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Top 10 Best Pet Carriers 2017


Whether you’re travelling across country or spending an afternoon with other pet parents for a play date, the safety of your pet is crucial. Pet carriers are the primary way to secure our four-footed friends during travel, and they’ve grown increasingly sophisticated. Plus, even for animals who haven’t been formally crate trained, they represent a safe, secluded space in which they can retreat, surrounded in burrow-like comfort. Whether you’ve just found a new friend or want to update your cat or dog travel accommodations, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best pet carriers of 2017 in the following article. Bon voyage!

1. Petmate Two-Door Top Loading Kennel


For those of you with more diminutive companions, this kennel ensures your friend will travel safely. With dimensions that measure 21×14.75×13.25 inches, it accommodates cats, dogs, and other small pets ranging up to seven inches in height and 15 inches long. The kennel is constructed of steel and plastic, and offers a durable yet light way to travel. Plus, it has a front entry door and a top-loading feature that can ease transition for pets who are skittish about entering the kennel on their own.

2. AmazonBasics Top Loading Two-Door Kennel


If you have a small, well-behaved pet, but want a safer way to travel with them, this lightweight kennel is just the ticket. Primarily constructed of sturdy plastic, it offers a top-loading hatch to ease the worries of some pets as well as a durable steel mesh front grate. The top and bottom halves of the crate are joined with secure clasps that can be unlatched for ease of removal, in the event that your pet doesn’t want to exit of their own accord. This puts the safety of both your pet and you at the top of the list.

3. OxGord Airline Pet Carrier


Many individuals are leery of transporting their pets as cargo for air travel. Especially if the cat or dog is small, most airlines allow owners to bring their pets aboard the cabin to ensure their safety and comfort. This pet carrier is designed for such occasions, with breathable mesh sides, a soft fleece bed for in-flight naps, and a Bind and Unwind feature that precludes escape even as it allows pets soothing contact with their owners. There are also handy pockets and storage compartments for every chew toy or medication essential to smooth sailing.

4. AmazonBasics Soft-Side Carrier


For small pets, air travel can be nerve wracking, which is why many airlines permit small pets aboard as modified carryon luggage. This mesh-sided, soft pet carrier allows pet parents to secure their furry friends safely under the seat in front of them, while permitting access to and comfort for their four-footed companions. The fleece pet bed is machine washable, and the carrier itself can be spot cleaned, rendering it simple to keep and use at a moment’s notice.

5. Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier


For some pets, air travel is arduous, even if they’re safely at the feet of their pet parents. Sherpa has incorporated all the ease and comfort of most other flight carriers with the added benefit of seclusion in the form of roll-down flaps. Many pets enjoy kennels because they recreate the sensation of a burrow or den, dark and close, and offer an added sense of security. With mesh for ventilation and a wire frame that allows the carrier to conform to under-seat dimensions, this lightweight, high quality travel kennel is perfect for small pets.

6. Soft-sided, Airline-Approved Pet Carrier


This stylish, brightly-colored pet carrier is specially designed with air travel in mind. Its soft construction provides plenty of ventilation, while also conforming to under-seat dimensions. It’s ideal for transporting cats, small dogs, puppies or kittens, and many small pets. But it’s also great for everyday travel to the vet, the dog park, or grandma’s house. Your pets will feel safe and secure, but never be deprived of the sights and smells of travel, which is more than half the fun.

7. Pet Pedestrian Carrier Sling by Furry Fido


Many individuals enjoy taking their pets along when they go to work or walk about town. This soft jersey sling allows you to carry your pet safely and securely—on the subway, the bus, the sidewalk, and even in the air—while permitting them to observe and interact with the world around them. It accommodates small dogs up to 16 pounds and comes with an extra security strap to keep them in place. Plus, it’s machine washable and stands up to the test of time.

8. Pet Magasin Collapsible Hard Cover Carrier


This kennel is perfect for small pets, and brings the benefits of both hard and soft carriers to the table. With a rigid top and bottom, the mesh sides can be folded down and zipped into a convenient and compact bundle for easy storage. Plus, the firm floor and ceiling offer a sense of increased security for your furry friends, allowing them purchase when standing and the impression of a durable den, while permitting both an unimpeded view of the world and good ventilation.

9. A4Pet Soft Flight Kennel


While this soft, lightweight flight kennel is ideal for air travel with pets, it can also serve as an everyday travel kennel. The collapsible sides are mesh for visibility and ventilation, whether they’re stowed under the cabin seat in front of you or strapped securely into the back seat of the car. Plus, the dimensions, while still conforming to most airline specifications, can accommodate pets of all varieties up to 18 pounds, which allows a bit more breathing room for you and your furry friends.

10. Pawfect Soft-Sided Air Travel Pet Kennel


With a soft, snuggly fleece bed and breathable mesh sides, this air kennel is perfect for the jet-setting pet. Comfortable for cats, dogs, and other furry friends up to 18 pounds, it fits securely beneath most airline seats. However, it’s lightweight and easy to maintain, with a firm-but-flexible frame that will provide structure and simultaneously conform to reduced dimensions. Plus, it’s equipped with an all-around zipper that helps preclude a mid-flight escape.