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Top 10 Gifts for Outdoorsy Mom 2018


There’s no limit to what a mom can do or be. Gone or fading are the outmoded ideas that women should be bound to house and hearth. Now, they rear children that explore nature, go on adventures, or learn the importance of ecosystems by gardening as soon they can toddle. That’s why gifts for Mom should be tailored to her unique spirit, her love of the outdoors, or her determination to pursue personal fitness. In the article below, find the top 10 gift ideas for the outdoorsy mom in 2018.

1. Young and More Infuser Water Bottle

Made of BPA-free plastic, this infuser will help mom stay hydrated when she hits the trail or spends the day in the garden. The infuser and accompanying recipe booklet make it fun as well as functional, with simple recipes for fruit-kissed water that will encourage good health. It’s generous enough to provide hydration, but also sleek enough to fit in a pack or on the bike. Plus, the durable TRITAN plastic is sturdy enough to take on whatever adventures the day holds.

2. PURE Spa Gift Basket by Rachel Parker

This is a gift that any mom will love. It offers a spa experience for everyday indulgence. Plus, each product is crafted from only the best natural ingredients, so it’s great for Mother Earth, too. The basket contains a sisal loofa, body scrub, shower gel, bath salt, bubble bath, and creamy body lotion—all with rejuvenating kiwi extract for smoother, healthier skin. Pair it with a homemade coupon booklet filled with ways to show love, including plenty of time for her to treat herself to a spa day.

3. SoftPlay Volleyball from Wilson

iThere’s little that’s more invigorating that playing an active game of volleyball. Whether she loves getting into the sand of a seaside court or plays in the local league, she’s sure to adore this durable and soft Wilson volleyball. It’s also perfect for family games with players of all skill levels and ages. Available in a range of colors, the bright sponge-backed cover provides better grip and a softer serving experience.

4. TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

Massage is one of the best tools for repairing and relaxing muscles after a rigorous workout. However, for moms that are always on the go, they may forgo self-care in the name of everyone else’s schedules. The roller is an ideal solution. It provides essential stimulation and compression without an hour at the physical therapist or spa. Both lightweight and durable, this roller can be easily used at home with the online library of best rolling practices.

5. Wahoo Heart Rate Trainer

Heart rate training isn’t just about efficiency, but also longevity. With this trainer, any mom will be able to work for a more resilient recovery pulse rate, monitor pulse to ensure she’s making the most of her workout, and be confident she doesn’t push herself too hard. It works with some Smartphone platforms, integrates with fitness watches from manufacturers like Apple and Garmin, and offers compatibility with more than 50 fitness apps.

6. Women’s Thrasher Helmet by Schwinn

All moms know that safety is critical, especially if they enjoy biking. Helmets save lives, and this gorgeous model is first in line for that distinction. While it offers an attractive pattern and color scheme, what mom will love are features such as an easily adjustable back strap for a custom fit, 20 heat vents to keep her cool on the trail or the road, and plenty of durable padding for comfort. Plus, it comes with a removable visor so she can train in any weather.

7. Cruiser Classic Bicycle

For the moms who love the classic look of bicycles without racer bars or speed features, this model is ideal. Sixthreezero offers a comfortable way to blend travel around town with exercise in a classic cruiser bike. The graceful lines of a traditional three-speed model and a leather gentle bucket saddle will carry her safely around town. Rubber block pedals provide a secure tread and a comfortable experience. All that’s missing from the picture are the classic bell and woven handlebar basket.

8. Nantucket Bicycle Basket Company Lightship Model

This is a perfect gift for any mom who has a casual bicycle on which she enjoys running errands. It attaches firmly to handlebars with two leather straps and has a weight limit of about 13 pounds. Crafted of high-quality rattan cane, this particular model is made in the style of a lightship basket – popular during an era in which commercial fishing and whaling were at their height. While society has moved past the ethos of the 1800s, the classic beauty of this basket is alive and well, ready to adorn the handlebars of any busy mom’s bicycle.

9. Machine-Washable Sun Protection by Columbia

Everyone knows that a little sun is beneficial, but too much is a hazard. That’s why this durable, washable, packable hat is ideal. Especially if mom is a lover of nature – spending all day on the trail, at the beach, in the garden or scaling mountains in Peru – she needs a hat upon which she can rely. Made of mixed fibers, the broad brim and tightly woven design provide 50 UPF protection. The chinstrap ensures it will stay with her and a built-in sweatband will keep her fresh as Mom goes about her day.

10. Vice Roy Sunglasses from Dragon Alliance

Cool as a cucumber under pressure? Yes, that’s mom. She may be a practical dynamo or a dreamer, but making sure she’s protecting her eyes is essential, especially during summer, when the sunshine is fierce. These stylish acetate frames provide 100 percent UV protection, all while being durable and offering a classic look. They come in a wide array of colors, so there’s something for every fashion sense.