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Top 10 Best Fire Pits


Fire pits are a fantastic way to center any social event in your outdoor space. No matter what the season, as long as the weather cooperates, you can gather together and celebrate any occasion. However, they’re mainly welcome once autumn and winter set in, inviting light and warmth to the party. To help you select the perfect model for your space, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite fire pits of 2017. This can help you narrow your selection so that shopping will be a fast and straightforward task. Then, you can focus on more important questions, such as who’s bringing the marshmallows.

1. Solo Stove Bonfire

We all have fond memories of outdoor parties – gathering with friends as darkness sets in and holding our hands out towards the welcome warmth of a fire pit. One feature of these gatherings that stays with us in an unwelcome way is the scent of smoke. This all-stainless steel Solo stove is a marvel of modern efficiency that mitigates that feature. Its design utilizes the physics of combustion, with air-flow efficiency and a double-wall design to keep smoke low and heat constant. It makes a compact and beautiful centerpiece for any alfresco gathering.

2. BCP Hexagonal Steel Fire Pit

As easy to move and clean as it is lovely, this steel outdoor fireplace is finished in a burnished bronze. Central pedestal keeps the heated metal out of direct contact with any surface, and a mesh lid keeps ashes contained while emitting heat and light. The hexagonal bowl holds a significant amount of firewood, making this beautiful outdoor fireplace ideal for large gatherings that stretch late into the evening. Plus, it’s attractive even when not in use, so there’s no need to stow it when the party’s done.

3. AmazonBasics Steel Fire Pit

While embellishments do make for a pretty design element, rustic charm also has its place. This round outdoor fireplace evokes the form of the pioneer kettle, of long winters and the importance of companionship. With a fire bowl measuring larger than 23 inches, it holds plenty of firewood for even the most extended celebrations. Its functional latticework design allows everyone to enjoy gazing into the flames but with three sturdy legs its anything but a fire hazard. Plus, the model comes with a spark screen and a fire poker to keep the party going.

4. AmazonBasics Natural Stone Fire Pit

If you love the look of natural stone, this outdoor fireplace will add a perfect touch of warmth to your exterior space. Crafted from stone and steel, it measures 34 inches wide and 21 inches in height. An apron of stone mosaic surrounds the generous fire bowl, and a heat-resistant fire screen keeps ashes under control so everyone can enjoy the merry dance of the flames.

5. AmazonBasics Folding Fire Pit

While many outdoor fireplaces can be used to toast marshmallows, they are primarily decorative features of exterior design. Not so with this model. Entirely crafted from steel, the fire bowl measures more than a foot across and comes with a cooking grate. Plus, in addition to essential features like a fire tool and an ash screen, it comes with a carrying bag. You can take the party with you wherever you go since the sturdy legs are designed to fold quickly for transport.

6. AZ Patio Heaters Propane Fire Pit

If you’re seeking something a bit more permanent and multi-purpose, this propane-fueled outdoor fireplace doubles as a charming table when not in use. Measuring 28 inches in height, the fire pit comes with a cover that transforms the life of your party into a 38-inch square table surface whenever it isn’t in use. The antique bronze finish completes this sleek look, which will serve no matter what the season or time of day.

7. Landmann USA Bromley Steel Fire Pit

Measuring just 20 inches tall, this model is crafted entirely of steel. Four sturdy legs support the 25-inch fire bowl to keep it from direct contact with any surface and decorative cutouts cast light and heat in the most attractive manner possible. This model is lightweight, intended for easy moving, cleaning, and transport, and comes with an ash screen to keep embers in check.

8. Landmann Savannah Garden Light

Its substantial steel construction and charming design make this fire pit an essential element for any alfresco event. Supported by embellished steel legs, the firebox is pierced to resemble latticework, which permits a pleasant view of the flames from any position. The generous fire bowl measures 23.5 inches, which means you can create a lasting blaze for your celebration. Included is an ash screen to contain flighty embers and a fire tool for shifting wood for optimum results.

9. Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

Feast in style with this generous and beautiful fire bowl. Designed to resemble antique artifacts, the 35-inch bowl is constructed of steel and finished with an antique bronze look and a hammered, decorative lip. A wood grate allows you to craft the perfect blaze, providing space for airflow and rendering cleaning a simple task. Plus, the ash screen keeps embers safely in the shallow bowl and comes with a screen-lifting tool to prevent inadvertent burns.

10. Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit

If you’re an enthusiast of the great outdoors, you’ll love this steel fire pit with decorative wildlife cutouts. While its diameter of 23.5 inches is standard for most larger models, it offers a unique depth of more than 12 inches, which means it will hold more fuel for those long, chilly evenings. The black paint is multi-purpose. Not only does it evoke pioneer cast iron implements, but it also makes cleaning less of a hassle, since soot won’t be noticeable. This model comes complete with an ember screen and a fire tool for keeping the flames alive.