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Top 10 Best Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots 2018


Hunting is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while engaging in one of the oldest sports in the world. Whether you’re hunting for birds, big game, or predators, your outdoor excursion could take you through extreme weather conditions. Hunters often have to deal with freezing temperatures, wind, rain, mud, snow, ice, and rough terrain. Hunting boots need to be extra tough as well as comfortable for anyone spending hours outside searching for signs of animal life. The best waterproof insulated hunting boots are all perfectly capable of keeping your feet dry and toasty when the weather is cold and wet.

1. Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot

These boots are specially designed to provide comfort, support, and insulation for wet, cold weather. They have a 13-inch shaft that does a great job of protecting the foot, ankle, and lower leg. With synthetic soles that are more than one inch thick, these boots provide outstanding cushioning from the shock of impact when walking, running, and hiking.

2. The Original MuckBoots Adult Wetland Boot

These rubber and neoprene boots offer complete waterproof protection from the elements for hunters, backpackers, and hikers. They are fully insulated, fleece-lined snow boots with tough rubber soles and heels designed to give you a good purchase on slippery surfaces such as ice and wet rocks. You can walk through any environment without worrying about getting your socks wet while wearing these boots.

3. Irish Setter 838 Wingshooter Waterproof Upland Hunting Boot

Whether you’re hiking through the woods or getting together with a few friends on the back patio, the Irish Setter 838 Wingshooter boots will be perfect for the occasion. These leather hunting boots offer a stylish design that helps keep toes warm and feet and ankles dry. They have a durable synthetic sole with a thick heel and plenty of ankle support. The interior nylon lining will help to prevent odor by wicking sweat and moisture as you hike.

4. Northside Banshee 600 Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boot

When it comes to style, comfort, and durability, the Northside Banshee 600 boots are among the best options on the market. These suede hunting boots offer excellent ankle support without restricting air flow or trapping sweat and moisture inside the interior lining. They feature highly durable soles and insoles designed to make hiking long distances as comfortable as possible.

5. Wolverine Archer 8-Inch Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boot

If you’re looking for a pair of waterproof hunting boots that will last for years and protect your feet from injury, frostbite, and moisture, the Wolverine Archer boots are an excellent choice. They feature a two-inch rubber sole that prevents sharp rocks and other objects from penetrating the interior of the boot and causing cuts or bruises. Virtually any terrain is accessible with a pair of these highly durable and comfortable hunting boots.

6. MuckBoots Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

These tall pull-on hunting boots are perfect for rainy weather and muddy terrain. They will keep your socks and pants cuffs dry when you have to wade through deep puddles or shallow streams. With these thermally insulated boots on your feet, you won’t have to worry about cold toes or frostbite, even in the most frigid conditions.

7. LaCrosse 18-Inch Burly Air Grip Hunting Boot

These extra tall rubber pull-on hunting boots feature foam-insulated footbeds for consistent warmth in any location. They offer waterproof protection from rain, snow, and sleet, so you can wear them on any hunting excursion without worrying about frostbite or hypothermia caused by cold, wet socks or pants. These boots are the perfect choice for hunters looking for comfortable, durable footwear that will last for years.

8. Rocky 8-Inch Retraction 800G Hunting Boot

This pair of lace-up leather hunting boots offers a stylish camouflage exterior with an insulated interior specially engineered to be thin and lightweight. They’re an excellent choice for hunters who plan to hike extensively through rough terrain such as mountains, hills, and forests. With eight-inch shafts that can be laced tightly around your ankles, these boots offer excellent support and protection from many common sources of injury.

9. Danner Vital Insulated 800G Hunting Shoes

These fabric and leather lace-up boots have a specially engineered sole designed for hiking long distances. They feature 7.5-inch shafts that can be laced all the way up above the ankles for excellent support and comfort. The Danner Vital insulated hunting boots are waterproof and cushioned for maximum impact absorption. They can be used for walking, hiking, jogging, climbing, and hunting.

10. Wolverine Crossbuck LX Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boot

When you’re hiking through the countryside, it’s important to have comfortable footwear that supports your feet and ankles. The Wolverine Crossbuck boots include anti-fatigue EPX removable footbeds that help to cushion the impact from hiking and preserve the health of your ankles, knees, and hips. Each boot has a rubber sole and a stylish leather exterior designed for hiking in the wilderness as well as relaxing at home with friends.

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Hunting is a beloved pastime for many people who enjoy spending time outdoors and acquiring healthy food the way their ancestors once did. With high-quality footwear from this list of the top ten waterproof insulated hunting boots, you can expect to have a great experience hiking, tracking, and hunting in beautiful outdoor surroundings.