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Top 10 Gifts for Hikers 2018


Hikers at the summit of Medicine Bow Peak, near Laramie, Wyoming.

For those who have climbers or hikers in their lives, it can sometimes be difficult to know which gifts will be best. Presenting them with a set of crampons or yards of weight-rated ropes can be both expensive and prone to error since a non-outdoorsy person won’t necessarily know which features are best. However, there are plenty of ideal gifts that any nature lover will love. In the article below are listed 10 of the best presents for hikers, not to mention bikers, trail runners, climbers, and camping enthusiasts.

1. Ultra-Light Day Pack from ZOMAKE

This compact and portable bag is perfect for day hikes or the daily commute. It easily folds for storage in a unique carrying pouch no bigger than a sandwich and can be used at a moment’s notice. While it’s at home in airports and classrooms, the durable fabric is also water resistant, making it ideal for trail hikes. Sturdy construction and mesh side pockets ensure that it can tote all your needs, wherever you take it.

2. Core Survival Paracord Multitool Bracelet

Safety should be the first priority of every outdoor enthusiast. Friends and family can show their support and concern for the hiker in their lives by making sure they have an emergency plan in place. This bracelet unwinds to provide ten feet of paracord rated for 550 pounds and capable of bearing just over 600 pounds. That alone can be a lifesaver. But it also has a built-in compass, a magnesium fire starter, and a self-defense whistle incorporated into a lightweight and stylish design.

3. Collapsible Water Bottle by Nomader

Practical gifts are great. Neat and efficient presents are even better. This collapsible water bottle is made from food-grade silicone and free of phthalates, BPA, and other leeching chemicals that no one wants in their water. It folds down and comes with a wristband to easy carrying on the trail. Plus, it won’t break if dropped because of its flexible material and construction. The leak-proof cap keeps the mouthpiece clean; the bottle itself is designed to handle hot beverages or storage in the freezer.

4. Vitalismo Folding Hiker Pack

A collapsible pack is useful for day hikes or daily errands. This bag is crafted from durable, water-resistant material. The bag also has reinforced bar tacking at stress points and extra padding in the shoulder straps. It folds down into a strawberry pouch, with a carrying handle and provides ample storage when fully expanded. A roomy central compartment and two zipping front pockets will hold plenty of gear, while a mesh side pocket allows easy access to a water bottle or umbrella.

5. Multipurpose Blanket and Pouch from Bearz

The beach, the trail, or the local park are great destinations. But having a waterproof ground cover on hand makes them even better. This compact, foldable blanket is ideal in an array of different settings, whether hikers are pitching an emergency campsite or picnickers are scouting the perfect site for lunch. While it is equipped at each corner with an anchor pocket, which can be filled with sand or rocks in lieu of staking, it also has loops to accommodate ground stakes. It provides ample lounging space for two but will seat up to four for an impromptu beach picnic or spontaneous alfresco meal.

6. Lightweight Safety Lights from Apace

Most non-hikers or climbers seem to suffer from the misconception that their outdoorsy friends are naturally trail-ready. In reality, many enthusiasts maintain a rigorous fitness regimen that can include running or walking, especially if they are stuck in the city for any length of time. One of the best ways to show care for that particular friend or group of friends is to make sure they run or walk safely at night. These lightweight, easy-to-attach LED safety lights come with four long-life batteries, straps for attaching lights to dog leashes, bikes or running strollers, and have four speeds.

7. Campiseasy’s Serious Hammock

Who doesn’t love napping in a hammock? People who like to wake up to insect bites or an impromptu rivulet running through their tent because it rained somewhere upslope, that’s who. While there are a time and a place for the tent and ground cloth, this hammock is made for hikers and trekkers of all varieties. Crafted from sturdy RIPSTOP parachute nylon, it comes with two heavy-duty tree straps to ensure the safest hammock snoozing possible. But when en route, it folds down into a compact bag that attaches to or fits neatly within any travel pack and only weighs 1.7 pounds.

8. Merino Wool Hiking Socks by Inno Technology

Any seasoned nature enthusiast will advise that the feet must be protected first. This means that hikers, climbers, campers, and bikers know their feet must stay dry, blister-free, and functional at all times. Injury or even the smallest inconvenience in the city can mean being stuck on the trail, suffering infection, and even fever in damp climates. These specially woven wool socks are a blend of fabrics designed to dry quickly, prevent chafing, and keep the foot as free of damage as possible. They’re also padded along the sole to forestall muscle fatigue, which can lead to severe injuries on the trail.

9. QShell Winter Beanie with Built-In Headphones

Sometimes, tunes make a hike or a climb even better, but carrying along even the most compact music devices can prove dangerous or inconvenient. Unnecessary cords or unsecured electronics can lead to accidents. Those who don’t let seasonally frigid or damp temperatures stop them from enjoying outdoor pursuits also understand that 90 percent of heat loss occurs through the top of the head. That means that a comfortable, insulating hat is essential gear. Why not incorporate hands-free, wireless technology that provides a soundtrack into a warm, soft head covering? It works while the phone stays in the backpack. Plus, it’s stylish enough to wear in the city.

10. Classic Brass Compass by Marine Art Handicrafts

While outdoor enthusiasts may prefer to tote plastic cases with dampened compass needles into the field, this is a beautiful and accurate way to show care for that camper or climber nearest and dearest in one’s life. The solid brass compass is designed in the traditional style, which means the needle bobs a bit before settling on true north, but the beauty of the leather case and the sentimental value of Robert Frost’s classic lines make it a gift any nature lover will truly cherish.