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Top 10 Embroidery Machines for 2017


Seamstresses know that an embroidery machine turns any fabric into a beautiful work of art. From creating colorful appliques to personalizing clothing with names, there are tons of ways to use an embroidery machine to create custom items. Whether you are looking for an embroidery machine that will help you keep up with your growing crafting business or just want to add a new skill to your sewing repertoire, you want to know that your machine will last. Since every sewer knows that a quality machine is essential for turning out professional looking work, you will want to check out these top 10 embroidery machines to find the perfect one to suit your needs.

1. Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Inch Embroidery Machine


The Brother brand has long been a trusted one among those who love to sew, and the defining feature of this machine is the large embroidery area that measures 4-inches by 4-inches so that you can make designs that truly stand out. In addition to the more than 70 built-in designs, 5 fonts and 67 included stitches, the Brother Computerized Embroidery machine also has internet connectivity that allows you to access even more designs.

2. Brother PE770 5×7 Inch Embroidery Machine


Get ready to stitch away with this embroidery machine that comes with built-in memory and a USB port. With these features, your library of designs is virtually unlimited, and you can use the 5×7 inch sewing field to make larger designs or combine two without the need to re-hoop. You can also edit designs using the large backlit LED display to get a preview of what the design will look like rotated or resized before you start to embroider.

3. Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine


This machine embroiders with professional level quality, but it is designed for even beginners to use. Those who are new to these kinds of machines will love having access to free phone support for the life of the machine, and the easy threading function makes it simple to get consistent stiches. Since this machine also comes with a rolling carrying case, it is perfect for taking to those sewing classes or for enjoying a crafting session with your friends.

4. Brother Designio DZ820E Embroidery Machine w/ Grand Slam Package


Setting up your sewing room just got easier with this grand slam package that includes everything you need to get started machine embroidering today. In addition to the 136 gorgeous built-in designs that come with this machine, you will also receive 64 different colored embroidery threads, prewound bobbins and stabilizer. You’ll also find all the tools that you need to clean your machine in a handy little case along with a cap and sock hoop.

5. SINGER Futura XL-400 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine


This machine is for the serious seamstress who enjoys making large, bold designs. The extra-large 18.5×11 inch hoop also has multihooping capabilities, and this Singer can also make one-step buttonholes. Setting up for new projects is also simple since this machine comes with a SwiftSmart threading system and Drop & Sew bobbin system.

6. Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine


Learning to machine embroidery is easy with this beginner-friendly Brother model. It has an easy-to-see backlit LED display that gives you complete control over your project. It also comes with 70 built-in stitches that are all perfect for a diverse range of projects. As you progress in your sewing skills, you can take advantage of the machine’s computer connectivity to update it with more designs to keep yourself inspired.

7. Brother SE1800 Sewing and Embroidery Machine


Design lovers can get excited about this machine because the built-in USB port allows for the easy transfer of images without the need to use any additional software. Included on this machine are also 10 different buttonhole styles along with decorative stitches and the ability to create custom stitches to really make your sewing personalized. A hard carrying case is also included, which means that you can take this machine anywhere.

8. Singer EM200 Superb Embroidery Machine with Online Owner’s Class


Singer has done it again with this machine by combining the sleek retro design of the past with the technology of the future to enable you to create beautiful embroidered designs. This is the model to get when you want a machine that you can learn on while knowing that it will still be what you need as you gain advanced skills. It comes with 600 embroidery designs in its computer, and you get the added benefit of an online class that teaches you exactly how to care for and use your new embroidery machine.

9. Brother PE540D 4×4 Embroidery Machine


Disney fans need look no further than this machine, which will have you sewing adorable designs for the people who love Mickey and Minnie in your life. Since this is an embroidery-only model, it is easy to learn how to get started making your favorite Disney friends. It also has computer connectivity so that you can take your new hobby even further by adding new and exciting designs from your favorite embroidery sites.

10. Brother HE-1 Computerized Embroidery Machine


The quick set up makes this machine fun for beginners, and it even cuts its thread automatically when the designs are done. Similar to other Brother models, this one has a fun design printed on the side to add to your sewing room décor, and it is fully functional as an embroidery-only machine with enough designs to keep you sewing for a long time.

Now that you know about these top ten embroidery machines, no fabric near you will be safe. From personalizing towels to decorating your kid’s backpack, you will love discovering all of the things that machine embroidery will help you create.