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Top 10 Best Electric Snow Blower 2018


When it comes to winter, you certainly don’t want to be left out in the cold! Why spend hours breaking your back shoveling heavy snow when snow removal could be as easy as using a convenient, electric snowblower? Read on to learn more about the specs and features of our top electric snowblowers.

1. Snow Joe Ultra SJ618E 18-Inch, 13-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

This little snow thrower packs a lot of punch. It’s great for walkways and up to mid-sized driveways, as well as quick snow cleanups. Being an electric snowblower, this machine will save you time and money, as there is no need for gas, oil, or small-engine tune-ups. The 13-amp motor is able to move up to 550 pounds of snow per minute, in 18-by8-inch high cuts per pass.

2. Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO 21-Inch Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower with Rechargeable 40-V, 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Ready when you need it, this snowblower is equipped with a convenient rechargeable lithium-ion battery. At 21-inches wide, it cuts clear paths in minutes and the rubber blades move up to 660 pounds per minute without damaging your driveway or walkway surface. Weighing just 36 pounds and operating at a whisper, this snowblower is a must have.

3. Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Just need to move a little bit of snow without throwing out your back? This 7.5 amp power shovel is just the tool to add to your snow-removal kit. This snow thrower cuts up to 12-inches wide and 6-inches deep in a single pass. On average, this snowblower clears 4-inches of snow off a 50-by-20-foot driveway in a mere 20 minutes and can move up to 300 pounds of snow per minute. Perfect for anyone who wants to take some of the hassle out of snow removal, but doesn’t require a large snowblower to do it.

4.WEN 5662 Snow Blaster 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower, 18-Inch

This electric snow thrower has been designed to move up to 490 pounds of snow per minute, while blowing it up to 20-feet away. A single pass will clear 18-inches wide and nearly 8-inches deep. The 6-inch wheels on this machine were designed to move with its lightweight body smoothly through the deep snow. Conveniently it has an easy-to-adjust chute that can be rotated 180-degrees to change direction of the blowing snow.

5. Greenworks 20-Inch,13-Amp Corded Snow Thrower With Light Kit 2600202

No one likes to clear snow in the dark. Yes, you can always wear a headlamp, but why bother when you can use a nice little 32 pound machine fully equipped with a dual LED light kit for great visibility at all times of day or night? Blow the snow up to 20-feet away with a 180-degree adjustable chute, and clear 20-by-10-inches in a single pass. What’s not to love about that?

6. Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 18-Inch,13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

People wanted a lightweight, convenient, electric snowthrower that could handle heavier snowfall, and Snow Joe listened. Practically effortlessly to start, this machine moves up to 650 pounds of snow per minute with four steel blades, and cuts a 10-inch deep by 18-inch wide path at each pass. In fact, it can clear up to 2450 square feet in just an hour. Mid-sized driveways and walkways are a breeze with this heavy duty electric snow thrower.

7. Greenworks PRO 20-Inch, 80V Cordless Snow Thrower, 2.0 AH Battery Included 2600402

Another great product from Greenworks has made our list. This model has a lithium-ion battery that is able to run up to 45 minutes on a single charge. If you are in charge of clearing drives and walks at multiple locations, this is the snow thrower for you. It easily folds up for simple, compact transportation, and clears a 20-inch path with a depth of up to 10-inches. Quiet, and effortless to maintain, this is a great electric snow thrower option.

8. Toro 38381 18-Inch,15-Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

If you thought the Toro Power Shovel was cool, this 15 amp snow blower will surely impress. Toro is the number one brand of electric snow throwers in the US, and for good reason. This beauty clears up to 700 pounds of snow per minute. It’s efficient and also ergonomically-designed, for comfortable snow removal. Clear 18-by-12-inch paths per pass, down to the surface, without worries of clogging with this lightweight and easy to assemble piece of equipment.

9. Briggs & Stratton 1696737 Single Stage Snow Thrower with 208cc Engine 22-Inches

Light snowfall got you down? Clear sidewalks, walkways, and small driveways with ease, thanks to this compact snow thrower designed for light snow removal. The machine is lightweight and is packed with great features like a quick deflector, and manual chute rotation. Built to last for many a winter-season, this snow thrower is powered by Briggs & Strattons specially designed 950 snow series 208Cc engine. Never be caught unprepared in the snow again with this in your shed.

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10. YARDMAX YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower, 6.5 hp, 196cc, 22-Inches

Looking for power? This machine has the works, with an LED headlight, serrated steel augers, extended chute, as well as multiple speeds and a reverse feature. If you deal with a lot of snow during the winter months, this solid steel piece of equipment may be just the snowblower for you.