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Top 10 Best Drum Sets


If you want to buy a drum set as a gift for a loved one or for yourself, this list of 2017’s best drum sets will introduce you to 10 different sets that provide both a fantastic sound and an excellent value. The list includes both full-sized drum sets for adults and junior-sized drum sets for kids; so you’ll find choices suitable for drummers of every age. If you want to avoid the confusion that comes along with shopping for a new drum set when you have no idea which parts and pieces you’ll need to get started playing drums, any of these sets could be the right choice for you. Please be aware that these sets will all require some assembly.

1. 5-Piece Full-Sized Drum Set for Adults, by Gammon Percussion

If an affordable beginner’s drum set is what you need, this is the first set you’ll want to consider. It includes everything you need to get started learning how to play the drums. The package includes the cymbals, the stands, the drums, the drumsticks, a stool, a bass drum pedal and even an instructional DVD.¬†While adults can use this set comfortably, many of this drum set’s satisfied customers are pre-teens and teenagers. This is an excellent set for kids who have outgrown their junior drum sets.

2. Mendini 5-Piece Junior Drum Set for Kids, by Cecilio

This drum set comes with everything the beginning drummer needs to get started learning how to play the drums including a bass drum, cymbals, tom toms, stands, adjustable stool, drumsticks and bass drum pedal. You’d want to buy this for a young musician who’s shorter than five feet tall; it’ll be too small for anyone taller than that. This junior drum set comes in a rainbow of rockin’ colors, so your aspiring drummer can choose which color most appeals to him or her.

3. 5-Piece Junior Started Drum Kit for Kids, by Gammon Percussion

This is another fun drum set that includes everything an aspiring drummer needs to get started learning how to play drums. The set is just like the big peoples’ full-sized drum sets, but it’s much smaller. It’s higher quality than a typical toy drum set — perfect for a child who’s serious about wanting to play drums. It’s intended for children who are 3 years old through 8 years old, although there are also satisfied customers who are small 9 and 10 year olds. This drum kit is not recommended for children younger than 3 years old, as it has multiple small parts.

4. Accent 5-Piece Drum Set for Adults, by Ludwig

This is an adult-sized, complete drum set that includes a bass drum, snare drum, two ride toms, a floor tom plus crash and ride cymbals. You also get the necessary hardware, stands and pieces for putting the drum set together and using it, including the stool and drumsticks. The kit comes with everything you need to get started playing the drums. However, critics of this set have said that the included cymbals sound tinny, and that the set is much improved if you replace them.

5. Mendini 3-Piece Junior Drum Set for Kids, by Cecilio

This best-selling junior drum set provides an affordable way for children aged 3 through 8 years old to get started with learning to play the drums. If you only have a small space or a small budget to work with, this drum kit is exactly what you need to get your little drummer up and running. The kit isn’t as fancy or extensive as some of the others included on this list, but it does give you all the basics a young child would need to learn about rhythm and enjoy drumming.

6. GP50BL 3-Piece Complete Junior Drum Set for Kids, by GP Percussion

This junior drum set has 3 pieces including bass drum, snare drum and tom plus crash cymbal and hi-hat. The kit includes the stool plus the stands and holders you’ll need for assembling the drum set. Drum sticks and bass drum pedal are also included, so you’ll have everything your young drummer needs to get started rehearsing. The majority of the satisfied customers using this set seem to be children between the ages of 4 years old through 7 years old.

7. Portable Ludwig Pocket Kit 4-Piece Junior Drum Set for Kids, by Questlove

This beginner’s drum set is ideal for children who are between the ages of 4 and 10 years old. It comes with bass drum, two toms, snare drum, foot pedal, hi-hat cymbals and a crash/ride cymbal plus drum sticks, a stool and all the stands you’ll need for assembling the drum set. If your aspiring drummer has Internet access, s/he’ll also be able to take advantage of the six part beginning drummer’s lesson plan prepared by Questlove for users of this drum set.

8. Ludwig LC170 Accent Fusion 5-Piece Complete Drum Set for Kids

This 5-piece drum set is slightly scaled down in size from a full-sized adult drum set, making it ideal for younger drummers to play. It’s recommended for beginning to intermediate level drummers. You get a bass drum, three toms, a snare drum, plus cymbals including hi-hats and a crash/ride cymbal. The kit also comes with a stool plus shells and all the stands and hardware you’ll need for putting the set together.

9. Pearl EXX725S/C 5-Piece Export Fusion Drum Set

Pearl is one of the top brand names that professional musicians use. This set is from Pearl’s affordable export collection. It’s ideal for both beginning drummers and drummers with mid-level experience. If you’re looking for a high quality, expandable drum set that includes a lifetime warranty, this is an excellent set to consider.

Unlike the other sets included on this list, this set does not come with cymbals, although it does have the stands for them. If you want your young drummer to have cymbals, you do have the option to select and purchase them separately. If you’re particular about the way your cymbals sound, this could actually be a good thing, as you’ll have the opportunity to choose cymbals with the sound and quality level you want. You’ll also have to purchase your stool and drum sticks separately.

10. Pearl RS525SCC91 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set

This drum set comes with a bass drum, three toms, a snare drum, and cymbals including a brass crash/ride and hybrid hi hats. You also get a bass drum pedal, stool and all the stands, holders and hardware you’ll need to get started. Although this presumably is a full sized adult drum set, many of this set’s satisfied users are children in the range of 6 years old and older. Some critics of this set say that they felt it necessary to upgrade to better quality cymbals and stool.

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These are our picks for the top 10 best drum sets of 2017. If you’re in the market for a new drum set, you’ll definitely want to consider choosing one of the fantastic sets on this list.