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Top 10 Best Flashlights 2017


Whether at home or on the go, a reliable and high-quality flashlight is indispensable. Most homeowners know that it’s a good plan to keep one or more around the house in case of a power outage or necessary repairs in dark places. But you should also make one a part of an emergency pack for your car. This tactic can prove the difference between waiting all night for a mechanic or tow truck and getting back on the road. In the case that you become snowbound, it’s a comfort as well as a useful tool for flagging down passing vehicles. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best flashlights of 2018, so you’ll always be prepared.

1. LE 4-Mode LED Headlamp

Whether you are the type who enjoys DIY home repairs—such as minor plumbing jobs and organizing the boxes of holiday decorations in your attic crawl space—or you enjoy the great outdoors as a hiker, biker, cave explorer or camper, this headlamp is ideal. It has four lighting modes with three levels of brightness for white light: two, ten, and eighteen LEDs. There’s also a unique setting for alerting others to your presence with a flashing red signal. This waterproof headlamp allows hands-free illumination, is waterproof and comes with three AAA batters.

2. Rockbirds LED mini 2-pack

This tiny twosome is ideal for anyone on the go. With a maximum output of 300 Lumens, it’s the brighter than a traditional flashlight. The non-skid grip is great for kids, but easy to use for anyone, and the small size makes it easy to port for any journey. Whether you love fishing, hiking, or just being prepared, bring one of these water-resistant wonders along for the ride. With two brightness settings and a strobe, you can also mount it as a bike light to stay visible and safe.

3. J5 Tactical V1-PRO

Tiny and bright, this little wonder packs 300 Lumens for ultimate visibility up to 600 feet. It fits in the pocket of convertible hiking pants and is right at home in a tool or tackle box. Plus, it can take any rough and tumble action you can, which makes it perfect for the hiker or home improvement warrior. It’s also an excellent choice to make sure your kids are safe, fitting in a backpack with ease.

4. BYB Superbright Mini 4-Pack

Lightweight yet sturdy, these miniature flashlights are a good way to keep things bright. If you’re planning a family camping adventure, working around the house, or preparing emergency packs for teen drivers, be sure to include one of these in your preparations. Plus, while they’re bright, they won’t blind anyone in their path. They come in red, black, blue, and silver. Color-code your emergency flashlights, so you’ll always know where to find a light in case of a power outage.

5. Escolite UV Black Light and Flashlight

You might think it an unusual item to list here, but this black light flashlight comes in handy in a variety of situations. Whether you love to play with phosphorescent body paint or want to avoid creatures such as scorpions, this is a handy item to keep with you. Scorpions, bedbugs, and other chitin-shelled creatures glow in black light, so whether you’re out in the woods or headed to the woodpile, at home or traveling, you can be sure to steer clear of painful bites or stings.

6. Streamlight Stylus Pro Penlight

This corrosion-resistant penlight is perfect for casting brightness on the subject. Streamlined and crafted from anodized aircraft aluminum it has a polycarbonate lens that won’t scratch or break. While it fits conveniently in your pocket and runs on two AAA batteries, it produces 90 lumens up to a distance of 58 meters. You can clip it securely in your pocket, stow it in the glove compartment or slide it into its nylon holster.

7. Etekcity LED Camping Lantern, 4-Pack

These may be even more useful than simple flashlights, and they run on batteries with ease. Collapsible and made of military-grade materials, they cast a 360-degree pool of brightness with their 30 individual LED bulbs that have been designed to run longer than typical lanterns—up to 12 hours. Place them in a dim workshop, take them on camping trips, keep them for emergencies or hang them in trees for an al fresco party after the sun has set.

8. Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Black Diamond is a name trusted by the most experienced climbers and hikers for their high quality, durable products. This headlamp provides 300 lumens and instant transitions between brightness modes with PowerTap Technology. You can adjust it quickly to cast light farther or brighten something near at hand. Mounted to a durable headband, the headlamp is also waterproof up to depths of one meter, so it will survive if a swift current takes you by surprise when crossing streams.

9. HeroBeam V2.0 LED Lantern and Flashlight

If there were ever a winning combination, it’s this next generation LED lantern with an angle flashlight in the base. The 360-degree brightness makes it ideal for camping or home emergencies, Halloween or slumber parties. While it measures 5.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, you can collapse it for easy storage anywhere. It weighs just under ten ounces, but HeroBeam designed these lanterns to be both water and shock resistant. Perhaps the most ingenious feature is the lift to light function. You don’t need to fumble for a switch when you need illumination most.

10. Miuree Tactical Military Grade Flashlight 2-Pack

This highly powered tactical light is made with aircraft grade aluminum and can withstand both high and low-temperature extremes. It runs on a lithium ion battery or three AAA batteries and has five settings: high, medium or low brightness, strobe, and an SOS emergency signal. The intense spotlight feature casts light up to 600 feet, or you can use the floodlight function for a broad range of illumination. Measuring 5.4 inches long and less than two inches wide, it will fit in a pocket, toolbox, emergency kit or even your purse.