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Top 10 Best Snow Sleds 2017


Playtime in the snow has many variations across time and space, but one pastime that seems to retain its fun for all ages is sledding. In fact, the activity features prominently in our national heritage, via art and literature. As well, the health benefits of cold-weather physical exertion have been demonstrated in many regions, since winter is usually a time reserved for many indoor activities. With heavier snows than were expected this season, much of the country is prime territory for winter fun. Below, we’ve compiled ten of the best snow sleds for 2017, with options for all ages and abilities.

1. Paracon Toddler Boggan Sled


This sturdy plastic sled is ideal for young tots ranging from 18 months to four years in age. It has a high back and a safety strap to ensure that your young one won’t lose their seat as you tow them down the bunny slope with the durable tow string. Plus, for riders mature enough to brave gentle slopes without assistance, the sled’s vivid red color means they’ll never be difficult to spot against a backdrop of snow.

2. Flexible Flyer Aurora


For older children ready to hit the slopes in search of speed and adventure, this alpine boogie board is ideal. With a foam core, the Aurora is durable enough to stand up to normal winter wear and tear, but lightweight enough not to hinder the journey, either down or back up the incline. The bottom surface is slick, to ensure every slide down the slopes reaches top speed, and handles on either side provide stability for the rider.

3. Flexible Flyer Snow Screamer


If solo sledding is a blast, think how much fun tandem sledding on this slick-bottomed, brightly patterned double sled could be. The foam core makes the sled extra-light to both maximize speed and ease the journey back uphill for another run. Plus, with two sets of handles, both riders can feel secure and maintain their seats during their wild winter ride.

4. Snow Arrow Lasersled from Pipeline


Snow tubing is the next big trend in winter play. All the kids in the neighborhood will want a turn on this arrow-shaped inner tube with built-in handles. While its lighter weight means the snow tube really flies, it’s also made of 16-gauge PVC, formulated with a special additive to prevent cold cracking of the material. Even though younger children may want to give it a try, it’s recommended for kids aged seven years or older.

5. Steel Runner Sled from Flexible Flyer


While the casual sledding enthusiast can enjoy the slopes on almost anything—from a cookie sheet to an inner tube—serious sled enthusiasts know that the old fashioned designs are often the best. The sled is constructed of birch wood with powdered steel runners that won’t bog down in the snow. A flexible runner bar, guided by foot, provides steering control superior to most other sled models. For superior structural support, the sled and the runners are connected by three sets of steel knees, which make this model ideal for sledding enthusiasts aged 5 and older.

6. Kiddie Snow Seal Inflatable Sled


Every child must be introduced to the joys of winter play at their own pace. Make your child’s early sledding adventures fun and safe with this inflatable sled just for them. This model is ideal for children approximately three years of age, and has a special high-backed wrap-around seat, so they’ll feel secure. You can start out guiding the snowtube with the durable towrope attached to the front of the sturdy sled. When they’re ready, the soft, air-cushioned ride downhill will be fun of the Big Kid variety.

7. Aqua Leisure Single Rider Inflatable Snow Tube


You can enjoy plenty of wintertime fun in this reinforced snow tube, specially designed to maximize the fun of downhill sledding. The tube is crafted from 16-guage PVC with a special additive to prevent cold cracking due to prolonged contact with snow and ice. Plus the bottom is superlatively slick, which prevents friction from slowing you down as you descend. It even has two sturdy handles designed with gloved hands in mind, so you’ll always have a secure handhold at your fingertips.

8. Ski-Skooter from Geospace


This really is fun for the whole family. Suitable for children aged four and older, as well as adults, this durable “snowboard” can operate on grass, sand, snow, and even carpet with just a gentle push of a foot. The durable material is also slightly flexible, which makes for a smooth downhill ride, and the top surface is textured for superior traction in action. A fold-down handle with adjustable height helps riders stay balanced, no matter what surface they’re traversing, and also makes for easy storage or transport.

9. Merikan Missile Swiss Bob from Eurosled


If you’re a fan of minimalist design and optimum speed, this sled is perfect. The Swiss Bob style features a bucket seat and molded leg support with two handles, and nothing else. Weighing only three pounds, it will deliver in the speed department and tracking rails keep it on course during descent. The light weight comes in handy on the return climb, leaving you with plenty of energy for hours of fun.

10. Aqua Leisure Long Body Snow Tub for Two


Perfect for family outings and wintertime fun, this extended body snow tube is specially designed to accommodate two riders. The cushioned ride renders good fun that much more enjoyable, and the superlatively slick bottom surface cuts down on friction with the snowy slope. Plus, four handles designed with bulky gloved hands in mind render an exciting ride a safe one, too.