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Top 10 Best BJJ Gis 2017


Regardless of where you are in your studies, you need a BJJ uniform that fits your body style and shape. Wearing the wrong BJJ Gis can leave you struggling to raise your leg or move your arm, which might leave you laying on the ground in the middle of your next lesson, class or competition. Though many uniforms are similar, you’ll find simple differences between some of the best selling designs. While you may find some uniforms available for sale from your studio, looking over the top 10 best BJJ Gis lets you find new designs, colors and even sizes.

1. Best Selling Sanabul Essentials Ultra Light BJJ

BJJ GisThe activities and movement you do during a single class can make you feel tired or even downright exhausted. Wearing uniforms and clothing that are heavier can worsen these feelings. This new uniform features lightweight fabric that won’t add any weight or limit your mobility. The set comes with pants that the manufacturer designed after listening to feedback from customers and are now incredibly lightweight and soft. High quality stitching ensures that both the top and bottoms will last for months or more.

2. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Uniform or Gi Premium Blank with Free Jiu Jitsu White Belt

BJJ GisThe manufacturers behind this BJJ set wanted a uniform that would feel lightweight but last as long as heavier pieces did, which led to them developing a new pearl weave. This unique weave extends the lifetime of the fabric while still creating the lightweight and comfortable feel that you crave. Instead of adding a bunch of designs and embroidery, the designer made these pieces completely simple. That lets you add your own touch to the all white uniform.

3. Fuji BJJ Uniform

BJJ GisThough some like lightweight fabrics, others prefer the slightly heavier fabrics like the ones found on this BJJ uniform. Thicker fabrics are perfect for competitions and professional events because you won’t worry about the stitching breaking or the fabric wearing out. This set features additional reinforcements along the crotch and other parts of the uniform to ensure that you never experience any embarrassing accidents. Made from pure cotton, this set is easy to wash as well.

4. Venum Absolute BJJ Gi

BJJ GisSpend hours working out and going up against your biggest competitors without breaking a sweat in this new uniform combo. The manufacturer created a special type of weave that lets the fabric breathe. That helps you keep cool and ensures that you don’t feel sweaty or overworked while burning calories. Reinforcements on the commonly stressed parts of the top and bottom keep the stitches in place and ensures that you get plenty of use out of this set. It also comes with its own carrying bag for taking to class and competitions.

5. Fuji BJJ Uniform

BJJ GisAvailable in multiple colors and sizes, this BJJ Gis is perfect for adults and kids. Choose a smaller size when getting your kids interested in the sport, or choose a larger size to turn heads at your next competition. This set, which features a middle weight fabric, can fit shoppers of up to 6’6” tall and those who weigh up to 300 pounds. The BJJ Gis also features reinforced areas and a thicker collar.

6. Fuji Single Weave GI

BJJ GisSoft and durable are just two words that describe this uniform set, which is suitable for men, women, boys and girls. Durable and dependable stitching along the edges and other parts prevents accidents caused by burst seams and allows you to move freely without worrying. Though it only comes in one color, the uniform includes a belt for wrapping around your waist and features a 100% cotton construction to reduce the risk of you overheating.

7. Venum Contender BJJ GI

BJJ GisShow you love of the Venum brand with this uniform set. Called the Contender by the manufacturer, this is a set that you can wear to turn heads at any competition and make others know that you are a competitor. The bold white color of the jacket pairs nicely with the reinforced stitched Venum logo on the upper right section of the chest. If you aren’t crazy about white, choose between blue or black versions.

8. Fuji Kassen II BJJ Uniform

BJJ GisApproved by the IBJJF, this BJJ uniform can easily take you from a day of teaching or attending classes to a competition in your city. The open pearl weave design found on the jacket and matching pants makes the fabric a little lighter and allows it to breathe, which lets you move all day without overheating. Reinforced stitching and special patches add both style and durability to this set, making it great for professionals and amateurs.

9. Venum Elite BJJ GI

BJJ GisVenum appears on the list a second time with its Elite BJJ GI. Designed for those who want to make a statement everywhere they go, this set will make you the center of attention in no time, even if you just attended your first lesson. The Venum logo, which features a spider in shades of blue and black, takes center stage on both the shoulders of the jacket and along both sides of the pants.

10. Fuji Kid’s BJJ Uniform

BJJ GisHelp your kids get in on the action with this BJJ Gis set, which features a design specifically for children. Great for beginners, the set features reinforced stitching along stress points on both the jacket and the pants. Made from middle weight fabric, this set can keep up with everything your kids do in class and even on the way home without showing any signs of fraying, and you can pop it right in the washing machine for cleaning.