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Top 10 Best Gifts for Kayakers 2018


Kayaking is one of the most versatile of the aquatic pursuits. Many age groups enjoy paddling in the shallows, braving rapids, or striking out beyond the breakers. Sports enthusiasts, fishing aficionados, explorers, campers, and many others use kayaks, but how do you purchase just the right present for the kayaker in your life? To facilitate your quest, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most awesome gifts for kayakers in 2018.

1. Dry Bag 3-Piece from Freegrace

Dry bags are essential for kayakers of all skill levels. Whether they enjoy cruising along the shore, venturing out into deeper waters, or coursing the rapids of a river system, these bags keep their spare clothing and electronics safe. Unlike the traditional roll top bags, which only keeps items less wet, these bags come with a double zip-lock seal. Large and small bags each have a transparent plastic window to show what’s stowed and convenient clip-on straps that can attach to gear or be worn. The cell phone pouch has a touch-friendly plastic face and may be worn around the neck.

2. Intex Inflatable 2-Person Kayak with Oars

This is an ideal adventure package for those who adhere to the buddy system because fun activities are better when they’re shared. It comfortably seats two and is perfect for sea, river or lake kayaking. The ultra-tough vinyl is both puncture and UV resistant, and the vivid green, blue, and black color scheme make it easy to spot in the water. It comes with two double-bladed aluminum oars measuring 86 inches in length, and the high-output pump renders inflation and deflation a snap.

3. Brooklyn Kayak Company’s Universal Padded Seat

There are two types of kayakers, those who enjoy an hour or two of fun paddling and exploring and those who can cover serious miles, often incorporating swift passage into their adventure. However, both groups will appreciate the durable fabric and corrosion-proof hardware of this seat. It comes ready for customized seating, with four different ways to arrange the backrest and main seat. Tough locking clips secure it both in front and behind, ensuring excellent lumbar support and a comfortable journey.

4. Ocean Motion Anchor Kit

Whether you want to stop and snap a picture of a beautiful moment or enjoy fishing while out in the kayak, an anchor kit is always essential. This one comes with 40 feet of reflective rope and a highly visible float. The galvanized iron anchor won’t flake, chip or rust, and the stainless steel clasp is adjustable, so if you need more rope or chain, you can add it with ease. When not in use, the entire kit stows neatly in its drawstring carry bag. It’s a perfect gift for any kayaker, including yourself.

5. The SealLine Baja Bag

For items that won’t be ruined by a bit of potential damp, this is a perfect storage solution. The roll-down closure ensures that clothes and material stay dry unless submerged. The D-ring attachment and durable fabric construction make it ideal to stow with your gear while on a kayak adventure, and the 55-liter capacity ensures it’s roomy enough to keep all of your dry goods dry.

6. Kayak Keychain by HKey

No, it doesn’t sing songs or inflate into a life-sized multi-seat kayak. It won’t signal for help or start a fire in an emergency. This is one of those sentimental gifts to show your kayaking friend or loved one that you understand their passion for adventure. The bright, flexible PVC body comes in five colors, and the details are accurate to life. Measuring three inches in length and three-quarters of an inch wide, it’s also a way for your loved one to instantly identify their keys, backpack, or even luggage.

7. O’Neill USCG Approved Flotation Vest

Safety is essential, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be uncomfortable, bulky or unattractive. For those who enjoy any sport in or near water, this is an essential item. The Superlite vest is precisely that and secures across the chest with four durable clips. The minimal bulk of the vest permits a full range of motion, which is also crucial for safe enjoyment of water sports, and the sturdy polyester exterior is impervious to punctures, tearing or deterioration from exposure to the elements.

8. O’Neill Basic Skins Long Sleeve Rash Guard

The 6-ounce polyester is constructed with minimal seam placement and has a durable four-way stretch that permits the garment to fit snugly. This protects against both the elements and irritation. Chafing and exposure rashes are not uncommon for those who enjoy long adventures in their kayaks. By wearing this beneath flotation vests and other safety gear, individuals can enjoy 50 SPF without applying oily sunblock and steer clear of skin irritation from gear contact points or the elements.

9. 10-Foot Kayak from Sun Dolphin

This beautiful kayak is crafted from Fortiflex high-density Polyethylene, which is designed to be UV resistant and durable. The adjustable foot braces, padded seat, and high back support render the sit-in kayak a comfortable option at sea, along a river system, or just off the lake shore. Shock cord deck rigging ensures secure storage of any gear. However rough the water, a spray deflector collar keeps the worst of the wet out of the spacious open cockpit.

10. Skipjack 90 Angler by Vibe Kayaks

For the kayaker who combines the pleasures of fishing with adventure, this nine-foot model is ideal. Instead of sitting or kneeling in a closed cockpit, individuals sit atop the 46-pound craft. It’s equipped with four capped flush-mounted rod holders and attachments for other necessary items. When not using the paddles, secure them in the paddle parks to prevent loss while at sea or out on the lake. Plus, keep gear secure and dry with two sealed hatches and a large bungee-secured rear tank.