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Top 10 Best Cheap Snowmobile Covers 2018


As the owner of a snowmobile, you need a good cover to protect that vehicle from the elements. No matter how often you use your snowmobile to get around and for fun trips with your friends, you need to cover it to keep the motor, seat and other parts safe from the snow and rain that falls as well as from the dust and other debris that the wind can bring. Covers will keep the vehicle protected whenever you leave it outside. To find the right one for your vehicle, check out the top 10 best cheap snowmobile covers for 2018.

1. Budge Sportsman Waterproof Snowmobile Cover

Designed for snowmobiles up to 145-inches long, this cover wraps around the vehicle but leaves the skis exposed. It uses a type of heavier material than other covers do, which ensures that it won’t move or slip off as the wind blows. Elastic bands around the bottom expand to fit over any unique features of the vehicle and help keep the cover in place. It comes with its own storage bag for fast and convenient storage of the cover.

2. SBU Trailerable Snowmobile Cover

Keep all areas of your snowmobile protected with this cover, which is cheap enough to fit any budget and durable enough to use season after season. The bottom uses elastic pieces that form a tight grip on your snowmobile to keep the cover in place during the windiest of seasons, and its system gives you access to the fuel tank and other areas of the vehicle when the cover is in place. This cover has an interior hood liner too.

3. SBU Yamaha Snowmobile Cover

SBU gives you both a cover and a storage bag in this set. That bag allows you to keep the cover tucked away and safe from damage during the busy season when you don’t need or want to cover your vehicle. The black cover uses a type of woven polyester that can stand up to the toughest of weather conditions. It also comes with a nylon strap that lets you buckle the cover to your snowmobile and an elastic bottom that keeps the cover secured to your vehicle.

4. EPIC EX-Series Snowmobile Cover

Keep your snowmobile safe all year long with this cover, which also helps you stick to your budget. When properly used, the cover will stop damage caused by the sun’s rays, keep the body and motor safe from water and block out the wind. It comes with its own storage bag reinforced seams that won’t break or tear. You also get an elastic band around the bottom that ensures the cover will remain in place when put on your snowmobile.

5. Rage Powersports Extreme Protection Cover

Rage Powersports made this snowmobile cover for owners concerned with water and moisture. As a waterproof cover, it protects against water and all types of moisture that might otherwise damage your vehicle. It uses shades of both black and white that allows others to spot your vehicle too. The bottom of the cover uses elastic that expands and tightens to fit almost any size vehicle. You also get straps that let you tie down the cover to your snowmobile.

6. SBU Trailerable Arctic Snowmobile Cover

Thanks to an included storage bag, you can tuck this cover inside that bag to take it with you when traveling with your snowmobile. That bag is also great for storing the cover anytime you don’t need it. This cover uses a unique type of polyester that can stand up to the ice and snow as well as the sun and rain. You can use the cover during each of the four seasons to keep your snowmobile as safe as possible.

7. Rage Powersports Snowmobile Storage Cover

You can get all the protection that you need without spending hundreds of dollars thanks to this weatherproof cover that will protect your snowmobile from all types of damage and weather conditions. Made from a type of fabric that is resistant to both UV rays and mildew, it keeps the sun’s rays from damaging the paint and weakening any plastic parts. It’s available as a standard cover or a deluxe cover.

8. Classic Accessories Snowmobile Storage Cover

This Classic Accessories cover comes in three different sizes that will fit any size snowmobile from any manufacturer. With the large size, you can cover a vehicle up to 118-inches long. It uses a tough fabric material that withstands exposure to sunlight and to snow and ice. A hood liner inside is soft to prevent the material from scratching the hood. It also features wind vents that keep the cover from flying off.

9. Budge Sportsman Snowmobile Cover

This snowmobile cover comes in an extra large size that can fit vehicles of up to 145-inches long, which makes it one of the largest covers available. Built-in tie down straps on the cover help you adjust the fit based on the size of your snowmobile and to keep the cover from loosening or coming off during the off-season. This is one of the few covers that you can use when towing or traveling with your snowmobile.

10. SBU Super Quality Snowmobile Cover

No matter what type of snowmobile or sled you have, you can use this cover to protect it during the on or off seasons. It comes with a storage bag for keeping the cover safe when you don’t need it and tie down straps that you can use when towing the snowmobile to keep the cover attached. Those straps work with buckles that make it easier to remove the cover when needed.