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Top 10 Best Cheap Men’s Snowmobile Pants


Taking a snowmobile out for a spin can be a fun experience, but getting soaking wet with ice-cold water can make your day miserable. That’s why it’s important to wear a great pair of waterproof snowmobile pants. The top 10 men’s snowmobile pants are all designed to provide protection from the ice, snow and wind while keeping snowmobile riders insulated and comfortable for their rides. When it comes to choosing a pair of snowmobile pants, it’s a good idea to consider how much of your body they will keep covered. Some pairs of pants come with boot gaiters, and some come with overall bibs and suspenders. The extra material deflects snow spray and prevents moisture from penetrating your outerwear and seeping into your undergarments. Any of the snowmobile pants on this list will help you stay warm and dry for years.

1. Arctix Men’s Overalls Tundra Bib With Added Visibility

These overalls from Arctix include a comfortable and convenient bib that will keep you warm and dry during long rides through the icy tundra. They are perfectly insulated with 85-gram ThermaTech insulation that offers excellent padding and protection from snow and ice. The pockets of these overalls are weatherproof, so it’s easy to carry documents and valuables on a trip without getting them wet.

2. Arctix Men’s Cargo Pants

For snowmobile riders who already own a warm coat, these cargo pants offer the ideal warmth and protection from the elements. They’re designed to hold belongings made of any type of material without allowing moisture to seep in and cause damage. To ensure that snowmobile riders can take trips of any length without worrying about wet clothes, these cargo pants include waterproof boot gaiters for added protection from snow and ice.

3. Arctix Men’s Snow Sports Cargo Pants

These insulated cargo pants from Arctix are specially designed for outdoor activities involving snow sports. They are fully insulated with 85 grams of ThermaTech insulation for complete comfort and warmth in temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The snow sports cargo pants from Arctix are stylish and expertly constructed from high-quality, durable materials. You can rest assured that your undergarments will stay dry when you fasten the included gaiters onto your snow boots.

4. Men’s Yamaha Snowmobile Bib

With a great-looking pair of snowmobile pants from Yamaha, you can stay dry and warm on long rides through icy, powdery snow, sleet or slush. These weatherproof overalls feature a strong pair of suspenders and a fashionable bib that will keep moisture and ice out of your pants while you ride a snowmobile. They include reinforced knee pads and strong, durable stitching on the seat and legs.

5. Klim Inferno Men’s Ski Snowmobile Pants

If sleek, sporty snowmobile pants are what you’re after, the stylishly cut Inferno pants from Klim are the perfect choice. They have a very tasteful and understated appearance, so you can feel comfortable wearing them in social settings as well as out on the tundra. Klim’s Inferno snowmobile pants are designed to be extremely comfortable and highly durable.

6. White Sierra Men’s Insulated Bib Snow Pants

When it comes to staying dry on a snowmobile, nothing is more effective than wearing a fitted pair of waterproof nylon overalls. White Sierra’s insulated bib snow pants are designed to be comfortable and impervious to moisture, so you can wear them for hours without worrying about freezing wet socks or undergarments. The bib of these overalls is held up by strong nylon straps that won’t slide off or become waterlogged.

7. Boulder Gear Men’s Cargo Pants

Boulder Gear is known for making high-quality apparel and gear for snow sports, and these waterproof cargo pants are perfect for snowmobile rides through the frozen tundra. Whether you need extra warmth for a particularly cold day or you need efficient ventilation for snowy spring weather, the Boulder Gear men’s cargo pants have you covered. They’re designed to provide a perfect fit for all body types and sizes.

8. Castle X Platform Snowmobile Bibs

Castle X is a top maker of snow sports apparel, and their Platform snowmobile bib is a great choice for riders looking for comfort and protection from the elements. You can’t go wrong when you insulate yourself with 150 grams of high-quality quilted insulation, so you can expect to have pleasant snowmobile rides in these wonderfully insulated overalls. The nylon suspenders are designed to be comfortable while providing a secure fit.

9. HJC Men’s Extreme Snowboard, Snowmobile & Ski Bib

These waterproof, breathable nylon overalls from HJC are designed to offer protection and warmth to snowmobile riders. They feature Thermolite padded insulation as well as reinforced knee pads and seat stitching for high-quality durability and comfort. With waterproof pockets in several accessible locations, these snowmobile pants from HJC make it easy to carry ski lift tickets, cash and other paper items through the snow and sleet.

10. Castle X Phase Men’s Snowmobile Bib

Staying warm, dry and comfortable on a snowmobile is important for anyone planning to spend hours riding through the snow. The Phase men’s pants from Castle X feature a durable, lightweight polyester and nylon shell with 3M Thinsulate padding that provides extra warmth and protection for long excursions in cold weather. These pants are made from windproof material, and their fleece-lined pockets will keep your hands warm, no matter how cold it gets outside.

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Riding a snowmobile is an exciting activity for snow sports enthusiasts, but it’s important to stay safe, dry and secure on every ride. The best snowmobile pants are designed to be stylish, durable and warm, even when temperatures drop below freezing.