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Top 10 Sewing Machines for Kids 2015


Teaching your child how to sew is much easier when you have the right tools for the job. You wouldn’t expect to use a new piece of software or a new tool for the first time without going over the instructions first, and you shouldn’t expect the same thing out of your child. Kids’ sewing machines are smaller sewing machines designed just for kids and beginners. These machines come with all the features your kids need and features they can learn from before moving to a larger model. Look over the list of the best kids’ sewing machines of 2015 to find one for your child.

1. Michley LSS-202 Lil’ Sew & Sew Mini 2-Speed Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

With a simple design that can fit on any table and colorful knobs, this sewing machine will get your kids excited about making their own toys and clothes. It comes with two switches that let younger sewers switch back and forth between controlling the speed with their hands or feet, and it comes with an easy to use drop in bobbin. Kids can drop their thread right in the top and use the machine right away.

2. Sew Cool Maker Machine

Sewing Machine for Kids

Let your kids experience what it is like to use a sewing machine without using any complicated tools with this fun sewing machine, which doesn’t use thread or needles. The machine comes with fabric that they can put together with the included materials to feel like they are really sewing. It comes with everything they need to make pencil cases, toys and other items, including embellishments for decorating the finished crafts they make with the machine.

3. Janome Fast Lane Fuchsia Portable Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine for Kids

Girls and boys who love bright colors will get a kick out of this sewing machine, which comes in a bold fuchsia shade. Though it’s more lightweight than sewing machines designed for adults, it comes with some similar features as those other machines, including a drop in bobbin, 10 different stitch settings and knob controls. Kids will also love taking this one to school and their friends’ houses to show off their skills.

4. Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sew Affordable 25-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine for Kids

Give your kids something a little larger and more detailed after they gain some sewing skills with this lightweight sewing machine from Brother. Its free-arm design lets them adjust the arm to get to their fabric and a needle threader that helps them easily thread their needles. Other great features that make this perfect for kids include more than 20 built-in stitches, an easy to follow instructional manual and a light up design that helps them see clearly.

5. Sew Cool Sewing Machine Bonus Pack Exclusive in Purple

Sewing Machine for Kids

Show your kids that sewing is just as much fun, even when you don’t use thread, with this funky purple sewing machine. Just like the traditional Sew Cool machine, this one comes with a bonus pack that gives your kids even more arts and crafts projects and all the tools necessary for those projects. They can make stuffed animals and other toys and decorate each item with sequins and other included accessories.

6. Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine for Kids

Brother is one of the top names in the sewing industry, and this sewing machine from Brother is great for kids and those just starting out. It comes with all the settings they need as they experiment with making clothes, pillows, quilts and other items. The drop in bobbin lets them quickly get to work on a new project, and the machine won’t jam or get stuck like others do, which helps kids work on all their favorite projects easily.

7. Singer ZigZag Chainstitch Toy Sewing Machine A2207

Sewing Machine for Kids

With bright colors of purple and pink in its design, you might think that this sewing machine is a toy, but it’s a real sewing machine created by Singer. Designed for use among kids as young as eight, it uses four AA batteries and has a fun carrying handle on top. While it’s a little on the smaller side, this sewing machine features stitching and a foot pedal like adult models do.

8. New LSS-202 Mini 2-Speed Sewing Machine Household Desktop

Sewing Machine for Kids

The compact design of this sewing machine makes it perfect for smaller hands, and that smaller size means your kids can use it anywhere in your home. Brightly colored knobs and handles on the side and top lets them change the settings, and they can use either the hand switch or the foot pedal. Despite its small size, this sewing machine can handle all types of fabric, including silk, cotton and even heavy-duty denim.

9. Michley LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine with Built-In Stitches

Sewing Machine for Kids

With this sewing machine, your kids can easily transition from a starter model to a more adult sewing machine without skipping a beat. It comes with features like those found on larger models, including eight built-in stitches, an LED light for sewing in darker areas and easy to use knobs. An AC adapter lets you plug the sewing machine into any outlet, and it’s so lightweight that your kids can use it anywhere.

10. NKOK Discovery Kids Chainstitch Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine for Kids

Discovery Kids created this sewing machine with kids in mind. Bright colors and a smaller design helps kids learn how to sew in just a few short hours. Kids as young as six can use this sewing machine, and as it uses two C batteries, you can even let your kids take it with them to school or on vacation to make some of their favorite crafts while away from home.