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Top 10 Best Inflatable Ring Swimming Pools


By TVR Staff
August 2019

This article reviews the top 10 inflatable ring swimming pools available online.

Do you dream of a swimming pool right in your own backyard but you lack the time and money for such an investment? Don’t toss away your dream of a private pool just yet. Since swimming pools can be expensive and require a significant amount of upkeep and maintenance, many people are turning to inflatable swimming pools instead. An inflatable ring swimming pool is a budget-friendly option that takes up less space on your property while still bringing you just as much fun as an actual pool. Here is a list of the top 10 best inflatable ring swimming pools to consider.

1. Intex Swimming Pool – Easy Set

Intex Best Inflatable Ring Swimming Pools

Available in five sizes, the Intex swimming pool holds between 640 and 5,455 gallons of water and features an assembly process that is simple yet quick. Using a filter pump (purchased separately), the 8-feet by x 30-inches pool is ready for swimming in just 10 minutes. Made of heavy-duty vinyl and a vinyl liner, this easy-set pool is highly resistant to damage from sunlight and abrasion impact, and it will not collapse, even if the top ring deflates. Connect the drain plug to a garden hose to divert water away from the pool area.

2. Intex Easy Set Pool Set With Filter Pump

Intex Best Inflatable Ring Swimming Pools

The Intex Easy Set Pool Set with a filter pump is a top-rated inflatable ring swimming pool made of super-tough, laminated PVC sidewalls that can hold two to four people. Choose from two sizes: 8 feet by 30 inches or 10 feet by 30 inches. Featuring a water capacity of 639 gallons or 3,463 gallons, depending on the size, the pool is also equipped with a convenient drain plug that carries water away from the pool and/or home as well as dual suction outlet fittings designed to improve water circulation. The result? Better water clarity and hygiene. Using the included 110- to 120-volt filter pump, this pool is ready to go in just 10 minutes. A set-up and maintenance DVD is also provided for your reference.

3. Bestway Round Inflatable Above-Ground Kids Swimming Pool

Bestway Best Inflatable Ring Swimming Pools

The Bestway 57252E inflatable ring swimming pool is fantastic for kiddos looking to experience water for the first time as well as for adults looking for a fun place to hang out and cool off. Choose from four product sizes ranging from 6 feet by 20 inches to 12 feet by 30 inches. The product is built to last, featuring extra-strong sidewalls made with three layers of material, including one layer of polyester three-ply in between two layers of heavy-duty PVC, ensuring that this pool will stand up to even the roughest of kids! Assembly takes only minutes, and the product includes one heavy-duty repair patch, just in case. A DVD that includes detailed set-up instructions is also provided.

4. Summer Waves Quick-Set Ring Above-Ground Pool With Pump

Summer Waves Best Inflatable Ring Swimming Pools

The Summer Waves inflatable ring swimming pool is available in two chic colors, brown wicker and dark wicker, which is a refreshing change from the bright blue pools we are used to seeing! Capable of holding up to 1,815 gallons of water, the round shape measures 3 feet deep by 12 feet in diameter, and the pool is made of durable triple-layer polylaminate PVC and polyester inner mesh sidewalls. An RX600 filter pump with GFCI is also included.

5. ECOiNVA Inflatable Swimming Pool With Electric Air Pump

Econiva Best Inflatable Ring Swimming Pools

Available in four sizes, the ECOiNVA inflatable swimming pool represents one of the best values for your money. Featuring a three-dimensional surface that includes a honeycomb-like structure, this particular pool offers stability, solid ventilation, and a no-slip effect on the bottom. Also, each ECOiNVA product has passed a comprehensive preproduction test, ensuring that the pool will stand the tests of time, weather, and use. An electronic inflator is also included.

6. Intex Ocean Reef Easy-Set Pool With Filter Pump

Intex Ocean Reef Best Inflatable Ring Swimming Pools

We absolutely love the fun ocean reef scene on the outside of this pool — and kids will, too! The product features super-tough laminated PVC sidewalls as well as a convenient drain plug that you can connect to a hose to divert water away from the pool or home. New dual-suction outlet fittings also improve water circulation, resulting in better water clarity and hygiene. Whereas some products require users to purchase a pump separately, the Intex 28125EH model includes a 110- to 120-volt filter pump that can fill the 1,018-gallon pool in just 10 minutes.

7. Summer Waves Quick-Set Pool With 3D Goggles

 Summer Waves 3D Quick Set Best Inflatable Ring Swimming Pools

What sets this Summer Waves inflatable ring swimming pool apart from the others is its amazing three-dimensional graphics. Although the ocean scene is fantastic without glasses, users can enjoy this new pool technology and bring the undersea images to life by wearing one of two included pairs of 3D goggles. This 10-foot by 30-inch pool can hold up to 1,025 gallons of water and is ready for splashing in just a few minutes. Keep in mind that a pump must be purchased separately.

8. Summer Waves Inflatable Frog Character Quick-Set Swimming Pool

Summer Waves Frog Character Best Inflatable Ring Swimming Pools

The Summer Waves inflatable frog character swimming pool features a friendly, cute frog motif that is sure to put a smile on any kid’s face. This pool measures 6 feet by 20 inches and is quick and easy to set up. The child-friendly, versatile design can also serve as a fun indoor ball pit in winter months when it is too chilly to swim outside! The neighborhood kids will be “ribbited!”

9. Goplus Inflatable Swimming Pool Easy-Set Without Pump

Goplus Best Inflatable Ring Swimming Pools

After a hard day’s work, the Goplus inflatable swimming pool is the perfect pool in which you and your family can relax, splash, and play. Made of super-tough and durable laminated PVC sidewalls, this durable product is ready for water in just 10 minutes. The 639-gallon pool measures 8 feet by 30 inches and features a convenient drain plug to guide water away from the pool or home as well as new dual-suction outlet fittings that improve water circulation.

10. Jilong Prompt-Set Inflatable Pool

Jilong Best Inflatable Ring Swimming Pools

The Jilong prompt-set inflatable ring swimming pool measures 15 feet by 36 inches and features heavy-gauge, high-quality, three-layer laminated PVC walls for long-lasting durability. The pool holds 2,688 gallons of water, and set-up is easy and quick: Simply inflate the pool’s top ring, fill with water for approximately 30 minutes, and enjoy! Pump sold separately.

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