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Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Sets 2017


Far too many home chefs use the same knives every day, and some even use the same knife for all their cutting and chopping needs. You may not realize that manufacturers design knives in different ways to handle different jobs. One knife might be perfect for taking the thick skin off apples and potatoes, but you’ll need a different knife to remove those thin bones from your favorite fish. Having a knife set in your kitchen can make you feel like a pro, even if you’re just throwing together a quick meal for your family. Check out the 10 best kitchen knife sets for your home.

1. Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set

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First on the list is this amazingly bright and cheerful set from Cuisinart. If you only know the company for its line of home appliances, it’s time to take a look at this knife set. Each knife comes in a bold and bright color like purple, lime green or bright blue. The contoured handles fit comfortably in your hand to prevent accidents, and the blades on each one are sharp enough to cut through almost anything.

2. Knife Set with Wooden Block 13-Pieces

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This knife set comes with everything you need for preparing foods at home. As it also comes with its own wood block for storing those instruments that keeps the blades sharp, you won’t worry about finding spaces in your cabinets or drawers for the set. It comes with six steak knives that cut through even the toughest of meats, but you’ll also get knives designed for use with bread, fruits and other ingredients.

3. Premium Class Stainless-Steel Kitchen 6 Knife-Set with Acrylic Stand

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Make your kitchen look sleek, stylish and more modern than ever with this knife set. The acrylic stand has stainless steel accents that give it an elegant look, and the stand keeps moisture and dust off the blades to prevent rusting and weakening. It comes with a tiny paring knife that helps you remove peels with ease, but it also features a chef’s knife, bread knife, carving knife and utility knife that work with other types of ingredients.

4. Cuisinart 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set

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Cuisinart appears a second time on the list with this hollow knife block set. Professional chefs love hollow knives because those knives feel more lightweight and are easier to handle. You can cut through almost anything without skipping a beat. Made from carbon stainless steel, these blades are some of the sharpest around. Cuisinart included a set of poultry shears for cutting up chickens when making stews, soups and roast chicken dishes for your group.

5. Premium Class Stainless-Steel Kitchen 12 Knife-Set with Acrylic Stand

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The acrylic block that comes with this knife set does an amazing job of keeping your blades sharp and ready for use. As it’s completely see through, you will always grab the right knife for all the jobs you do around the kitchen. While this set looks elegant, it’s also functional too. It comes with a utility knife and separate knives designed for carving, cutting through bread, peeling and making precise cuts.

6. Chicago Cutlery 1119644 Fusion Forged 18-Piece Knife Block Set

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The knives in this wood block set are just like those used by professional chefs in their restaurant kitchens. Individual spaces hold all the knives and keep the blades save from environmental dangers. It comes with eight steak knives that help you cut through even harder meats, but it also features a chef’s knife and knives suitable for different cooking techniques. Use the included sharpener to keep each blade as sharp as possible.

7. AmazonBasics Premium 8-Piece Steak Knife Set

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If you love meat, you’ll love this set of steak knives. Steak knives feature a uniquely designed blade that has sharp teeth that cut through meat with ease. As this set comes with eight knives, you might rush out to the grill to cook a few steaks and invite some friends over to share. Made from stainless steel, these knives have a unique design that doesn’t require sharpening and solid wood handles.


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Carnivores of all ages will get a kick out of this knife set, which comes with eight matching steak knives. The carefully designed wood handles let you keep a firm grip on the knives when cutting through all types of meat. Serrated edges on each blade stays sharp, even after dozens of uses, and you can either wash these by hand or toss the knives right in your dishwasher for fast and convenient cleaning.

9. Equinox 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

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Packaged inside a gorgeous box, this knife set is perfect for giving as a gift. Once you take a look at those sharp blades though, you just might want to treat yourself. The slightly curved handles fit just right in the palm of your hand, and the manufacturer designed these knives to feel as lightweight as possible. The serrated blades cut through everything from chicken and pork to steak and seafood without causing any discomfort in your hands.

10. ZenWare® 9 Piece Multi Color Ceramic Cutlery Kitchen Knives with Fruit Peeler

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Give this whimsical knife set as a housewarming gift, or bring home the set for your own kitchen. Made from brightly colored ceramic instead of stainless steel, these knives are safe for cleaning in your dishwasher without worrying about dulling the blades. You get a slicing knife, utility knife and pairing knife, but it also comes with a matching peeler that easily removes the skin from all your favorite fruits and vegetables.

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