam on top. The addition of two layers of memory foam makes this a highly comfortable mattress.

7. Best Price Mattress 10-inch Memory Foam King Mattress

Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam King Mattress Online

Suitable for use with different types of support systems, this mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. It has a built-in system designed to give certain body parts more padding, which will reduce the pressure that you usually feel in bed. Inside the mattress are a five-inch layer of high-density foam and a three-inch layer of memory foam. It also features a two-inch layer of a softer type of foam to help you feel more comfortable.

8. Modway Jenna 10-inch Innerspring King Mattress

Modway Jenna 10-inch Innerspring King Mattress Online

If you have issues sleeping because your current bed feels too hard or too soft, you’ll appreciate the design of this mattress. Called the Jenna, it has an innerspring section that uses individual coils wrapped in small pockets. Each coil takes some of the pressure off your upper and lower bodies to help you sleep all night long. It also features a one-inch layer of foam that molds to the body and then return to its original shape. The Jenna is fire-resistant too.

9. Sweetnight 10-inch King Mattress in a Box

Sweetnight 10-inch King Mattress Online

Whether you sleep alone, with your spouse or with kids and pets, this mattress gives you all the space and comfort that you need. It has individual steel springs inside that provide the maximum amount of support and give the mattress a firmer texture. The memory foam on the mattress covers those springs and lets you sleep on a cloud. That combination of materials keeps the mattress from moving as you or your spouse toss and turn.

10. Flash Furniture Capri Comfortable King in a Box

Flash Furniture Capri Comfortable Sleep 12 Inch Foam and Pocket Spring King Mattress Online

At 12-inches thick, this is one of the thickest king mattresses on the market. When you shop online, you can get the mattress at a low price too. Made from high-density foam, it offers more support than other king mattresses do and will retain its shape for years. The foam works with 6.5 gauge springs and 10-inch pocket spring coils inside to reduce the transfer of motion. No matter how much you move at night, you won’t disrupt your bedmate.


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