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Top 10 Best Gas Snow Throwers


While many of us truly love the visibly beautiful side of snow and that fresh blanket spread afar, there is also an accompanying battle cry that goes out in many location to get the stuff up and out of the way. Safety concerns, tough movement, and a whole host of other issues become the enemy as it’s time to clear away the snowfall.

Gas snow throwers are a favorite in this area because of their ability to quickly and surely blast through layers of ice and snow without slow, tedious, painful, manual labor. While generally speaking, these are all great, modern machines, not all snow throwers are created equally. What are some of the best choices in this ever-growing field of snow-clearing essentials? Follow along for a quick rundown of some of the best products in this area right now.

1. Briggs & Stratton 24-inch Dual-Stage Snow Blower

The Briggs & Stratton 24-inch Dual-Stage Snow Blower is a top choice with a reliable electric start system and a 24- inch wide clearing intake. A 20-inch intake height allows generous loads while the 20-inch auger easily processes any ice/snow load for ejection. The driving force is the engine which is rated at 208cc and pushes 9.5-foot-pounds of torque while in action. A great warranty caps it all off.

2. Husqvarna ST224 Snow Blower

Husqvarana, the name known for power and quality, hits our list with its powerful Husqvarna ST224 model. This model features the impressive strength of a 208cc Husqvarna brand motor, 15-inch snow-grip tires, and a reliable electric starter system. The chute system on this model is also remotely controlled, adding extra safety and convenience to the job.

3. Poulan PRO PR241 Snowthrower

The Poulan PRO PR241 Snowthrower is yet another outstanding choice for all that wintry cleanup. The PRO PR241 features a gritty 208cc Poulan engine, a 24-inch intake deck, and on-the-spot electric starting. An intake height of 23-inch can tackle those substantial snowdrifts, while the unit’s aggressive impeller and rotor system makes quick work of the most solid packs. If that’s not enough, substantial engine and body/mechanical warranty coverage is also complimentary.

4. Troy-Bilt Squall

Troy-Bilt is known for some great products and the company’s Squall model of snow thrower stands up to the line’s name. This snow thrower comes equipped with a 179cc, electric starter motor and a 21-inch x 13-inch intake area. Its 180-degree chute control, an aggressive tire system, and even reversible skid shoes assure traction when it’s needed most. Rounding things out is the company warranty that covers two years of user wear and tear.

5. Briggs & Stratton 1696715 Snow Thrower

Hitting our list again is Briggs & Stratton, this time with the maker’s model 1696715 snow thrower. This model comes equipped with a 950 Snow Series 208cc motor, electric starting, and the ability to clear paths 22-inch wide and 12.50-inch tall with each single pass. A high-strength polymer auger and 2-inch x 8-inch snow wheels get it done. A three year limited warranty also comes standard.

6. PowerSmart DB7005 Single Stage Snow Thrower

The PowerSmart DB7005 Single Stage Snow Thrower provides power and reliability. This unit makes use of a lightweight design to help limit user fatigue. 180-degree chute adjustment, and a 30-foot throwing distance help the operator to put the discarded snow exactly where they want it. A 196cc OHV 4-cycle snow motor makes it all go, and go well it does.

7. Champion 224cc Compact Snow Blower

Champion, another noteworthy name in power equipment and parts, brings us its impressive 224cc Compact edition snow blower. Featured here are an eager, 224cc powerhouse engine, a 240-inch x  21-inch intake area, and a super-strong, 12-inch carbon-steel auger, made for breaking up the most solid ice jams and snow-pack. Multiple drive speeds, a great electric start system, s strong warranty, and a far-reaching, 43-foot clearing range further complement this awesome package.

8. Poulan Pro 961840001 Single Stage Snow Thrower

Poulan hits our list again, this time with the company’s performer, the model 961840001 snow thrower. This model is run off of a 136cc LT motor, is small, and very easily maneuvered. While this model uses the power of its auger to propel itself forward, it also makes control a breeze with over-sized controls, made just for the gloved hand in mind. The intake deck on this unit is also a handy 21-inch wide and 13-inch high.

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9. Dirty Hand Tools 106371 Dual Stage Snow Blower

The Dirty Hand Tools 106371 snow blower is made to get the job done. We were particularly impressed with the combined aggression and efficacy of the auger and grip-rich tire system. In addition to these, this unit comes with bright LED headlights, a variable speed transmission, and a 36-foot throwing range. Its dual-stage setup also makes it a heavy-hitter in the world of snow-blowing greatness.

10. PowerSmart DB7279-24

Lastly, but certainly not the least in our list, is the PowerSmart DB7279-24. This unit is a great performer because of its combined 212cc motor, super-grip tire system, and its amazing, 40-foot throw range. It also helps that it can take in a 24-inch x 16-inch swath of ice and/or snow at any given time. While able to clear virtually any area, this unit is considerably ideal for areas where heavy snowfall is the norm.