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Top 10 Best Propane Forced Air Heater


When you need to heat a space that is not connected to a furnace or a heat pump, a forced air propane heater is a wise choice. You may want one of these for working in your unheated garage or workshop during the winter months of the year. If your furnace goes out or there is a power outage, these propane heaters are safe for indoor use. They can heat up a space of 200 to 800 square feet. Using one of these heaters may also protect your basement or crawlspace pipes from bursting during periods of extreme cold weather.

1. Mr. Heater 60,000 BTU Portable Propane Forced Air Heater

This Mr. Heater portable propane forced air heater features quiet operation even when it is operating at its full heating power. It heats a space of up to 1,500 square feet, which could accommodate one level of a large house or an entire small house. The continuous ignition keeps the heater operating for 14 hours at the lowest BTU output. It holds up to 20 gallons of propane.

2. Dyna-Glo 30,000 – 60,000 BTU Liquid Propane Forced Air Heater

The Dyna-Glo liquid propane forced air heater warms a space of up to 1,350 square feet. It has an auto-shutoff in order to protect against overheating. You can adjust the angle of the direction of the warm air, allowing you to aim it at a particular part of a room. It has brass burner components, which resist rust and corrosion and deliver a consistent output of hot air. Its steel base keeps out dust and debris for safety.

3. DeWalt DXH150FAV Forced Air Propane Heater

This forced air propane heater by DeWalt features a 20-foot hose and regulator. This allows you to position it in a desirable place away from the supply tank. The quiet burner technology reduces the amount of noise made by both the combustion chamber and the air blower. It has a high temperature limit switch that automatically turns the heater off in case of overheating. An ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry the heater to any location.

4. Mr. Heater Hero Forced Air Propane Heater

The Mr. Heater Hero model of propane heater heats a space of up to 1,500 square feet. The internal battery powers the air blower for up to four hours. On the 20-gallon tank of propane, it provides 14 hours of heating time. This heater has a 10-foot hose and regulator setup, allowing you to place the air blower inside and the tank outside. The setup weighs just 21.4 pounds, making it easy to transport.

5. Mr. Heater Corporation Convection Heater

The Mr. Heater Corporation convection heater heats a space of up to 5,000 feet for 29 hours with a 100-pound tank of propane. The standing pilot light ensures safe operation, and it has a steel cage in order to prevent dust and debris from entering the combustion chamber. No electricity is needed for this portable forced air propane heater. Its hose length is 10 feet, allowing you to position the blower away from the tank.

6. Dyna-Glo 15,000 Liquid Propane Tank Top Heater

This Dyna-Glo heater features a high-efficiency stainless steel heat reflector. It radiates heat for a distance of up to 15 feet. You can place it directly on the propane tank. The tip-over safety switch automatically disengages the heater if the tank falls. Its porcelain safety grill protects you from getting too close to the heat source. No assembly is required.

7. Ridgid 18-Volt Hybrid Propane Forced Air Heater 60,000 BTU

The Ridgid hybrid propane forced air heater operates either on propane or electricity. It accepts single-use or rechargeable batteries for powering the fan if you do not have the unit plugged into the wall. The blower operates quietly, allowing you to enjoy a quiet indoor environment. It is compatible with the adapters that come with other Ridgid brand tools and equipment. It works with any size of propane tank.

8. Dura Heat Propane Forced Air Heater

This heater by Dura Heat features adjustable heat output of 30,000 to 60,000 BTUs. It includes a 10-foot hose and regulator, allowing you to position it away from the tank of propane. On a 20-pound tank of propane, it operates continuously for 7 to 14 hours. You can adjust the angle of the heat output from the blower. The top of the blower has an ergonomic, non-slip handle that is easy to carry.

9. Hiland 40,000 BTU Propane Forced Air Shop Heater

The Hiland shop heater is rated for outdoor use. It has a wide base, making it stable enough to use on a dirt, stone or other type of uneven surface. A handle facilitates carrying it to your desired location. The stainless steel and plastic construction make it wind-resistant, water-resistant and temperature-resistant. The anti-tilt switch shuts off the heating functions in case it is knocked over. Weighing just 8.4 pounds, this heater is easy to transport and compact for packing.

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10. DeWalt Forced Air Propane Heater

This portable propane heater by DeWalt is one of few that has a built-in thermostat and recessed controls. This allows you to set the temperature instead of a BTU output level. A high temperature limit switch automatically shuts off the heater if it is at risk of overheating. The continuous ignition also enhances the heater’s safety. It heats a space of up to 4,000 square feet for 10 to 17 hours. You can use it with a 20 to 100-pound tank of propane.