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Top 10 Best Beer Brewing Kits 2017


If you ever wanted to brew your own beer at home and weren’t sure where to start, now is your chance. With home brewing kits, you don’t need a lot of fancy tools or equipment to start crafting your own brews. The kits come with everything you need to make lagers and other drinks for yourself and your friends. You can even experiment with new ingredients to make your own customized brews that use fresh fruits like peaches and raspberries. Before you start brewing or spending a lot of money on expensive tools, check out the top 10 best home brewing kits.

1. Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit

Beer Brewing Kits

Mr. Beer is one of the top names in the home brewing world, and this kit will show you exactly why. This kit comes with all the ingredients and tools you need to craft three batches of beer, which lets you experiment or try out some new recipes without buying any extra items. It even comes with a keg that you can reuse when you make new batches, and that keg is resistant to both stains and odors.

2. Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit, Everyday IPA

Beer Brewing Kits

Those who like the taste of lighter beers often love the taste of a good IPA. While many home brewing kits only let you make darker beers, this kit lets you make your own bold and refreshing IPA at home. It comes with a mixture of ingredients to create the blend for a great IPA, a glass device for fermenting the mixture and a thermometer for keeping an eye on your brew.

3. The Homemade Gin Kit, Brown

Beer Brewing Kit

When you grow tired of making your own beer, branch out into other types of alcohol like gin with this kit, which lets you whip up your own gin in less time than you expected. The set comes with a botanical blend and juniper berries, which are the two classic ingredients found in any good gin. The kit also comes with a strainer and funnel for pouring your finished mixture into the included glass bottles.

4. Mr. Beer Oktoberfest Lager Home Brewing Beer Refill Kit

Beer Brewing Kits

If you have all the tools, equipment and accessories at home to craft beer, you’ll want to keep a refill kit like this one on hand. Everything you need comes in one large canister that looks similar to a coffee can, including the perfect blend of ingredients necessary for a traditional Oktoberfest beer. All you need to do is mix those ingredients with the right amount of water before bottling the finished product before serving.

5. Mr. Root Beer Home Brewing Root Beer Kit

Beer Brewing Kits

Do you like the idea of home brewing, but aren’t a fan of alcohol? Use this kit to brew your own homemade root beer that is suitable for both adults and kids. Each kit makes exactly two gallons, and you can purchase refill kits to make additional batches later. You’ll get root beer extract, yeast and flavor crystals that you can blend and bottle at home to make bottles of delicious homemade root beer.

6. Brewer’s Best DELUXE Beer Home Brewing Equipment Kit

Beer Brewing Kit

While some home brewing kits offer an abbreviated version of brewing, this kit takes you into the professional level. The large box comes with absolutely everything you need for creating all the delicious flavors and types of beer that you like, including recipes you create yourself and those found online. Though you will need your own pot and bottling equipment, the kit comes with an instructional booklet that includes several recipes and easy to follow steps.

7. Mr Beer Craft Brews Collection Complete Home Brewing Kit

Beer Brewing Kit

Make football games a little more exciting with beers you craft yourself using this kit from Mr. Beer. This kit comes with an instructional DVD that walks you through each step in the process and both reusable plastic bottles and kegs that let you decide how to serve the finished product. It even comes with a brew pack that features all the ingredients you need for making two gallons of your own brew.

8. Mr. Beer Classic American Light Home Brewing Beer Refill Kit

Beer Brewing Kits

With this refill kit, you can make your own home brew that tastes just like your favorite brand of light beer. Once you open the canister, you’ll find all the ingredients you need in the perfect balance right at your fingertips. You simply add the right amount of water, go through the steps you used with your kit and have a finished brew ready for drinking in just two short weeks.

9. Mr. Beer American Porter Deluxe Home Brewing Beer Refill Kit

Beer Brewing Kit

Take your Mr. Beer home brewing kit to the next level with this refill kit, which lets you make two gallons of a rich and hearty malt beverage that will appeal to even the pickiest of drinkers. This refill kit uses only natural ingredients that blend together to make a malty beer just like those found in stores. With just a little water, you can use this kit to make beer in 14 days.

10. Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit

Beer Brewing Kit

Whip up a batch of beer using this Mr. Beer kit to make a craft beer that tastes like those expensive bottles you see at the liquor store. It comes with a lightweight plastic keg that is resistant to shattering and won’t disrupt the rich flavor of the beer, but the kit also includes plastic bottles with lids and labels for storing your finished beer later.

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