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Top 10 Best Gaiters for Snowshoeing


When you enjoy going snowshoeing, you need to have the right outerwear in order to protect you from the cold and from getting wet. Gaiters are a type of protective clothing that fit over the bottom half of your pants. They cover your ankles and the tops of your boots. While wearing gaiters, the snow is less likely to get into your boots, which helps to keep your feet warm and dry. Gaiters are made of lightweight water and wind-resistant material, so they do not add bulk or heft to your legs. They are an ideal addition to your snowshoeing gear. Take a look at this list of the top 10 best gaiters for snowshoeing.

1. Unigear Leg Gaiters

Made of black Oxford material, these Unigear leg gaiters resist tearing. They have a hook and loop tape strip for securing around your leg. This allows you to get a custom fit. These leg gaiters are ideal for snowshoeing, hiking, hunting and mountain climbing at temperatures as low as -31 degrees Fahrenheit. A woven black nylon strap with a plastic clip keeps them in place under your boot. These gaiters are available in four sizes to fit adults.

2. LeanKing Leg Gaiters

Keep the snow, water, wind, mud, mosquitoes and ticks off of you when you wear these LeanKing leg gaiters. Available in four colors and four sizes, these gaiters resist punctures, tearing and moisture. They are resistant to temperatures as cold as -31 degrees Fahrenheit. The gaiters secure to your leg with a nylon strap and to your boot with a second strap. Hook and loop tape secures them vertically.

3. Unigear Leg Gaiters With Zipper

This pair of leg gaiters secures with a zipper down the leg, an elastic coil around the top and a strap around the bottom. The black polyester fabric is coated with TPU in order to make it resistant to water and wind. These gaiters protect you from ticks, mosquitoes, mud, wind, rain, snow, dirt, dust and ice. You can adjust both the height and the width for a custom fit around your legs. They are available in four sizes.

4. Outdoor Research Men’s Crocodile Gaiters

These Outdoor Research men’s crocodile gaiters feature breathable construction and waterproof, wind-proof, abrasion-proof and puncture-proof material. Lightweight and durable plastic straps secure them to your upper leg and around the bottom of the boot. These gaiters have a wider circumference in order to accommodate bulky winter boots and hunting boots. They come in three colors and six sizes in order to accommodate teens and adult men.

5. Hpory Hiking Leg Gaiters

These leg gaiters by Hpory are easy to put on and take off thanks to the vertical strip of Velcro. An elastic band secures them at the top, and a Velcro strap keeps them in place under your boot. The durable and waterproof material resists tearing. These gaiters are designed to keep bugs, mud, dirt, dust, grass, ice and snow off of your feet and legs. The breathable fabric reduces sweating of your foot. You can adjust the height of these gaiters.

6. OUTAD Waterproof Gaiters

This pair of OUTAD leg gaiters is made from waterproof and breathable nylon fabric. The gaiters have a woven nylon strap with a metal hook for securing underneath your boot and an elastic cord for tightening them around your leg. The nylon offers wind, tear and water resistance. These leg gaiters come in a vivid blue or green color, and they are available in small or large sizes to fit teens and adults.

7. TAGVO Snow Gaiter

You will barely notice that you are wearing these TAVGO snow gaiters. The lightweight nylon material resists punctures, tears, dirt, dust, mud, water, wind and bugs. The material is also thin, which ensures that you can have your full range of movement. The breathable quality of the fabric makes them comfortable for wearing during any season of the year. They are easy to put on and take off when wearing any style of shoes or boots.

8. Carryown Leg Gaiters

Available in four sizes to accommodate most teenagers and adults, these Carryown leg gaiters are made of durable black nylon material. The breathable material makes them comfortable to wear during hot or humid weather, but they also keep you warm when snowshoeing or hiking in cold weather. The waterproof material also prevents dirt, mud, dust and bugs from getting to your feet or legs. TPU covers the straps and outer layer of the gaiters, preventing them from freezing.

9. Pike Trail Leg Gaiters

Get a custom fit with these Pike Trail leg gaiters. An elastic cord tightens them at the top, and a second elastic band halfway down the leg keeps them from sliding. A nylon strap with metal buckles keeps them secure under your boots. Made from anti-tear polyester, these gaiters resist wind, moisture, mud, punctures and insects. They protect your body and your footwear while snowshoeing, fishing, hunting, mountain climbing or walking. These gaiters are 15 inches tall and available in a bright blue or vivid green color. One size of these gaiters fits all.

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10. Qshare Leg Gaiters

These Qshare leg gaiters come in three sizes to fit men and women. Choose the woods camouflage pattern or the solid black polyester material. Made from three layers of fabric, these gaiters resist punctures, tears, moisture, wind, mud and insects. They fit over any style of fishing, hiking, rain or winter boots. They also accommodate different styles of shoes. These gaiters secure with hook and loop tape straps.