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Best Prices on Paper Towels Online 2017


Paper towels are great for cleaning and doing a number of things around the house. You can grab one to wipe off your counters while cooking, to clean up a spill your child made or to clean up after your pets. The problem is that paper towels can be fairly expensive. You might think that you need to choose between sticking with a cheaper brand and using too many on a spill or buying a more expensive brand and using fewer sheets. With the best price on paper towels online, you can save money on the towels that you need.

1. Bounty Paper Towels Big Roll


With this package of paper towels from Bounty in your home, you can quickly clean up after spills and accidents. You get six rolls that are the equivalent of eight rolls from other companies. Each roll has a decorative pattern on the paper that can make cleaning a more fun chore. Bounty guarantees that its rolls have twice as much absorbency as others and that these towels will last up to 50% longer than other paper towels will too.

2. VIVA Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels


The best thing about these Choose-A-Sheet paper towels from VIVA is that you can literally choose the size that you need for the job at hand. The towels found on each roll have individual markings that let you tear off a sheet in seconds to clean up a small spill or tackle a larger job. Many shoppers love VIVA because its paper towels have a softer surface that feels more like cloth and less like the rough paper that others do.

3. Plenty Ultra Premium Full Sheet Paper Towels


You’ll definitely have plenty of paper towels on hand for all your cleaning needs when you invest in this set, which comes with four packages of six rolls for a total of 24 rolls. Designed for use in every room of your house, these paper towels are strong enough to cut through grease but soft enough that the paper won’t scratch or damage your counters and floors. At 80% more absorbent than other towels, these let you use fewer on every job.

4. Scott Towels Mega Roll Choose-A-Size White


Choose exactly as much paper as you need with these Choose-A-Size white paper towels from Scott Towels. As mega rolls, the six rolls are equivalent to nine rolls produced by other manufacturers. Though Scott Towels only uses one sheet, that one sheet has ridges across the front that can pick up more liquid with one swipe. Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and all other rooms in your home, these towels will remove liquid from glass and other surfaces without leaving behind streaks.

5. Sparkle Paper Towels Pick-A-Size Giant Rolls


As these Sparkle paper towels let you pick the right number of towels for the job, you can cut back on waste and save money each time you clean. Thirst pockets designed by the manufacturer sit on the surface of the towels and allows the paper to absorb more liquid. This package comes with two rolls that are the equivalent of three rolls from other brands with 102 sheets of paper towels on each roll.

6. Brawny Paper Towels


Brawny is one of the leading paper towel brands, and with this extra large set of paper towels, you get 12 additional feet of towels. These two rolls are equal to four rolls from other top brands and provide lots of cleaning and absorbing power. As a Pick-A-Size towel, each roll features 156 sheets of smaller towels. You can use just one sheet for smaller jobs or tear off multiple jobs to clean your counters or tackle larger jobs.

7. Seventh Generation White Paper Towels


If you worry about the damage that using paper towels does to the environment, you’ll appreciate these paper towels from Seventh Generation, which the manufacturer makes from recycled paper. Each roll uses sheets that are half the size of other towels to ensure that you do not waste any paper and that you use just the right amount. This package comes with 24 jumbo rolls of paper towels that are 100% compostable.

8. Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels


Bounty bills itself as “The Quicker Picker Upper” because its paper towels absorb so much liquid that you only need one sheet for most jobs. A single roll of these paper towels is equivalent to 2.5 rolls from other leading brands, which means that you’ll need fewer towels and that you’ll save more money. This package comes with four sets of two paper towels for a total of eight rolls that are equal to 20 rolls of other brands.

9. Georgia-Pacific 21000 Signature 2-Ply Premium Multifold Paper Towel


If you really want to save money on paper towels and don’t need those that come in rolls, these Georgia-Pacific paper towels are a great choice for you. These paper towels come bundled together in stacks and are just like those used by commercial businesses and stores in bathroom dispensers. These towels are soft enough to use as napkins when dining inside or outside and strong enough to handle all the jobs around your home.

10. VIVA Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels


Prepare your home for spring cleaning or cleaning throughout the year with these Choose-A-Sheet paper towels from VIVA that let you pull off a single sheet or multiple sheets based on the job at hand. VIVA paper towels are so soft that you might think you have real fabric in your hand, but these towels absorb spills and cleaning supplies without breaking or ripping. With 88 sheets of towels on each individual roll, you’ll always have all the towels necessary for any job.

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