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Top 10 Best Cheap Snowmobile Boots


Snowmobile boots both look great and provide some protection from the elements. As you make your way down even the most basic of trails, you never know what you might come across. All it takes is one stray rock or branch for you to crash and flip your snowmobile. The best boots can easily cost more money than you thought though and can leave you wondering why you can’t wear a simple pair of boots. The top 10 best cheap snowmobile boots can help you stay safe when riding on any type of trail or in the wild for a low price.

1. O’Neal Men’s New Logo Rider Boot

One affordable option for guys is this boot from O’Neal. The black boot includes the company’s new logo on the front and buckles that help you get the boots on without dealing with laces. Plates from molded plastic absorb shocks when you crash your vehicle and can prevent you from breaking or otherwise hurting your feet and legs. A heat shield made from synthetic leather will prevent damage caused by heat coming off the snowmobile too. It also features support and cushioning inside for both your heels and soles.

2. CKX X-Trak Boots

Another affordable option for guys is this pair of X-Track boots from CKX. These boots are suitable for those times when you need to step off the snowmobile to do a quick repair or clear the trail because they have thick ridges and a deep tread that gives you extra traction. The boots also feature an exterior made from rubber and EVA that blocks out the cold and helps keep your feet warm. This pair is water-resistant to keep your feet dry too.

3. Klim Adrenaline GTX Men’s Snocross Snowmobile Boots

The Klim Adrenaline GTX Men’s Snocross snowmobile boots are designed to keep you dry. Made with the patented Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort Footwear Technology, these boots ensure a dry thermal layer on the inside, with a durable high-grip outsole. They include 600 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation to ensure that your foot stay warm in freezing temperatures. These boots are also designed for rugged durability, with kicker toe pieces that resist wear.

4. Castle X Barrier 2 Snowmobile Boot

Designed to look like work boots, the Barrier 2 from Castle X provides protection from all types of outdoor and winter hazards. It features three layers of insulation inside that all use real Merino wool. The insole is removable for washing, while the top layer pulls moisture away from your feet. The insulation also blocks out some of the cold and keeps snow and ice from reaching your skin. This pair also features a weatherproof membrane inside that prevents damage to the boots and your feet from ice and snow.

5. O’Neal New Logo Women’s Snowmobile Boot

Women who like the color pink might like this pair from O’Neal, which features the company’s new logo in a bold shade of hot pink. Similar to the pair designed for guys, it has plastic plates that keep your legs and feet safe during crashes and other impacts. Cushioning along the insole and added support around the heel keep your feet comfortable, while a metal insert adds even more support. This pair also has a leather heat shield and a mesh interior to improve airflow.

6. Castle X Charge Boa Men’s Snowmobile Boot

Another pair of snowmobile boots from Castle X that are stylish and affordable are the Charge Boa. The elastic laces on the front expand to fit your feet and to keep the boots from moving. A low heel and a thick tread on the bottom keep you from sliding across the ice and provide more traction and support. The Charge Boa also features a waterproof membrane on the inside that keeps your feet from feeling cold or wet as you ride your snowmobile through the ice.

7. Castle X Barrier 2 Women’s Snowmobile Boot

Women who want good traction on the snow and ice may like the Barrier 2 from Castle X, which offers the same support and protection as the men’s pair does. It has two simple buckles on the side to help you gear up and go quickly and a cord across the top with a toggle button for quick removal of the boots at the end of your ride. Suitable for use in temperatures down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit, the boots have shock support and a rubber sole.

8. Baffin Chloe Women’s Snowmobile Boot

A cheap snowmobile boot that has a feminine look is the Chloe from Baffin. Though it looks similar to the boots you might wear for duck hunting or when wading, it has an upper made from pink leather. Designed for use in temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, this pair of boots is one you can wear every day in winter. It has seven layers of protection that include a plush and soft interior liner that feels like real fur and a layer that protects against ice and snow.

9. Klim Radium GTX Men’s Snowmobile Boot

Available in a range of sizes, the Radium GTX from Klim is suitable for all types of snowmobile riders. This pair has all the flexibility that you need but also has some rigid supports inside that keep you safe if you crash your vehicle. Both the heel supports and the soles use real rubber for added support and structure. The soles also have the traction that you need when walking to your snowmobile and across icy paths.

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10. Fly Racing Marker Men’s Black Snowmobile Boot

With extra insulation inside, these Fly Racing Marker boots can withstand temperatures of down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. A loop on the back lets you hang the boots up to dry and quickly pull them up. The laces on the front help you quickly get the boots on and tighten them too. Thanks to the thick tread on the soles, these boots can handle most types of weather conditions without causing you to slip and slide. Fly Racing added a leather upper that keeps the snow and ice away from your feet.